A Love Story: Episode 17

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A Love Story Episode 17

Gonul returns home late and Tolga is upset with her for staying out late without informing him. Gonul taunts him that this is how she feels when he stays out without bothering to give her a call. He says sorry for raising his voice and then sits beside her to discuss something important. He says he has a favour to ask and she tells him to ask for anything without hesitation. He asks her to apologise to Eda. His request instantly angers Gonul and she flatly refuses to oblige him. He reminds her that she just told him that she is willing to do anything for his happiness and she tells him to not coax her to do something. Tolga emotionally blackmails her saying that if she loves him she will apologise to Eda but Gonul refuses to do so. He threatens to leave the house if she doesn’t do as he asks but it has no effect on Gonul. He then screams that her false ego is more important than her son and she angrily slaps him. Tolga immediately turns around and rushes to the door. He tells Gonul that he is leaving the house to never return back to her. Ceylan’s brother Selim, who has been eavesdropping on them, sees Tolga leave and informs his family about the big fight and the subsequent reaction of Tolga. Ceylan and Tahsin look upset hearing the news.

A Love Story Episode 17

Ceylan opens the main gate to Gonul’s house and is surprised to find Korkut visit them late at night. She asks him the reason he is there and he teases her that he missed her. (Aww….. I just love it when he flirts with her.) She asks him to leave right away and not return again. He smiles coquettishly before telling her that he is thers to meet Gonul who had called for him. Annoyed at his stupid joke she asks him to get lost and he teases her that someday she will care a lot for him.

Gonul looks distressed as she weeps in the living room. She tells Korkut that Tolga has left the house and Korkut smirks hearing the news. He asks her if it happened because of Eda and she reveals that Tolga wanted her to apologise to Eda and she lost her temper over it and he left after arguing with her. Holding his hand she pleads him to get Tolga back home as he always listens to Korkut. Her touch moves him and he is unable to speak properly. He stands looking puzzled as Gonul cries that she only wishes to have her son back home. In his mind, Korkut tells Gonul that this is just the beginning.

A Love Story Episode 17

Tolga is outside Eda’s house when he sees her talk to someone on the phone. Eda calls Korkut and invites him to her house. He tells her that he was out for some work but agrees to meet her briefly. Frustrated, Tolga goes up to Eda’s house and forcibly enters her house. Eda asks him to leave but he refuses to move without meeting her new boyfriend. She threatens to call the police and he asks her to do whatever she wants to. As she goes to call the police, he notes Eda’s new boyfriend’s number and calls him up.

Korkut reaches Eda’s house and notices Tolga’s car parked outside. He cautiously peeks into Eda’s house and sees Eda looking restlessly out of the window. Korkut then receives a call and is surprised to see the number on his phone. He waits for the caller to speak first and Tolga screams at him to speak up. Tolga tells him that he cannot take Eda away from him and that he is waiting for him at Eda’s house. Eda rushes to Tolga and disconnects the call. She then pushes Tolga out of her house. Her drives away in his car as Korkut ducks in his car to avoid being seen by Tolga.

A Love Story Episode 17

Gonul sees some old baby clothes as she wipes the tears from her face. In a flashback, we see a scene from 1986 where young Gonul was in the yard of her house. Holding a baby’s shirt in her hand she sobbed hard and then held a pocket knife to her wrist. She slit her wrist and started to collapse when a young Tahsin held her and quickly tied a piece of cloth around her wrist. He told her she shouldn’t be punishing herself for someone else’s mistake and she cried that she could not live this way and that a mother cannot live being separated from her children. He hugged her and assured her that everything will be fine soon. Back to present day, Gonul wipes away tears as she looks at the baby clothes.

A Love Story Episode 17

Gonul is at the balcony when Tahsin enters her room and Gonul ruefully states that he had asked her to move on which she did but today she has lost other child too. He tells her that she shouldn’t hold herself responsible for everything that happens to her and she states that he always says that same thing to her. He then leads her back to her room and giving her medicines, he asks her to rest.

As he leaves the room he reminisces the past and we see another flashback where a young Tahsin left two newborn kids outside an orphanage and returned to his car. In the car, an old lady instructed him to never mention this to Gonul who might lose her mind over it. In the present day, we see a regretful Tahsin admit that it was his sin and that he doesn’t want Gonul to suffer because of it. (Oh nooo… That means Gonul was never at fault and Korkut is punishing her for someone else’s evil act.)

A Love Story Episode 17

Korkut brings Tolga to his house and Tolga looks reluctant to enter a dingy looking house. Sitting outside Korkut’s house Tolga grouses about Eda hating him and throwing him out of her house as Korkut grins trying to console him. Tolga moans that even Ceylan left him and now he is all alone. Korkut remarks that he will truly be alone when his mother will abandon him. Korkut confirms if Gonul still dislikes Eda and Tolga answers in affirmative. Tolga complains that he thought his mother would do anything to see him happy but in reality, she doesn’t do anything. Korkut sternly states that being a mother isn’t easy and that it requires a lot of sacrifices that slowly erases a mother own identity. Tolga is surprised to hear Korkut speak to emotionally about a mother and guesses that he too must have left his mother and Korkut remarks that they are both sailing in the same boat.            

A Love Story Episode 17

Ceylan is by the pool when she sees Tahsin come out of Gonul’s house. Tahsin tells her that he had gone to give Gonul her medicines and she says that he could have asked Asiye or her to do it. Ceylan then tells him that she no longer thinks of Tolga and has also quit his job because her family’s happiness matters to her the most. And Tahsin looks happy at his daughter talking like a matured person. She says that he too would have done something like that for his family’s happiness and Tahsin admits that he most certainly would do anything to see them happy. She then asks him to stop seeing Gonul as it annoys Asiye and he screams at her to stop talking about it. She starts to say that she once saw them together and he cuts her mid sentence and yells at her for blabbering.

Korkut gets Tolga inside his house and puts him to sleep on the sofa. Gazing at Tolga, Korkut muses that he is seeking revenge on their mother as she abandoned Emine and him and now Tolga will abandon her. Sweet Emine cover’s Tolga with a blanket. (She is such a sweetheart.) He then reluctantly admits that he did not feel happy on seeing Gonul cry and suffer. For some reason, her pain fills his heart with a lot of pain.

A Love Story Episode 17

Korkut then walks up to Emine and asks her if they should forgive their mother who abandoned them leading them to a life of misery and sadness. And Emine spontaneously replies that she isn’t sad but very happy in life as she has Umut, Hakki baba and now Korkut. She says that Korkut brought her balloons, chocolates and they even have a TV now which is why she is very content with her life. Korkut is moved seeing Emine seek happiness in simple things in life and holding her in an embrace he tells her that she is very nice and she gladly returns his compliment.

A Love Story Episode 17

Next morning, Asiye is pleasantly surprised to see Ceylan prepare shwarmas. She then gives her some tips to fold the roll properly so it holds the filling easily without spilling it. Ceylan tastes the filling and praises herself for preparing good food and Asiye asks her if she can taste the sugar in it and Ceylan answers that this time she hardly put any sugar. Asiye asks her about ‘this time’ and if she had prepared shwarmas before and Ceylan hesitantly replies that she has made stuffed capsicum once before and that didn’t turn out well so she threw it.

Ceylan takes coffee for Gonul who still looks distressed. Gonul asks her if she heard from Tolga and Ceylan reminds her that she had asked her to stay away from Tolga which is why she hasn’t been talking to him. Gonul tells her that Tolga is at Korkut’s house. Ceylan assures her that Korkut’s family is good and that Korkut will take good care of Tolga.

A Love Story Episode 17

Umut is clicking pictures of Tolga sleeping on the couch and Korkut shoos him away asking him to go to school on time. Korkut asks Tolga to freshen up and have something but Tolga says he doesn’t feel like eating anything. Tolga then tells him that he just wants to meet Eda’s boyfriend, Ali to get things straight. Korkut asks him how he plans to find Ali and Tolga says he will call him up and he does so in front of Korkut but the number is switched off. Korkut advises him to give up on finding Ali and Tolga says that he won’t let Ali take Eda away from him. He then thanks, Korkut and leaves.

On his way out, Tolga calls Ceylan who is on her way to Korkut’s house. He asks her to tell him everything she knows about Eda’s new boyfriend. Ceylan denies knowing anything about him but Tolga screams at her for lying. She tells him that she has no reason to hide information from him and that she is his friend first then Eda’s. She scolds him for speaking rudely before hanging up on him.  

A Love Story Episode 17

Korkut bumps into Ceylan outside his house and she tells him she is there to meet Umut and Emine. He grabs the bag in her hand and his face lights up on seeing shwarmas in it. She clears the air saying that the shwarmas are for Umut and Emine, not for him. But Korkut doesn’t buy her story and says that he knows the shwarmas are for him. And she asks him the reason why he feels so and he replies that because he knows she loves him. She reminds him that he has come from Germany for her and that he loves her. He then grabs her hand and asks her to accompany him to some place and they both leave hurriedly.

A Love Story Episode 17

In the boat, Korkut confesses of visiting an island for the first time and Ceylan tells him that she has been to the island several times before with her family where they would have a lot of fun. She suddenly starts feeling cold and Korkut covers her with his jacket. Ceylan smiles and tells him that sometimes he surprises her by behaving well with her. Korkut’s face splits into a wide naughty smile as he pulls Ceylan close to him saying that he knows of other ways to keep her warm. She pushes him away and hands his jacket back to him, reprimanding him for his behaviour.

A Love Story Episode 17

At the market, Ceylan stops at a stall and the stall owner tells her that she has a lot of pretty hand-made bracelets. Korkut buys one bracelet and Ceylan tells him that Emine will love the bracelet. But Korkut corrects her saying that he purchased it for her. She says she’d rather jump in the sea than take something from him and he cracks up hearing her remark. She smiles and tells him that she too knows dialogues. (I guess it must be a famous dialogue of a Turkish movie.) She adds that no girl would ever want to be with him and he says that she has no idea how such a behaviour makes men even more eager to chase her. She says that she fails to understand what makes men so overconfident and he laughs calling her a ‘duffer’.

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