Dolunay Review: Ferit And Nazli’s Love Story Is The Icing On This Well Made Turkish Drama

Turkish drama is a serious commitment. Patiently watching a 2-hour-long show every week is no joke. This task becomes easy if the story and characters are good. Even 2-hours feel short in such a situation. But when the story is being stretched beyond imagination watching the same show becomes a chore. And this exactly what I have been experiencing lately with some Turkish shows that I have been watching. Luckily, Dolunay is an exception here.

After Ateşböceği I could not decide which show to watch so a drama-loving friend from another continent suggested I watch the currently airing hit show ‘Erkenci Kuş’ starring Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir. I gave the show a try and fell in love with it instantly especially with the two main leads. I quickly caught up with all the episodes and started to wait every week for the latest episode. I grew impatient so my friend suggested I give Can Yaman’s another hit show ‘Dolunay’ a try. So, that’s how I started watching Dolunay. And I can’t express how much in awe I am of this actor. Can as Ferit Aslan in Dolunay and Can as Can Divit in Erkenci Kuş are poles apart. Can looks different, talks differently and even acts differently. His mannerism as Ferit and Can are so contrasting that I am completely sold to both his shows.

Dolunay is an interesting drama about love, family, money, power, greed, and relationships. Like most Turkish dramas, this drama too is dragged but in a good way. Apart from the main storyline, the sub-plots are also interesting. I personally enjoyed the sub-plots which is why I liked this show so much.  

Dolunay (2017) (26 Episodes)Dolunay Review

Ferit Aslan (Can Yaman) is a rich businessman and the archetype of the lonely romantic hero who appears cold but is actually very kind hearted and helpful. Living alone, he is comfortable in a specific style of living which is unwittingly disturbed by his chef, Nazli (Özge Gürel). Nazli is gastronomy student looking for a part-time job to earn some extra money. She takes up the job of a chef and prepares food for Ferit. Since Ferit is a very private person, his manager tells Nazli that she can work in his kitchen only in his absence as he does not like having people around him at home. However, circumstances such arise that Ferit and Nazli inevitably bump into each other. The more Ferit meets Nazli the more she gets under his skin. Her exceptionally good cooking skills and attractive personality eventually makes him fall for her. Ferit’s unseen soft and loving side touches Nazli’s heart and she too falls for him. However, there are tonnes of obstacles blocking them from becoming a couple. How does their romance develop? Watch the show to know what happens to them.    

Let’s weigh Dolunay on our drama beam balance and see what makes this drama worth watching.

Good Weights

I enjoyed watching Dolunay because…

…I love Can Yaman.

Dolunay Review

Hahaha… True but not entirely because I tried watching Can’s ‘İnadına Aşk’ and couldn’t not survive even episode 1. So, just a good-looking lead does not compel me to watch a show. But yes, Can’s screen presence and impeccable portrayal of the reticent, unapproachable, unfriendly but loving and caring Ferit Aslan kept me glued to my screen.

Can and Ferit Dolunay Review

…I liked Nazli too. Actress Özge Gürel is one helluva beauty.

Nazli in Dolunay Review

She is so gorgeous that it gets difficult to look at anyone else within the same frame as her. I totally understand why so many male characters were chasing after Nazli in the show. She portrayed the character of an intelligent and sweet Nazli decently well.

Nazli in Dolunay Review

Nazli in Dolunay Review

…Ferit and Nazli are the perfect couple.

Ferit and Nazli in Dolunay

I like how they balance out their differences. When he is cold and authoritarian she is friendly and generous. When she is trusting and naïve he is practical and rational.

Ferit and Nazli in Dolunay

They just suit each other perfectly. Can and Özge’s chemistry is off the charts. (They even wear the same shade of lipstick. Never seen a couple so much in sync.) Who does not like to see two gorgeous people in a relationship?

Ferit and Nazli in Dolunay

…I loved Asuman and Deniz’s unlikely love angle. Asuman is Nazli’s notorious sister while Deniz is Ferit’s sister’s brother-in-law. Deniz is madly in love with Nazli while Asuman is desperately looking to latch onto a rich man to foot her bills. What starts as an alliance of convenience slowly culminates into friendship and more. Apart from Ferit and Nazli’s story I personally LOVED this couple a lot. Though initially, I hated Asuman I later came to like her after she helped Deniz nurse his broken heart.

Bad Weights

I did NOT LIKE Dolunay because…

…of its sheer length and painfully long scenes. For instance, the villain Hakan is planning a conspiracy. The whole plan right from its inception to execution is shown in such detail that would wear me out and I would end up jumping through scenes. Ugh! Similarly, several actions and reaction having no consequence, are overly dramatized to extend an episode which can make any viewer cry in exasperation. But, of the few Turkish dramas that I have seen till now, Dolunay was still bearable in the dragging department.  

I give Dolunay 4 out of 5 rating. Dolunay is a well-written drama with an extremely talented cast. If contract marriage is your thing, then stop reading right now and go start watching this drama. Dolunay’s love-hate-love-hate-love romance will keep your heart tied to Ferit and Nazli. If you are looking for a good Turkish drama then Dolunay should be your pick.

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