A Love Story: Episode 13

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A Love Story Episode 13

Eda meets Tolga and elucidates that she cannot be with him and that he should now accept it. Tolga begs her to not leave him and promises to never even hold her hand if she doesn’t like it but Eda politely asks him to not complicate things anymore. Tolga continues to plead with her and cries that if she leaves she will be taking his life with her. Unable to bear Tolga begging for Eda’s love, Ceylan who has been eavesdropping on them silently leaves the house.

Ceylan starts packing her stuff while remembering Tolga’s pleas and love confession to Eda. Tolga begging Eda to love him back bring tears to her eyes. Asiye is shocked to see Ceylan two days early from her scheduled date and Ceylan says what difference does it make when she has to leave at some point. Asiye is in tears as she says that two days make a difference to her and pulling Asiya in a hug Ceylan tells her that she is leaving early to start her work soon.


A Love Story Episode 13

Ceylan leaves and we see her walk down a road narrowly missing bumping into Korkut who is on his way to her house. He calls on her phone and Asiye answers the phone while stepping out of her house. She tells Korkut that Ceylan has forgotten her phone as she had just left for Ankara. Korkut offers to chase Ceylan and give her phone back. As Asiye hands him the phone she recognizes him as Tolga’s friend and Korkut clarifies that he is Tolga’s driver. Korkut looks around for Ceylan but she has already left in a cab.


A Love Story Episode 13

Disappointed, Korkut visits Hakki baba’s home where he is surprised to see Ceylan waiting for him with her bag. She tells him she got his address from Tolga’s manager and is here only to say goodbye before leaving for Ankara. She hands him the note he gave her in Germany. He looks confused and she states that there can never be a person weirder than him. He notices that it is torn and she says she stuck it back. He asks her to cancel her plan and stay back but she doesn’t budge. They shake hands and she moves forward to cheek kiss him when he moves his face slightly and their lips almost meet.

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A Love Story Episode 13

Ceylan freezes and looks up at Korkut who asks her if she can make shwarma and says that she can leave after making shwarma. She apologizes for not knowing how to make shwarma and starts to leave. She halts after a few steps and turns back to tell him that she can make stuffed capsicum if he wants her to and Korkut’s face lights up instantly. (Awww…….that happy look on his face. I am willing to learn to make shwarma provided Korkut promises to smile at me the way he does in this scene.)


A Love Story Episode 13

Happy, Korkut lifts Ceylan’s bag and offers to introduce her to his sister. Ceylan is surprised to know that Korkut has a sister and Korkut adds that he also has a menacing nephew. His knocks on the main door go unanswered and he tells her that his sister is probably not at home. He moves closer to her and flirtatiously suggests they make more than just stuffed capsicum. Ceylan starts to leave annoyed at his attempt at flirting and he pins her against the tree to keep her from leaving. Cornered, she gives a hard knee to his groin. He winces in pain as she pulls her bag and gets going. He retracts saying that he was just kidding and she screams at his poor sense of humour. She turns her back to him and looks reluctant to leave. He apologises and she quickly turns back but reprimands him for his behaviour.


A Love Story Episode 13

Emine is at a local grocery store when sees a suspicious looking man and coils in fear. He constantly eyes her purse and she feels even more afraid of him. She quickly leaves the shop and runs as she sees him follow her. In a bid to outrun him she quickens her pace and is accidently hit by a car. The driver offers to take her to the hospital and but she pushes him away and runs to hide behind the first gate she finds open.

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A Love Story Episode 13

Tolga has locked himself up in a room as Gonul knocks on his door asking him to come out. But Tolga looks devastated and in a flashback we see Eda confess to have fallen in love with another man. Tolga is surprised at yet another fling of hers and she counters that this time it’s different. He screams at her for lying and slaps her in a fit of rage. He quickly realises his mistake and apologises to her but Eda leaves him saying this is what his ‘true love’ meant and that this is the only thing that can be expected of him. Gonul is still requesting him to open the door as Tolga rises and leaves in a car without a word.

As Gonul runs behind him she sees Asiye and Tahsin stare at her in surprise. She then goes to Asiye and asks about Ceylan as she is the only one who can handle Tolga in such a situation. Asiye tells her that Ceylan has left for Ankara and Tahsin is shocked to know that she left early without informing him.


A Love Story Episode 13

Ceylan is cooking in the kitchen as Korkut cannot conceal his happiness at having her there. Her phone buzzes and she is baffled to see it with Korkut. He then tells her that her mother gave it to him to hand it over to her. She looks at her phone and sees Tolga’s name flash. She chooses to ignore the call and after a few moments switches her phone off. Korkut’s face breaks into a wide grin when he sees her ignore Tolga’s call.

As Ceylan cooks she asks him about his family and he tells her that he has a twin sister who was raised by her adoptive father Mr. Hakki as both of them were abandoned at birth by their biological parents. Ceylan pities his mother as she is sure that his mother must have lacked resources to raise the two of them. Korkut, however, says that Ceylan is very innocent and that he too was like her at one point of time and Ceylan is amazed to know that he was as naive as her. She then changes the topic and asks him the reason why they bought so much of stuff and he answers that he has kidnapped her to make her cook all the time.


A Love Story Episode 13

Ceylan then admits of mistaking him to be a bad guy when he is actually a soft-hearted man. And he retorts that she is really a duffer and that not everything is as it seems. He starts to munch on a chocolate bar and she grabs it from his hand saying that he shouldn’t eat it right before lunch. He chokes on the chocolate and starts coughing and she offers him a glass of water. Her gesture reminds him of the time when Tolga and he had both choked on a food and she was only concerned about Tolga as she brought a glass of water just for him. This time Korkut breaks into a toothy wide grin. (Korkut has smiled more in these few scenes with Ceylan than the entire course of the show till now. I love to see him happy around Ceylan.)

Gonul visits Eda at her house and chastises her for dumping Tolga. Eda calmly tells her that she has no feelings for Tolga and dumped him to not make him suffer anymore. Gonul sternly says that Eda can break-up with him only when she says it is over. Stunned by Gonul’s behaviour Eda remarks that she now understands the reason why Tolga is so childish. Gonul warns of consequences for dumping her son and Eda challenges her to do whatever she wants to.

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A Love Story Episode 13

Tolga calls his manager and inquires about Eda’s latest boyfriend and she tells him that she too isn’t aware of it. He screams at her to find out everything about the guy and hangs up abruptly on her.

Ceylan tastes the filling for the stuffed capsicum and feels something is missing in it. She asks Korkut to taste it and he says its perfect. She isn’t convinced and remembers to have missed sugar. She goes in to retrieve sugar when Korkut gets a call from Tolga. Tolga tells him that he needs his help in finding information about Eda’s new boyfriend. Amused, Korkut asks Tolga to leave matters in his hand as he will help him find out about the man.


A Love Story Episode 13

Ceylan empties half the pack of sugar in the filling and Korkut points out that the amount of sugar she has added is probably more than required. Annoyed, Ceylan tells him to do it himself and he quickly retracts saying that she can do as she pleases. She mixes the mixture and he offers to taste. When she asks him how it is and he gives her an awkward thumbs-up before drinking a glass full of water.


A Love Story Episode 13

She confirms if he really liked it and he smilingly reaffirms that it is good after all she made it for him and she asks if he will eat anything she makes without a question and going red in the cheeks, he admits that probably he would. His response makes her blush and she tries to keep a straight face while stuffing the capsicum with the filling.

Korkut is stuffing the capsicum as Ceylan observes the amount of filling he is using to stuff each piece of capsicum with. The capsicum in Korkut’s hand tears and he complains about it as Ceylan laughs and tells him that is bound to happen since he is overstuffing the capsicum. He takes the filling in his spoon and asks if he can eat it just like that and she stops him saying that he will have a bellyache if he does that and calls him a glutton. Korkut then cringes as he realises how bad the filling actually tastes.

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A Love Story Episode 13

Choking on the filling he says that even though he is a glutton, no one else than him will ever be able to eat that stuff. She wonders if his sister dislikes capsicum and he clarifies that the filling is too sweet to be consumed. Ceylan then tastes the filling and cringes at its sweetness. She scolds him for lying to her, saying that the filling is good and he corrects her that he said that he will eat whatever she makes for him. She looks at him in amazement and repeats that he is weird. They gaze at each other dreamily when suddenly Korkut suffers a headache and he rushes to the washroom to avoid Ceylan see him in pain.


A Love Story Episode 13

Ceylan informs Korkut that she is leaving for Ankara as he helplessly reels in pain unable to face her. As she gets to the door, she bumps into Umut and tells him that she is Korkut’s friend. She tells him that Korkut is in the washroom and asks him to say goodbye to Korkut on her behalf and starts to leave when Korkut walks out of the washroom and asks Umut about Emine. Umut tells Korkut that Emine is not at home and that she didn’t even go to fetch him from school. Worried, Korkut rushes out to look for Emine and Ceylan and Umut follow suit.

They finally find Emine hiding in someone’s backyard. Stunned to see her, tremble in fear Korkut screams at her for not being at home and Ceylan scolds him for being rude to her despite seeing that she is frightened. Ceylan notices the wound on Emine’s head which scares Korkut and he asks her to tell him what happened to her and she says nothing happened but he refuses to believe her and screams at her to tell him if anyone did something to her.


A Love Story Episode 13

Ceylan intervenes and pushes him away from Emine. She urges Emine to rise up and leave but Emine refuses to leave. Ceylan then asks her to tell her what happened and Emine looks down at her upper thigh which scares the living daylights out of Korkut and he kicks hard at the wooden crap around him. Ceylan calmly asks Emine to tell her whatever happened in her ears and Emine does so.

Ceylan then tells Emine that there is nothing to be worried about it. Fearing the worst, Korkut aggresively grabs Ceylan and asks her what happened to Emine and she tells him to calm down as his sister is fine.


A Love Story Episode 13

Ceylan then tells Emine that she was once being chased by a big dog and was so frightened by him that she also peed her pants. Emine smiles at her story and Korkut finally breathes a sigh of relief. She offers her hand to Emine and helps her walk home as Korkut looks over them.

Korkut is at home when he receives a call from Hakki informing him about spotting the pervert near the marketplace. Korkut eagerly asks him for the number of the two men who found the pervert. We then see Korkut’s car pull over in a deserted place where two men stand guarding the tempo and inform him that the pervert is in it.  

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