Just You Review: A Sweet Story Of A Love Hating Boss Falling For A Lovely Lively Lass

Taiwan’s hottest property Aaron Yan’s romantic drama, Just You has him playing the role of a …guess what….BOSS! Aaron Yan has played a business man in almost all of his dramas. But it isn’t entirely his fault. In an interview, he stated that he wishes to experiment with roles but he does not have the liberty to do so. It is mostly his agency that chooses his roles for him. Sad! But that does not hamper the show in any way. If anything, Aaron’s presence makes the show even more lovable. Just You is a show that will keep your heart warm on a cold winter night. It’s subtle romance will make you want to fall in love again and again.

Just You (2013)

Just You Review

Chen Liang Liang (Puff Guo) is a vivacious young girl living by herself in a rented house close to her office. One day Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) walks in claiming to be the new owner of the house. Liang Liang loves the house, has already paid three months worth rent in advance, and refuses to vacate the house. Qi Yi lays down a few conditions that Liang Liang has to follow in order to continue living in the house.

To add to Liang Liang’s woes, Qi Yi is also her new boss at work who bans office romance on his very first day. Liang Liang despises Qi Yi and along with her friends develops a plan to make Qi Yi fall in love with her so that the office romance ban is lifted. Spending almost 24 hours around Qi Yi, she slowly loses her heart to him.   

Let’s weigh Just You on our show beam balance and see what makes it an adorable show.

Good Weights

Aaron Yan: When I saw Refresh Man I thought that there could be something brewing between Aaron and his co-star, Joanne Tseng because their chemistry was too good to be fake. I started watching two of Aaron’s other shows to see if he shared the same chemistry with other actresses. Few episodes into both the shows and I realised that Aaron could build chemistry with even a tree. He is one helluva romantic lead. He looks so convincing in every romantic scene that I am forced to wonder if he has anything going on with his actresses behind the camera. He has been linked with most of his leading ladies but nothing has ever been confirmed. Anyway, Aaron is the main highlight of this show.

Aaron Yan Just You Review
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He may be repetitive with his roles but he does manage to look different in each show all thanks to his styling. Aaron’s ‘aeroplane’ hairstyle (that’s what his co-star Puff Guo calls it) looks a little funny but it suits him. Even with a baby face, he effectively manages to look like a strict, neurotic, and egotistical boss.

Aaron Yan Just You
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Puff Guo: The first few episodes, Liang Liang may appear very irritating and irrational but as the show progresses you will start liking her.

Puff Guo Just You Review
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Liang Liang gradually grows on you and you understand that she is a clean hearted, naive, and honest person. She is so innocent that at times I felt like shaking her hard and screaming at her to tell her to stop being so blind to peoples’ vices. Puff Guo plays the character of Liang Liang with a lot of sincerity which is evident onscreen.

Puff Guo as Liang Liang
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Romance/Chemistry: The show may not be high on intimate scenes like other T-dramas nonetheless it has several endearing moments. Aaron and Puff have an easy chemistry between them and they look very comfortable with each other even behind the scenes. What the show lacked story wise was more than made up for by Aaron and Puff’s fabulous chemistry.


Just You Review Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Just You Review Aaron and Puff
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Bad Weights

Annoying Antagonist: Qi Yi ex-girlfriend is the antagonist in the show who gives a tough time to Liang Liang. Every couple needs a third-party threat to help the couple grow closer. But here Ding Jia Yu was just a pain in the neck. Qi Yi is clearly disinterested in her but she still won’t give up. Neither was Jia Yu’s character well defined nor was her motives behind any of her actions. She was too weak an antagonist. She lacked the kind of effect third angles generally have in a show.

Too Looooong: Every major development of the show takes too long to happen. For instance, Qi Yi has left for an important meeting with the wrong file. Liang Liang chases after him to hand him the right file. The chase itself takes up half the episode. Similarly, there are certain petty situations that take up more time than required. The show could have been concise and shorter had there not been such unnecessarily stretched scenes.   

The show beam balance is heavy with good weights, which means Just You is a show to watch for sure. Its romance is what you have to look out for.

I give the show 3.5 out of 5 rating. Just You is a feel-good rom-com with honest and caring characters. If you fancy a disciplinarian boss and a fun loving subordinates’ love story then go for this one. If you are an Aaron Yan fan (like me) then do not dare miss this one. Watch Just You just for Aaron.    

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