A Love Story: Episode 16

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Written Update: Episode 16

A Love Story Episode 16

Ceylan finally calls Korkut but he isn’t available to answer her call. Next morning, Ceylan wakes up following a weird dream in which she sees Korkut shoot himself before her. She tries calling Korkut once again but her call goes unanswered and she fears that the dream could be real and that he must have really committed suicide last night.

Eda prepares a table full of sumptuous breakfast for Korkut but he is in a haste to leave. She tells him she has prepared a lot of stuff only for him and requests him to not break her heart and he agrees to stay for breakfast. Meanwhile, Ceylan keeps trying to reach Korkut who deliberately cuts her call saying that she was too late in doing so. Eda tells Korkut she has prepared an omelette for him and asks him his favourite food and with a wide grin on his face he says he likes shwarma and Eda tells him that she cannot make Turkish dishes but her friend Ceylan can. Ceylan’s name upsets him and he rises to leave. Eda asks him if he intends to leave just like a stranger and she looks at him suggestively. Taking her hint and leans in for a kiss.

A Love Story Episode 16

Ceylan frantically buzzes Eda’s doorbell and Korkut quickly hides the moment he sees her enter Eda’s house. Ceylan tells Eda that she is in trouble and needs help to find someone. Eda calms her down and invites her in to meet her new boyfriend but Korkut has already left. Ceylan is least interested in meeting Eda’s new boyfriend and she nervously rattles on about Korkut not answering her calls since last night. Eda isn’t aware of Korkut and surmises that he is Ceylan’s boyfriend but Ceylan tells her that he is just a friend she met in Germany. She then tells her that last night he called her and rambled and hasn’t answered her calls since then and she is worried that he must have harmed himself. Eda pacifies her saying he will not do any such thing but Ceylan is still restless and then both decide to visit Korkut’s house.

In his car, Korkut cannot help smiling remembering how Ceylan was concerned for him. However, his conscience appears before him looking just like him. His conscience reminds him that Ceylan loves Tolga and not him. He tries to silence his inner voice but it just won’t budge. He reminds him of the tough time Emine had to go through because of Gonul. And Korkut drives on determined to stick to his plan and not change for anything.

A Love Story Episode 16

Tolga arrives home with a bunch of balloons and a chocolate box. Gonul is furious that he hopes to reconcile with Eda. She tells him that she won’t tolerate Eda and Korkut stops at the door listening to their fight. Gonul reminds Tolga of how disrespectfully Eda behaved with her but he doesn’t seem to care and leaves angrily. Tolga sees Korkut standing outside the door and asks him to deliver the balloons and flowers to Eda.

Ceylan and Eda are on their way to Korkut’s house when Eda tells Ceylan that she was with her new boyfriend last night. Ceylan is not interested in knowing her night stories but Eda says that since they are in a car and she has no option but to listen to her. Ceylan then requests her to say her story in short. Eda tells her that her new boyfriend Ali and she kissed in her room and no one has ever kissed her like that before. She then tells her that Ali and she were on her bed when he asked her if she was ready for it as he didn’t want her to regret it later. Eda told him that she needs some more time and he readily agreed to it and they only slept holding each other the whole night. Eda gushes over him and Ceylan says whatever he did was normal. Eda says that she feels she has finally found her true love.

A Love Story Episode 16

Emine offers hand sanitizer and some sweet to Ceylan which she gladly accepts. But Eda refuses both and Emine asks her if she is avoiding eating sweets because she is fatter than Ceylan and Eda feels upset that Emine called her fat. Ceylan pacifies Eda and then asks Emine about Korkut and she tells her that he hadn’t returned the whole night. Ceylan is now even more worried but Eda is uncomfortable in the dingy space and insists on leaving. Ceylan tells Emine that they have some urgent work for which they have to leave immediately. Ceylan’s car takes a turn down an alley and from another road we see Korkut’s car arrive at his house.

Korkut looks in a rather good mood as he distributes some balloons to his neighborhood kids. He then hands over the balloons and chocolate box to Emine who jumps with joy. She then tells him that Ceylan had visited them but ‘they’ left without having anything and Korkut asks her if she visited with someone and she tells him that she had come with a girl named Eda. Emine tells him that Ceylan was worried for him and so was she and he cheerfully tells her that he was busy with some work.

A Love Story Episode 16

Ceylan suggests they go to the police as she fears that Korkut has done something to himself and Eda asks her if she is in love with Korkut. Ceylan slams her assumption saying that he is just a friend and she worried about him like anybody else. Eda persists that Ceylan is in love with Korkut and teases her for getting over Tolga so soon. Eda insists Ceylan confess her love to Korkut and Ceylan says she isn’t sure about it. Exasperated, Eda suggests she introduce him to her so she can talk to him on her behalf. Annoyed, Ceylan asks Eda to drive her way home. Eda pleads Ceylan to not leave her as she is afraid of driving after running over the puppy but, Ceylan pays no heed as she walks away angrily.

A Love Story Episode 16

Ceylan receives a call from an unknown number and Korkut changes his voice and introduces himself as inspector Jalal. He tells her that they have found a corpse by the ocean and her number was the last called number on the deceased’s phone. Ceylan asks about his location as Korkut stifles a laugh realizing that she has fallen for his prank.

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A Love Story Episode 16

Ceylan hails a cab and rushes to the said location. She finds no one there and tearfully surmises that she must have heard wrong. Just then Korkut walks up to her and asks her if she is looking for someone. Stunned to see him alive she punches and kicks him for avoiding her calls and stressing her out unnecessarily as he tries in vain to block her blows. She screams that she spent all her money to get there and is left with not a dime and he states that she should confess her love now that she spent everything to be able to see him. She blurts that she never realised when she fell for him but the very next moment she retracts her words and starts to leave when Korkut stops her from doing so.

She threatens to scream and he asks her to go ahead. She screams for help and he quickly smothers her to keep her from screaming. Covering her mouth he tells her that she is born for him and he is born for her (Ugh!!! Hindi translation!!) and that every love story starts with a fight. He indicates that he will be taking his hand off her mouth and requests her to not scream.

A Love Story Episode 16

Holding her hand Korkut tells her that he sees a lot of love for him in her eyes and then reminds her of how she came rushing to his aid. He asks her to speak her heart out and she calmly turns around and starts walking away. She then grabs a rock and hurls it at him screaming that everything is a joke to him as he laughs looking at her lose her temper.

A Love Story Episode 16

Gonul meets Eda’s father Mr. Çaglar in his jewellery store. She advises him that as a dad he needs to control his daughter and she tells him about Eda’s affair with Tolga. She mocks him for learning about his daughter’s affairs from the newspapers and he retorts that he reads such stuff because Tolga is always in the news. He then asks her what she wants from him and she tells him to keep a check on Eda as she is ruining Tolga’s life. He sneers that he is well aware of Gonul’s past. She replies that she too is aware of his affairs and he scoffs that one or two journalists might fear her threats not him. He derisively states that she is pointing fingers at his daughter when she herself was involved with married men. He then asks her to leave before he reveals anything more about her. Gonul sits in her car looking upset and Tahsin asks her about the meeting and she regretfully tells him of never having to get rid of her past that continues to haunt her till date.

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A Love Story Episode 16

Tolga asks Korkut the reason why Eda’s phone is switched off (eh? How would Korkut know that?) and he replies that perhaps she is still angry with his mother. Korkut tells him that Eda is upset with Gonul and wants her to apologise to her and Tolga states that his mother will never apologise to anyone.

Asiye tells Ceylan that Tolga is upset but Ceylan looks unperturbed. Ceylan nonchalantly tells her that she need not worry about him as she is no longer his assistant and Asiye is happy to see the change in her attitude. As Asiye leaves excitedly Ceylan recalls Gonul telling her to look out for Tolga from a distance. She wonders what must have happened to him and she leaves thinking that he must be in need of her.

A Love Story Episode 16

As Ceylan approaches Tolga’s room she overhears Korkut tell Tolga to throw a fit to have his way with Gonul. Tolga asks him if Gonul’s apology to Eda will help him have her back in his life and Korkut assures him that he most certainly will have her back. Tolga then thanks Korkut for his advice as Ceylan looks unhappy.

A Love Story Episode 16

Ceylan catches hold of Korkut and asks him what he is up to and he asks her what she is talking about. She scornfully states that he first targeted her and now he is targeting Tolga. She reprimands him for creating a misunderstanding between Tolga and Gonul. He justifies that Tolga is madly in love with Eda and that he is only helping two lovers. He then adds that maybe she has some personal problem with the idea and she screams that he should have committed suicide as it would put her at ease. He counters that she will bawl helplessly if that ever happens and she says that she won’t shed a single tear on his death. He teases her that she doesn’t have brains and she retorts that he doesn’t have a heart. He teases her that she loves him despite that and she rebuffs him saying that no matter how many times he repeats it she will still stick by the fact that she doesn’t love him. He says that she is foolish as the day she realises her love for him it will be too late as he will be long gone. She mocks him that she will keep a farewell party to celebrate his departure.   

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