A Love Story: Episode 19

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A Love Story Episode 19

Seeing Gonul’s love and affection for Tolga, Korkut feels hurt and betrayed. He starts to leave the house when he decides to call Ceylan. He asks Ceylan for a hug and she scolds him for being up to another new drama of his. He asks her to come to the main gate and she refuses saying her father will not like it and it will create problems for her. But he is adamant and she finally agrees to meet him briefly.  

When Ceylan meets Korkut, she complains of him wreaking a havoc in her life and he regretfully admits to causing her harm unintentionally. Ceylan looks concerned as tears pool in Korkut’s eyes.

Looking into her eyes he says, “I had no reason to live. But whenever I look into your eyes, I start living again. It feels like my life has got a new direction. I am telling you this for the first and last time, please forgive me. I have just one request. Don’t forget me.” He then takes out a bracelet from his pocket and ties it around her wrist before planting a soft kiss on her forehead. Korkut cries on his way out while Ceylan sits by the pool clutching her bracelet, trying to grasp what happened between Korkut and her. 

 A Love Story Episode 19

Tahsin sees Ceylan by the pool and gruffly asks for Korkut’s number. She tries to pacify him by saying that Korkut is a good guy but he is not interested in listening to her explanation.

Korkut then meets the two goons who accidentally hit Tolga and beats them up screaming that the man they hit is his brother while they plead him to forgive them. 

Gonul is grateful for having Korkut in their life as he looks after Tolga like an elder brother and Tolga cannot agree any less. Gonul then offers to talk to Eda for Tolga’s sake and he jumps with joy hearing of her decision. 

A Love Story Episode 19

Korkut tells Hakki that Tahsin has discovered his true identity and will surely tell Gonul about him. He then tells him that he had gone with Tolga to the police station to file a case against Eda’s boyfriend i.e. himself. Hakki looks worried and asks him about his next move and Korkut says he has no option but to wait for Gonul’s call. He adds that it will be good if the truth comes out in the open. He reminiscences the good time he had with Gonul when they dined together as that was the first time he saw love in Gonul’s eyes for him. He says that he forgot about everything when he was with her and felt like losing himself to his mother’s love.

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A Love Story Episode 19

Korkut stares at his phone anticipating Gonul’s call. However, his phone is dead silent so he surmises that since she didn’t call him last night there is no chance she will call him at all. He flips the table in anger as he concludes that Gonul doesn’t care for him. Hakki consoles Korkut saying that the driver must have refrained from divulging anything to Gonul which is why she never called him. Just then he gets a call from a private number. On answering the call, he hears Tahsin speak on the other end who asks to meet him in two hours near the beach café.

The doorbell to Eda’s house buzzes and Eda is surprised to find policemen waiting to talk to her. They ask her to accompany them to the police station as they need to record her statement.

Korkut is lost in thoughts at the breakfast table when Ceylan pays him a visit and he just cannot stop grinning to himself. She exchanges pleasantries with Hakki as she sees him for the first time and asks to talk to Korkut privately outside. She tells Korkut to beware of her father as he took his number from her. She suggests he switch off his phone for a few days, not roam out of home and avoid visiting her since her father is hot-headed and she wants to keep him safe. He says he is surprised to see her worry for him and she retorts that she is doing so as a fellow human being. But he counters that she is trying to help him because somewhere deep inside she feels for him. She chides him for flirting with her and he teases her to not contain her love as it will lead to more irritation but she leaves in a huff. 

A Love Story Episode 19

Emine, who has been privy to Korkut and Ceylan’s tiff, hands him his jacket and forces him to chase after Ceylan and makeup with her. Korkut sees Ceylan at the bus stop and hugs her from behind. She asks him to leave her and he says he’ll do so only if she agrees to spend a whole day with him for one last time. As she contemplates he promises to do whatever she asks him to and even switches his phone off to prove it. But she does not look convinced, so he grabs her arm and forces her to leave with him. She resists at first but then ends up following him. We then see Tahsin waiting at the beach café but we know Korkut wouldn’t be meeting him as he is out with Ceylan. 

A Love Story Episode 19Korkut and Ceylan are in his car and Ceylan finds it hard to believe that Korkut owns a luxurious car so he lies that it is his friend’s car. But Ceylan is suspicious of that too as she teases him for finding friends too soon in a new place and he repeats that he makes friends easily as he is a friendly guy and she once again dismisses him.

Tolga sits awkwardly at the police station as he makes a feeble attempt at trying to hide his face behind his lifted collars. He perks up on seeing Eda and she asks the policemen to proceed as she has a word with Tolga. He tells Eda that Ali had his men attack him which is why she has been called there to record her statement. He moves closer to Eda and asks her to tell the police everything she knows about Ali and she firmly refuses to oblige and instead says that he will tell the police that Tolga is lying as he is jealous of Ali. Tolga tries to warn her against Ali but she pays no heed to him. He screams that she has become blind in love and she exasperatedly counters that Tolga is the one who is blind as he never realised that Ceylan loves him whereas he is busy trying to woo her. Tolga looks at her with his mouth agape as he is stunned to hear about Ceylan’s feelings for him.

A Love Story Episode 19Ceylan and Korkut are strolling at a beach when Korkut boasts that he can mesmerize a woman with his loving talks and she asks him for an example. He looks into her eyes and says,

“Can you see the ocean? I wish it could peek into your eyes so it would know how ordinary it is before the depth of your eyes. These waves take a lot of pride for being at ease after hitting the rocks but I feel the same ease when I am with you. You complete me. I was lost in the crowd of this world like just another regular guy. But from the time I have met you, I feel complete, Ceylan.”

Ceylan looks captivated by his words and as he moves closer to kiss her, her phone buzzes in his pocket. It’s Tolga’s call who asks to meet Ceylan urgently. She says she is out but he insists on meeting her right away and she invites him to the beach which angers Korkut. 

A Love Story Episode 19Korkut starts walking away angrily as Ceylan broke her promise of spending the whole day with him and Ceylan runs after him. He sulks sitting at the beach and she tries to make him talk but he doesn’t relent. She then rises and starts walking towards the water threatening to kill herself but Korkut looks unfazed. She then starts splashing water on him and he tries to stop her. She starts running away from him as he chases after her.

Ceylan then stumbles on the beach as Korkut falls over her. Running his hand lovingly over her hair, Korkut is almost on the verge of kissing Ceylan when Tolga rudely interrupts them. (Damn you Tolga!! Couldn’t you see they were having a moment? What the hell is your problem? Despite seeing this do you still feel Ceylan loves you? Dude, you are really foolish. Or maybe you are too smart.) Embarrassed, Ceylan clarifies that Korkut and she had tripped accidentally. She says that she is hungry and asks Tolga to join her at the restaurant nearby.    

A Love Story Episode 19Tired of waiting for Korkut at the restaurant, Tahsin returns home where he asks Gonul for Korkut’s address saying that he doesn’t like Korkut meeting Ceylan and he wants to talk to him about it. Gonul vouches for Korkut saying that he is a good guy and that he has saved Tolga on several occasions. Tahsin still looks unconvinced and she repeats that there is nothing to fear as Korkut is indeed a good guy.

Korkut and Tolga are alone at their table as Ceylan leaves to wash her hands. Tolga tells Korkut that he got to know from Eda that Ceylan loves him. Korkut squirms in his seat as Tolga tells him that he is aware of the fact that Korkut came to Istanbul for Ceylan but whatever Eda told him has him befuddled and wants to talk to Ceylan privately.


A Love Story Episode 19Ceylan returns from the restroom and asks for Korkut whom she saw heading outside and Tolga tells her that he left so they could have a chat privately. Ceylan fidgets with the knife as she nervously asks Tolga about the point of discussion. Tolga gets straight to the point and asks her if she loves him. Caught off guard, the knife slips off Ceylan’s hand as she struggles to find an answer. She denies being in love with him as she apprehensively glances at Korkut who is observing her from outside the restaurant.

Tolga then places his hand over Ceylan’s heart and tells her that had she not been in love with him, her heart wouldn’t be pounding as hard as it is. Seeing this Korkut immediately walks in and informs them that he just received a call and will have to leave to attend some urgent work. Seizing the opportunity, Ceylan instantly leaps up to leave with Korkut. Tolga rises from his chair and offers to drop her but she insists on leaving with Korkut. Grabbing Ceylan by her wrist, Korkut repeats that Ceylan wants to leave with him and they both leave the restaurant hurriedly.

While cleaning the yard, Asiye finds the ring Korkut accidentally dropped while being confronted by Tahsin.

  A Love Story Episode 19

Ceylan thanks Korkut for lying about the call and saving her from the awkward situation she was in. However, Korkut scolds her that he won’t always be there to save her and that it is time she stops acting foolishly. She is surprised at his rude behaviour and he asks her if she loves Tolga.

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