Everything You Need To Know About The Beauty Blender

If you are a makeup junkie and watch Youtube videos for makeup tutorials you must have definitely seen beauty bloggers use an egg shaped sponge to dab on foundation, compact, blush, and loose powder. However, if you still are wondering what it is and how to use it then read on to know the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the beauty blender.

What is a Beauty Blender?

Everything You Need To Know About A Beauty Blenders
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It is a bright pink, latex free elliptical sponge that is used to apply makeup instead of the usual makeup brush. You will find several blender sponges online that look similar to the original beauty blender but since the name ‘beauty blender’, its colour and shape are copyrighted by its makers, its dupes will be available under different names and shapes.


Why is the Beauty Blender such a rage?

Makeup artists and beauty bloggers all over the world swear by this tear drop shaped product. Here are a few reasons why it is such a hit amongst women.

1. It facilitates 360-degree application. The narrow tip of the sponge can be used to apply makeup over smaller and difficult surfaces such as the area around the eyes, with precision. The broader round bottom can be used to apply compact or even loose powder to achieve that flawless finish.

2. It blends products smoothly giving a natural streak-free appearance.

3. It covers tiny open pores easily, which is a difficult task to achieve when working with a brush.

4. It can be used to apply both creams and powders.

5. The damp sponge hydrates the skin while transferring makeup.


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How to use a beauty blender?

1. Wet the beauty blender in warm water and squeeze the excess water. The beauty blender will now expand slightly and will appear larger. Remember the sponge needs to be damp. A damp beauty blender does not absorb any product. It simply picks the product and transfers it onto the skin. So remember to always use a damp beauty blender because a dry sponge will not give that airbrush effect.

2. Dispense the foundation cream or any other product you wish to use on the back of your palm and dip the narrow, pointed end of the beauty blender in it.

3. Now dab the product onto your skin. Do not press the beauty blender too hard. You just need to gently bounce the beauty blender over your skin.

4. Once you are satisfied with the application, use the broader rounded end to apply powder products in the same tapping motion you used to apply your foundation.


How to clean a beauty blender?

The beauty blender can be washed like any normal sponge with water and soap or baby shampoo. You can first wet the sponge with normal water and then rub any mild shampoo over it. Squeeze it till you see the tinted foundation running off it. If the beauty blender still seems stained then rub it over a bar of soap (any bathing soap will do just ensure that the soap is kept aside only to clean the beauty blender and must not be used for any other purpose) and squeeze it till the stain wears off. The sponge should now be clean, devoid of any tint. Now roll the beauty blender on a dry towel to absorb any excess water. Wait for the blender to dry completely before using it again.


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How long does a beauty blender last?

If you use your beauty blender on a regular basis it should last you for around 3 months. If you use it occasionally, then it shall last you longer, up to around 6 to 8 months.

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