Love Bytes Review: The tale of a bickering couple

Long Live YouTube!! Long Live Web Series!! It is such a welcome change. A decade ago the thought of missing an episode of my favorite serial would bring tears to my eyes. But thanks to YouTube I do not have to worry about missing anything and thanks to the concept of web series I have no ‘show’ related worries at all.

Web series are short shows based on stories that appeal to the youth. There are hundreds of channels on YouTube that upload some real good content that deals with youth issues and relationships. There are web series for all types of audiences so now the viewer is not forced to see the same old boring shows on TV. Now the choice is yours. Select and watch only that what appeals to you.  


Love Bytes (2015)

Love Bytes Review
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Love Bytes is a youth based YouTube web series produced by Sony Liv. It has 26 episodes with each episode being around 10 to 15 minutes long. The show is about Ananya and her live-in boyfriend Abhishek. They both have their individual careers with Ananya working for a marketing company while Abhishek works as a copywriter for an Ad agency. The show mostly deals with the problems and issues Ananya and Abhishek face as a couple.


Love Bytes Review

I picked this series because I have seen Kushal’s TV shows and I really like him. And as expected he was good in the series. He not only looked the part but also played it well. Sukhmani Sadana too acted well and looked extremely hot. She has amazingly smooth and sexy legs so much so that you will see her legs in almost every frame. Even in shots where the focus is on Khushal, you will notice her glossy legs in the corner of the frame. The two actors in the series are its strength as they manage to hold your interest.   

The main idea of Love Bytes was to show the ‘trials and tribulations’ of a young couple which they did but, what I fail to understand is the reason behind it. The couple is shown to be arguing throughout the series. Okay! But then why does it end just there? Why is there no solution to any fight? Is that the only thing that couples do? Argue? Fight? At first, I thought it was about a couple’s journey and how they sort their problems to stay together. But all I saw was how they fight without any concrete solution. Why would I want to see a web series based solely on bickering?

One thing that just got on my nerves was the overuse of the word ‘R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P.’. I am spelling it out because I do not want to use that R word myself. That word has been used so many times throughout the series that I feel like I am suffering from mental indigestion. The word now makes me cringe. Ugh!

If you are in an err…. ‘R’ (Damn this word!) (Please read the above paragraph to know what R means here) and are having a tough time maintaining it then do watch the series you will feel relieved to know that most couples face the same issues and fight over similar things. If you are single and want to know the kind of stuff couples fight on then this web series is all about that so go for it. However, if you are single and want to get into an ‘R’ (Please read the paragraph above to know what R means here) then please do not watch this you might it might scare you off. 

You can watch Love Bytes on YouTube.


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