Garnier Ultra Blends Anti-Hairfall Shampoo Review: Do Not Fall This Marketing Gimmick

Talk about marketing gimmick and I will tell you how I fall prey to it every single time. Take a look at the following words – anti-hair fall, anti-acne, hair fall control, overnight therapy, natural extracts, 100% pure, 100% natural, etc.

Add any of these words to a product name and be rest assured that at least one naïve customer (i.e. me) will surely buy it.

I suffer from hair fall 🙁 which is why I easily gravitate towards products that have ‘anti hair fall’ written over it. I bought Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hair Fall Shampoo because it claimed to reduce ‘hair fall’. It was only when I used it the first time, did I notice the little asterisk next to the word ‘hair fall’ and realised that the ‘hair fall’ the brand claims to control is the actually ‘due to breakage’ and not due to hair falling from the roots.

Garnier Ultra Blends Anti-Hairfall Shampoo Review

Arrrgh!! I smacked my head so hard that a few of my brain tissues that were lying dormant, resurrected. I mean what smart marketing! For me, hair fall means hair falling from the roots and not the hair ‘falling’ due to ‘breakage’. I do suffer from hair fall but thankfully my hair strands are strong and do not break easily. But never mind, it was a good learning experience and I hope you also learn from my stupidity and not buy products without reading about it carefully. Anyway, I got to use a new shampoo and here is my experience.


Garnier Ultra Blends Anti-Hairfall Shampoo Review


Name: Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hairfall Shampoo – Royal Jelly and Lavender

Price: ₹120/- for 175 ml


Garnier Ultra Blend Shampoo Review


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What does it claim?

The shampoo contains Lavender essence and Royal Jelly that strengthen the hair and prevent ‘hair fall due to breakage’.

Garnier Ultra Blends Anti-Hairfall Shampoo Review


How to use?

Wet your hair with lukewarm water. Squeeze the required amount of shampoo onto your palm and gently rub it over your scalp and hair. Leave it on for about 2-3 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm or regular water. Then, gently squeeze the excess water from hair using a towel and apply the hair conditioner on damp hair (DO NOT apply the conditioner to your scalp as it contains chemicals that may not suit the scalp). Wash it off after 5 minutes.  


Does it fulfil its claim?

Well, the (only) good thing about this shampoo is the packaging. The white box smells so good and looks so attractive, who wouldn’t want to buy it?

Even better was the fact that it offers a free conditioner which meant that I was supposedly getting two products for the price of one (Huh! I told you I am a very naïve customer). After using it for three weeks I noticed that it did nothing to my hair. My hair is silky but this shampoo made it dry. I always oil my hair before washing it but this shampoo does not wash off oil from the hair for which I had to use another shampoo. To test the shampoo, I started washing my hair without oiling it and I noticed that it only smelled nice and did nothing more. Even, the free conditioner had absolutely no effect on my hair. As far as the ‘hair fall due to breakage’ is concerned then I did check the elasticity of my hair which is the same as before i.e. a hard tug on both the ends simultaneously and my hair breaks. This shampoo may work for people with brittle hair but for me, it was a big disappointment.   


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What’s good about it?

Smells good

Attractive packaging

Paraben free

Contains natural ingredients


What’s not so good about it?

Does not wash off oil

Does not control chronic hair loss

Makes the hair dry


I give Garnier Ultra Blends Anti-Hairfall Shampoo 1 out of 5 rating. The one rating is only for the great smell that lasts for more than a day. Other than that, I have no reason to re-purchase this shampoo.

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