Love A Little Stronger Review: A Book To Read A Little Longer

I am a Preeti Shenoy fan. Have been so since I read her novel, ‘Life Is What You Make It’. She is one of the few Indian writers whose books I buy without a second thought. That is because I like her writing style and I know her books are worth my precious time. When I received this copy from the publisher I was very excited to read it because I have read her book ‘34 Bubblegums and Candies’, a collection of her life experiences, and had thoroughly enjoyed it. So, I was having high expectations from this book and let me tell you that this one surpassed all of them. I may not relate to all her stories as yet nonetheless her experiences are really amusing so it definitely is worth a while. Love A Little Stronger is a collection of 50 stories of her experiences in life. When I say experiences it might sound like a philosophical book but believe me, Shenoy does not write like that. She never preaches in any of her books which is why I love her books so much.  

Love A Little Stronger by Preeti Shenoy

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Life is a collection of moments, some memorable and some mundane. Often it is the tiniest things that bring the greatest joy, even though at that time, we have no idea that what we are witnessing may be magical, something that we will talk about and laugh over after many years.

Packed with her hilarious narratives, poignant observations and a writing style loved by millions across the world, this book is certain to strike a chord with anybody who has children or who has been a child, themselves!

For those who have read 34 Bubblegums and Candies, this is a new version, with many additional stories. For others, it is a heart-warming, hilarious, and inspiring collection of true anecdotes from the author’s life, telling us to Love A Little Stronger, no matter what happens.

(Blurb as on the back cover)

I LIKE Love A Little Stronger Because,

Love A Little Stronger Review

…even though I do not relate to a few stories in the book, I still enjoyed the book a lot. The stories in the book contain Shenoy’s experiences in life and her relationship with her parents, friends, spouse and children. From her childhood memories of her mother’s witty remarks to her crashing into a tree while trying to ride a bike. From her checking out handsome men with her girl pal to being the daughter her mother is proud of. From being the multitasking wife to a doting mother of two kids she has a lot of amusing experiences to share that will not only make you laugh but will also offer you a lesson or two to learn.

My favourite chapters in the book are:


Fifty-one things and counting

Writer’s high

Siblings without rivalry

Free wheelie

The gift of laughter

Hampsters Incorporated

The scooter Romeo

Do check out these chapters and let me know which ones did you like the best.

I Do NOT Like Love A Little Stronger Because,

Love A Little Stronger Review

…I do not relate to a few of the stories. I know I mentioned above that despite not relating to the stories I still enjoyed it which is true I did enjoy the book a lot. However, some stories where Shenoy delves into parenting is where I feel a little disconnected from the book. This is only because I am not married. Had I been married with kids, I’m sure I would have found myself in her shoes but since I have not gone through that phase of life, Shenoy’s plight and dilemma do not appeal to me. In case you too fall into the same category i.e. if you are unmarried then you too might not fully understand some of the chapters in the book. However, that is just 3 or 4 chapters in the book. The rest are totally relatable irrespective of your age.  



Final View: Love A Little Stronger is a chest full of amusing and interesting tales by Preeti Shenoy. It is a book for anyone who wishes to look at life from a different angle. Do invest in this book if you ever feel like wanting to read something easy and entertaining.  


**This book is a free PR copy sent by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.



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