Khidki: Review

Title: Khidki

Channel: Sab TV

Timings: Monday to Friday, 9:30 pm


A fresh new show based on a fresh concept. When you know a show is produced by Hats Off Production be rest assured that it will be worth your time. Hats Off production always comes up with new ideas and unique shows like Khichdi, Baa, Bahu Aur Baby, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and many more. With such a good track record you can have high expectations from their shows and they will surely live up to it.

Khidki is a show based on real life stories sent by people from all over India. The number of episodes dedicated to a certain story will vary according to the plot. So audiences will get to enjoy different types of funny experiences of people. 


Khidki (2016)

Khidki SAB TV - Show Review
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Synopsis: Episode 1 & 2

The first story in the show is titled ‘Anju Ki Shaadi’ and it starts with a brief introduction of the family. Ashok (Rajiv Mehta) and Jyoti (Lubna Salim) have four children Anju (Aishwarya Sakhuja), Manju, Sanju and a boy, Laalu. Anju is a boxer and is least interested in marriage. Her parents are desperate to get her married. So, they visit a marriage bureau with their family to select a suitable groom. The family looks at various profiles and selects a boy for Anju. However, Anju walks out before the family can show her the photo. The family informs the marriage bureau to set up a meeting with the boy’s family and they agree to meet on the coming Sunday. Ashok and Jyoti are anxious about the whole thing and lie to their nosy neighbors about the boy’s family visiting their house.

On the morning of the meeting, Anju is missing from her room. Anju walks in her sleep and her family suspects that she must have left the house at night while sleepwalking. They look for her everywhere but are unable to find her. Ashok lodges a missing complaint at the police station. He returns home and asks his son to cancel the meeting with the boy’s family telling them that he has suffered a heart attack and has to be hospitalized. However, a few minutes later Anju calls home and tells them that she is on her way back and will be reaching home in some time. Laalu once again contacts the marriage bureau and asks them to come as the heart attack was a false alarm and his father was only suffering from intestinal gas.

The boy’s family reaches the house before Anju and are eager to meet her. Ashok and his family are in a fix. Ashok tries to distract the family from the main topic by prattling on but how long can he keep them waiting? Will the boy’s family come to know about Anju’s sleep disorder? Will they consent to the marriage? To know that, you will have to watch the show.


Khidki: First Impression

With veteran actors like Rajiv Mehta and Lubna Salim nothing can go wrong. Their comic timing is impeccable and can make an average scene hilarious by their acting. Aishwarya plays the tomboy Anju with ease. The other two sisters play their roles well but the brother Laalu steals the show with his funny solutions. He is like the joker of their family.

Anju Ki Shaadi is just one of the many stories on the show and as expected it is really funny and entertaining. As aforementioned with Hats Off involved you can expect something unique and the first story has managed to prove it.


If you have been looking for something funny and hatke then do catch Khidki as it has many incidences to keep you entertained.


You can watch Khidki on SAB TV at 9.30 pm or catch the episodes here.



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