Kuzey Guney Review: A Riveting Story Of Two Brothers And A Woman

Show Title: Kuzey Guney

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 10 pm

Zindagi’s latest Turkish drama deals with the lives of two brothers, Kuzey and Guney and how their relationship falls apart following a series of unfortunate events. Though brothers, Kuzey and Guney are poles apart. Kuzey is the rebellious, free-spirited boy who takes each day as it comes whereas Guney is the studious hardworking boy who wishes to study and earn a respected place in the society. Kuzey is madly in love with Cemre but gives up on her after he sees her kiss his brother. In a twist of fate, Kuzney ends up in prison as he confesses to a crime committed by his brother Guney. When he returns home after spending four years in prison, his life changes as nothing seems like before and he starts despising Guney for ruining his life.



Kuzey Guney

Episode 1

Kuzey Guney Review
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In a bakery, a man is preparing an eatable while another man is seated at a desk calculating something. Guney (Buğra Gülsoy) stacks a tray on a stand when the man behind the desk (his father) tells him there are eight more trays to go. Just then, Guney’s mother comes out of one of the rooms and tells Guney to make a haste and Guney nods his head before leaving. Guney’s mother looks nervous as she tells her husband that they will be leaving at 9:30 and asks him if he would want to accompany them. Her husband turns a deaf ear to her and she leaves dejected. Guney loads containers full of eatables in his tempo and leaves for some place.

In a restaurant, Cemre (Öykü Karayel) is serving breakfast to customers when her attention gets diverted to a clock as she anxiously notices the time. Meanwhile, Guney returns home, leaves with his mother, and father in a tempo to some place.

In a prison, a police officer in handing over personal items to Kuzey (Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ) who looks, with a menacing grin before bidding the officer farewell. (Warning: Actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ has clear blue eyes so if you are a girl with a weak heart then kindly grip it firmly as his stare is bound to melt your heart.)

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Guney and his mother eagerly wait outside the prison to receive Kuzey while his father sits in the tempo. As Kuzey walks out of the prison gates Guney runs to him and hugs him tightly, followed by his mother who thanks the Almighty for the release of her son, but his father only looks on from a distance. As Kuzey walks closer to the tempo his father, wipes away his tears and stands to face Kuzey who looks blankly at him. His father then has a flashback remembering Kuzey smacking a punch across his face with his mom pleading him to stop in the background. (Whoa! Kuzey looks so handsome with long hair and clean-shaven face. I am liking this show already.) The two men stand staring at each other for a while before Kuzey’s father extends his hand asking Kuzey how he has been. Kuzey happily shakes his father’s hand as his mother excitedly runs to him asking him to sit beside her in the tempo.

In the tempo, Kuzey’s mother fills him in with events that occurred in their life. She tells him that their property owner has sued them as he wants them to vacate the place so that he can erect a building over that property. As they reach their home, Kuzey looks wistfully at the house as his mother invites him to step out of the car and enter their home. Kuzey remembers being handcuffed and taken away by the police as neighbours crowded to witness the scene.

Once inside the house, Kuzey’s mother excitedly shows him his room, which he shares with Guney and tells him that it has been maintained just the way it was before he was imprisoned. Kuzey looks around and notices college stickers stuck by Guney who is now a college student. Kuzey notices a book that reads ‘How To Buy and Manage Income Property’. He looks impressed as Guney looks tense behind him. Kuzey then notices a framed picture of Guney and Cemre. Guney turns to call Cemre to inform her about Kuzey’s arrival but he stops him from doing so. Kuzey then holds another photo, which has him, Guney and Cemre posing in it.

Flashback to the time the photo was taken, we see that Guney and Cemre are posing with their graduation degrees as Kuzey ruins their photo by constantly photo bombing them. Cemre reprimands Kuzey for his childish behaviour and they both start fighting as the photographer grins looking at them. Kuzey loses his temper and pins him down for mocking him. Kuzey’s father intervenes and sends both the brothers to serve punishment at a car-cleaning centre. Guney screams at Kuzey for being selfish and causing unnecessary trouble, which will affect his exams due next week. Kuzey looks least affected and teases Guney instead.

Present day, Kuzey looks longingly at the photo and sighs that he will never forget ‘that’ day. Just then his mother calls him and Guney for a meal.

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Cemre’s mother pays her a visit at the restaurant where she works. Her mother shows her a newspaper advertisement that states to be on the lookout for fresh new faces. Cemre snaps at her mother for troubling her during her work hours but her mother only requests her to give the audition a try but Cemre refuses saying that she has to meet Kuzey. Her mother looks irritated at Cemre and informs her of seeing him arrive at his house. She then admonishes Cemre for keeping company of Guney and his brother. But Cemre pays no heed and asks her mother to leave. A customer walks up to Cemre to tell her about the exhausted toilet paper and unawaredly drops her ring. The fallen ring reminds Cemre of a past incident where Guney, she and Kuzey are strolling in a shopping mall and Kuzey suggests Cemre to buy an expensive dress. She laughs at him and tells him to buy it for her. As the three of them start to leave the store, a salesgirl stops them and asks Cemre to pay for the bracelet. The boys look surprised, as she didn’t buy anything but then they see her take off a the bracelet with a price tag, from her wrist. The salesgirl gives Cemre a sarcastic look as she takes the bracelet from her. Cemre feels insulted but Guney asks her to not think too much and walks out when Kuzey quickly hands over a bracelet to her and shushes her from saying anything. Back to present day, Cemre picks the ring and puts it in her pocket.

Guney is updating Kuzey about the increased amount of work in the bakery. He tells him about his routine and his part-time job as a caddie at a golf club. Kuzey then asks Guney to find him a job at his workplace, Guney tells him to join him anytime, saying he will put in a word for him. Kuzey then asks him the amount he’s collected working as a caddie to which Guney says he has been saving for his university fee but Kuzey tells him that he can get a scholarship to pay off his fees and that he will have to spilt his savings with him. Guney agrees to it.

Guney is at the golf club where he hears two businessmen discuss some business strategy. The older man asks Guney his views about a business plan to which he tells him a strategy and outlook, which impresses him. The man pats Guney’s shoulders for his good suggestion. The businessman’s daughter calls him on his cellphone from a distance and tells him to plan her birthday party. As she hangs up, she waves out at Guney before leaving the golf course. (Oops! Looks like a problem for Cemre)

Kuzey changes into fresh clothes and we see healed stab wounds across his abdomen. As he leaves the house, he hears his father screaming at the bakery workers but stops as soon as he sees Kuzey. Kuzey walks into the bakery and exchanges pleasantries with the workers. His father asks him of his plans of getting back to work. (Poor guy has just been released after four years of imprisonment, can’t his father be a little more considerate?) He tells his father that he wants to join the army. His father taunts him for not being able to complete basic schooling and tells him to try his luck with his army plans. Kuzey tells his father that he will definitely try to not have any regrets in the future. Kuzey borrows some money from his father and goes for a walk in the neighbourhood. He walks into a market to meet a friend of his who excitedly jumps on him as he they meet after four years. The two friends take a stroll when they spot Cemre passing by.   

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First Episode First Impression (FEFI)

My eyes have gotten so accustomed to seeing pretty Korean men that muscular men now seem like aliens to me. 😉 I used to think Korean dramas have the best-looking cast but after watching Turkish dramas Little Lord and now Kuzey Guney I am forced to reconsider. The first episode introduced the important people in Kuzey’s life. It gave a glimpse of each person’s personality and the kind of relationship they share with Kuzey. The flashback scenes helped to show the change in Kuzey’s personality. The shows’ story is interesting as the three main characters have an equally compelling back-story that drives them. This show has my attention and I am curious about it developments.


What looked nice?

From the first episode you can sense some kind of tension around people who meet Kuzey which is obvious as he has just returned from prison after four years. It looks like every person is hiding something from Kuzey and is even slightly afraid of him. The awkwardness with Kuzey is what makes me curious to know more. Also, Kuzey and Guney’s relationship with Cemre looks a little entangled which also generates interest in the show.

Doesn’t Turkish actor Buğra Gülsoy resemble The Originals star, Joseph Morgan?

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Joseph Morgan
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What did not look nice?

Nada. The first episode did its job of generating enough curiosity to make you tune into the next episode. So mission accomplished!


Kuzey Guney has two hot brothers fighting for a beautiful girl, which is quite a motivation to watch the show isn’t it? If you want some drama, suspense, and romance then this show offers all of that. Go for this one.

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