Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka Review: Full Of All The Elements That Define A Typical Rajshri Production Film

Show Title: Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka

Channel: Sony TV

Timing: Monday To Friday 8:30 pm


Sony TV’s latest show Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka deals with the arranged marriage and subsequent love between Aryan and Sanchi. The show is about the concept that marriage happens not between two individuals but two families. Aryan and Sanchi meet at a wedding and marry shortly afterwards. Several issues crop up between their families that threaten their relationship. However, Aryan and Sanchi do not let go of their trust and love for each other and bind their families together.


Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka (2016)

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka Review
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Episode 1

The story is set in the city of Jaipur. The shows’ heroine Sanchi (Shivya Pathania) is getting ready wearing her leather jacket and shoes to leave when someone opens the door to her room and walks in with a candle in hand. She jumps on her bed and hides under her blanket. Her father tells her its him and that she can come out of hiding. He uses the candle to fix the zip of her jacket. She hugs her father and starts to leave.

The hero of the show Aryan (Kinshuk Vaidya) is all set to leave when his uncle comes in his room and informs him of the coast being clear for him to sneak out.

As Sanchi is slipping away, she asks her father if what she is doing is wrong, to which he replies that if her heart is convinced that it isn’t wrong then it won’t be wrong. Her father trusts her a lot and she says that she will never break his trust.

Aryan and his uncle are pushing the bike till the gate to avoid being heard by other family members. His uncle gets emotional and says, ‘jaa jee le apni zindagi’ (Go live your life).

Sanchi meets her friend who is waiting on his new bike for her. She is excited to see his new bike and they both ride off to meet their friends.

Aryan meets his biker group who are ready for a race. They start racing. Aryan rides so fast that he accidentally hits Sanchi’s friend’s new bike. She is furious and hops on the bike to follow the speeding biker. She overtakes his friends is riding besides him. They look at each other through their helmets and exchange a wordless challenge. As they are riding, Aryan suddenly applies brakes and pulls off a wheelie. Sanchi is surprised and stops to see what made him do so. She looks back and sees Aryan pick a puppy from the road and put him on the side to save him. She is impressed by his kind gesture while he is impressed by her honesty in the race as she waited for him till he placed the puppy in a safe place.

The next morning, Sanchi’s father Viren is in the kitchen preparing a snack for the family. He calls everyone to have his special snack when Sanchi’s mother brings Sanchi down from her room scolding her for running away at night. Viren tries to defend her but is exposed by his own folly. The topic is changed as a pandit visits their house with a proposal for Sanchi. He gives Viren and his family a picture of Aryan and tells them that he is an ideal match for Sanchi. Everyone in the house is impressed with Aryan’s picture and Viren tells the pandit that he is OK with taking the proposal forward with Aryan’s family.

At Aryan’s house, his father Mr. Agarwal is yelling at his elder brother Sushant thinking that he was the one to have gone on a bike ride with friends at night. Everyone in the house is aware that it was Aryan who was out at night but they all keep mum. After father leaves, Aryan’s elder brother is displeased at the fact that he has to take his fathers’ scoldings for Aryans’ misdoing. He goes to the kitchen to fetch something to hit Aryan as a punishment. When he returns he sees Aryan on his knees holding his ears, asking for forgiveness. Sushants’ heart melts at this sight and he tells him he can take on anything for his little brother. The pandit who had visited Sanchi’s house comes to the Agarwal household and puts forward Sanchi’s family’s proposal for Aryan. He shares Sanchi’s photo with the family and they all look happy with her. They decide to have Aryan meet her at a wedding that they are scheduled to attend in Jaisalmer.

Aryan is out with his friends when he receives a call from his father to come home immediately. At home, his mother is singing a song that narrates the first meeting of Lord Ram and Sita. Aryan is wondering why he was called home so urgently. As she finishes singing, every family member walks up to Aryan one by one and tells him the importance of love and marriage. Aryan is confused with their behaviour and asks what is going on. His father tells him that they have received a marriage proposal for him and he should consider it. Aryan looks unhappy as he clearly does not want to get married so soon especially to someone he doesn’t even know that well.

Sushant and his wife talk to Aryan and tell him that he doesn’t need to rush into anything and that he can take his time before saying yes to the alliance.

Meanwhile, Sanchi too isn’t fully happy with her parents decision of having her married to guy she doesn’t know and feels that they are doing so to get rid of her. Her mother explains to her how much her father loves her and finds it impossible to live without her but marriage is an inevitable part of life and that she must have a look at the boy’s picture and the decide.

Sanchi and Aryan are then shown to be looking at each other’s pictures.


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First Episode First Impression

I admire Rajshri Productions for sticking to their core values of family love and bonding in their movies and their TV shows. Their concepts may not appeal to everyone but nonetheless they still come up with storylines that promote Indian family values.


What looked nice?

The lead couple looks fresh and young. I used to watch Kinshuk as a child artist and I know that he acts well. The first episode showed a glimmer of his potential and I hope he continues to charm audiences as he did before. Lead actress, Shivya was good too. She is a typical Rajshri heroine, pretty and genial.


What did not look nice?

Kinshuk has his own personality and surely can carry off the romantic hero role but somehow he was made to act like previous heroes from Rajshri films. The scene where he is on his knees asking for forgiveness was similar to that done by Salman in Maine Pyaar Kia. Aryan looking hesitant over the whole marriage topic reminded me of Shahid from Vivah. In fact, when I started seeing the show, I wasn’t aware that it is a Rajshri films production. My first impression of the show was that it is so much like the movie Vivah. I subconsciously started humming ‘Do anjaane ajnabee’ because the show strongly reminded me of the movie.

Overly idealistic characters are common in Rajshri movies and shows. It sometimes gets too unrealistic and I find it difficult to connect with the characters and the story. I do not mind out-and-out positive characters but having them mouth idealistic dialogues can force anyone to dismiss the show.

Overall the first episode (minus the over-the-top loving and caring behaviour by certain characters) was not bad. The lead characters look good so you can hope to see some sweet and innocent romance. The show has a big joint family, big house, loving family, an ideal couple and basically everything that you find in any Rajshri movie. If you are a Rajshri films fan or enjoy watching family dramas infused with heavy values and ethics then Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka is the ‘ideal’ pick for you.


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