Little Lord Review: This Cool Turkish Entertainer Is A Must Watch!

Show Title: Little Lord

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 7:30 pm

Little Lord is about a six-year-old boy trying to keep his parents from divorcing each other. The show sounds a lot like the Hollywood movie The Parent Trap where a pair of twins is trying to reunite their parents. From the promos, the little boy looked extremely cute and I knew I had to watch it at any cost. And so I did. Here is what I felt about this sweet and funny Turkish drama.

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Little Lord

Episode 1

Little Lord Zee Zindagi Review
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The episode starts with a flashback where Ali (Sarp-Levendoğlu) narrates how he fell in love with Sanem (Birce Akalay) and asked her to marry him. From the beginning of their relationship, Ali was aware that their love story is not a simple one considering their diverse family backgrounds. Despite their respective family’s strong opposition the two of them marry each other. They inform their families about their marriage by sending them their happy wedding photos. Ali’s father is so infuriated that he disowns Ali and sends his minion with a lawyer to vacate the house and make Ali relinquish everything that belongs to him. But Ali and Sanem’s relationship only grows stronger after this setback. They complete their education and find jobs in their respective fields. Sanem works with a hospital while Ali joins an advertising agency. A few years later, they have a baby and name him Mehmat. Sanem’s family finally accept her marriage but Ali’s father still hasn’t spoken to his son.

6 years later

At the breakfast table, Mehmat (Emir Berke Zincidi) tells Ali that his maternal grandmother calls him a useless loser. Sanem tries to underplay the situation by laughing it off. She sends Mehmat to brush his teeth while Ali and she start bickering over her mother and their financial condition. Mehmat is in the bathroom listening to his parent’s argument. They send Mehmat to school then continue with their argument.

Ali has his own cabin in the posh advertising firm he works with. His colleague and he are busy trying to get rid of coffee stains on his pants when their boss and the company’s General Manager, Yaseem walks in on them. Ali’s friend leaves the cabin while Yaseem helps clean some stains on Ali’s shirt. She clearly is hitting on him and Ali doesn’t seem to mind. At school, Mehmat pets a stray dog and promises to see him during the lunch break.

Ali’s mother misses her son and wants to meet her grandson. She tells her husband that their grandson is now six years old. He hears her but doesn’t respond. To which she loses her temper and tells him that his heart has turned to a stone. He nonchalantly continues to read the newspaper. Ali’s mother calls Ali and tells him that she has received his photos, framed them and placed them within his father’s sight to ensure that he sees them every day. She cries on the phone asking more details about her grandson.

Sanem borrows money from her parents for renovation work in her house. She requests her mother to keep it a secret from Ali as he might get angry over it.

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In school, Mehmat plays with the stray dog when the school’s cleaning staff shoos the dog away. Mehmat runs to him saying that it is his friend and that he should not shoo the dog away like that. The cleaner asks Mehmat’s friend, Shireen to take him back to his class and she takes a grumbling Mehmat back to the school building. Mehmat tells her that they have to find the dog. She asks him if he will miss his class to do so. He tells her that he will be present but she will be missing her class and whispers something in her ears. We see that Mehmat is in his class when the someone i.e. Shireen sets off the earthquake alarm and everybody in the school come running out of their classrooms. The school principal catches hold of Mehmat and tells him that they have set CCTV cameras across the school and that he is aware who the culprit is. Mehmat’s parents are summoned and the principal warns Ali and Sanem to get a hold on their child or he might slip off their hands. Ali and Sanem leave the school blaming each other for Mehmat’s naughtiness.

Yasim calls Ali asking his whereabouts when he tells her that he is too stressed and will be heading home with his son. She offers to spend time with him later in the evening but he politely declines her offer. As soon as Ali disconnects the phone, Mehmat says that he thinks that Yaseem aunty likes Ali. Ali admonishes Mehmat for coming up with such baseless thoughts. Mehmat tells him that he knows she likes him because he has seen her massage Ali’s shoulders once when he was at his office. Ali is embarrassed at this revelation and tells him that it is normal for workmates and friends to give massages to each other. He then asks him if has told his mother about this incident to which Mehmat replies that what’s there to hide, he told her long back about it. Ali sarcastically praises Mehmat for the work he has done.

Sanem and Ali spend some lone time together discussing Mehmat when Sanem tells him that she has taken a long-term loan for their house renovation and can soon start the work. She also informs him that they will have to visit her parents for dinner tomorrow.

Sanem visits her parents with Ali and Mehmat to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Sanem’s parents try to ridicule Ali for his lack of multi-lingual skills. Ali however, has a fitting reply to all their insults. Her mother then deliberately suggests Sanem some cheap furniture options to suit her shoestring budget. Ali tells her not to worry about their budget to which she says that how can the person funding his house’s renovation not worry about the budget. Ali leaves the house furiously after knowing the truth behind Sanem’s loan. Ali and Sanem fight on their way home as Mehmat sits silently watching his parent quarrel. He feels frightened at their raised voices and requests them to stop fighting when Ali almost drives into an oncoming truck barely escaping an accident.

At home, as Sanem puts Mehmat to bed, he requests her to not fight with his dad again. She apologises to him and assures him that it won’t happen again.

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Sanem joins Ali in the hall and says sorry for lying to him. She explains that she did not intend to hurt him and just wanted to help. He tells her that because of her, her parents got an opportunity to insult him. She retorts saying that his family had figuratively and literally got them on the streets on the second day of their marriage by withholding financial support. He says he never thought is father was right in doing so and that never regretted leaving his father and his money until tonight. We then see Ali throw a suitcase in his car as Sanem looks on from the window.

Next morning. Sanem is crying to her mother over the phone telling how difficult her marriage has been till date. Her mother suggests her to leave Ali and marry someone much better than him. Sanem berates her mother for giving her bad suggestions.

At school, Mehmat looks lost and is unable to concentrate in class. On the other hand, Ali is checking out houses to stay in while reminiscing over the happy times spent with Sanem.

Sanem tells Mehmat that he need not worry about his parent’s divorce as his father and she will always be great friends, and will have occasional dinners together. Mehmat says that he has friends from broken families and that he knows how parents lie of being happy even after divorce before running to his room. Sanem is driving with Mehmat when she asks him about his father (Mehmat spends equal time with both his parents individually). He tells her that he isn’t doing well and that he overheard him asking a doctor if he will survive the operation.

At Ali’s office, Yaseem senses his stress and massages his shoulders to relieve him of tension when Sanem and Mehmat walk in on them.

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First Episode First Impression

I am so accustomed to watching Korean dramas with subtitles that my eyes inadvertently look to the bottom of the screen each time I watch a foreign show. But I enjoy that. I like to listen to a new language while reading its translation below. It makes me understand a lot about a foreign country’s idioms, phrases and common terms and greetings. It is also a good way to learn a new language. The last dubbed foreign show I watched was LaLoLa. Though I loved the show, the dubbing somewhat bothered me slightly. And surprisingly it still bothers me. Seeing handsome Ali and sexy Sanem mouth Hindi dialogues made me a tad uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I watched the whole show with a smile on my face because I liked what I saw. And I think I will get used to it soon.  


What looked nice?

I had no clue that Turkish actors looked so good. Birce and Sarp look good individually and as a couple. I even googled their names to know more about them and I got to know that they are married to each other in real life too.

Birce and Sarp Little Lord Review Zee Zindagi
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No wonder the amazing chemistry!

Birce and Sarp Little Lord Review Zee Zindagi
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After watching the first episode I immediately looked up for more Turkish dramas but sadly, there aren’t many sites to watch Turkish shows with English subtitles. So, for now, I will have to wait for Zee to add more Turkish shows to their channel.


What did not look nice?

Initially, the Hindi dubbing irritated me but by the end of the show, I completely forgot it was dubbed. Keeping the Hindi dubbing aside, I have no complaints from the show. The first episode made a good impression on me. It was funny, had good actors, looked nice, what more could I ask for?


I absolutely loved the show. And am sure to watch it. If you like foreign shows or want to try something new then definitely watch Little Lord, it seems entertaining.

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You can watch the show online here.


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