A Love Story: Episode 2

Show Title: A Love Story

Country: Turkey

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 8 pm


A Love Story                      

Written Update: Episode 2

A Love Story Episode 2

Ceylan walks alone on the streets with her luggage when a taxi stops in front of her and she gets in to go to the airport. On a deserted lane, the taxi driver drags her out of the cab and takes off with her luggage. Ceylan is left shaken not knowing what to do next.

She nervously scans the streets and bumps into a man who misbehaves with her. She tries to run away from him and stumbles on the road and starts crying. Korkut stops next to her and asks her if she is Italian. She says she is Turkish and he snorts saying he is having a bad day meeting Turks. Realising that he is Turkish she asks him to listen to her but she snubs her and walks away. She then follows him into a bar.


A Love Story Episode 2

Korkut is at the bar drinking and Ceylan asks him to lend her some money so she can call her friends. He ignores her and she pleads to help her being a fellow Turkish. She promises to pay him back but he only pushes his glass to her and she says she doesn’t want it but then chugs it as he doesn’t respond to her. She sits on the stool beside him and begs him to help her but he looks unmoved by her pleas. She then passes out as Korkut receives a call from Yilmaz.


A Love Story Episode 2

Yilmaz asks Korkut to meet him as he wants to have a chat with him. Korkut looks over Ceylan before walking out of the bar.

Yilmaz tells Korkut that he was unaware of his liking for Arsala and that it is too late now to do anything as he will be marrying her soon and asks him to not interfere. Korkut ripostes that Arsala loves him and that she is marrying Yilmaz only for his wealth. Yilmaz backhands Kokut with a blow and Korkut returns with a punch to his face. Korkut says that Arsala is his and that he will never leave her. Infuriated, Yilmaz pulls out a gun and holds it in front of Korkut. Unfazed, Korkut holds his wrist and directs the gun to his heart. Yilmaz then asks him to buzz off before things go out of hand.

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A Love Story Episode 2

Korkut goes to his regular hangout and sees clothes strewn across the floor. He chances upon a passport that happens to belong to Ceylan.

At the bar, two men accost Ceylan and try to molest her when Korkut walks in and punches one of the two men before leaving the bar with Ceylan. Ceylan and Korkut run as the two men chase them. They lose the two men after getting in an underground subway.


A Love Story Episode 2

Ceylan continues to tag along Korkut who then goes to a strange hangout full of men. He wakes up a man sleeping against a pavement and sleeps in his place. Confused, Ceylan asks Korkut if he intends to sleep on the street. She tries to leave the place but is approached by some men and she runs back to Korkut requesting him to leave her in a safe place. But Korkut appears to be in deep slumber to pay attention to her. The rowdy men climb up the wall and ask Korkut if he is done with the girl and Korkut asks them to back off. They then leave Korkut and Ceylan alone. Frightened and tired Ceylan sleeps behind Korkut and begs God to help her. Korkut throws his arms around her and she stops him saying that she isn’t a fast girl that she will kill him if he tries to get any closer. He sneers that if she doesn’t want to die of cold she better keep quiet and he pulls her closer to him. (Something like this can look romantic ONLY on TV never in real life.)

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A Love Story Episode 2

Eda is startled to wake up in Tolga’s arms. (Isn’t Tolga cute? Damn! Why do I always fall for the second-lead of a drama.) He assures her that nothing happened between them and she retorts that no matter how drunk she is she can never sleep with him. Hurt by her remark, Tolga tells her that she enjoys pushing him away without caring for his feelings and she dismisses his comment saying she wants to take a shower. He grabs her arm and proposes to her and she says that she puts up with him only for Ceylan’s sake as she is the only friend she has. She tells him that Ceylan considers him as her family and that he should be with someone like Ceylan and not her. He says Ceylan only wishes to see him happy and that only Eda can make him happy. Eda bluntly rejects him and goes to take a shower.


A Love Story Episode 2

From the glass reflection Eda sees Tolga cross the balcony and runs to stop him. She requests him to come back in and he questions her that if she doesn’t like him then why does she care. She pleads him to come back in and he asks for something in return and she offers to hug him. Tolga comes back in and Eda fulfills her promise. She then says that she warned him but he just doesn’t budge and that he cannot blame her for whatever happens going forward and he pulls her in for a kiss.


Ceylan wakes up alone to find a blanket on her and her belongings, with passport and money, by her side. In her bag, she finds a note by Korkut that states – ‘You are too innocent and never change yourself for anyone’. Meanwhile, Tolga has Ceylan’s room opened with the help of the hotel staff and finds her note indicating that she had to leave to attend some important matter.

In Istanbul, Ceylan makes a carrot cake for Tolga but he looks disinterested in talking to her. She asks him his reason for sulking and he says he’s angry at her for leaving Germany without informing him. She apologises to him and tells her that he will forgive her only if her cake is tasty and she excitedly runs to get the cake.


A Love Story Episode 2

In Germany, Arsala admires the dress Yilmaz sent for their engagement and her brother asks her the reason why she wants to marry Yilmaz. She replies that Yilmaz asked her hand in marriage from her dad and he rubbishes her claim saying that she must’ve done something shameful which is why they are making a haste to get married. Kasim walks in the room hearing the two fight and tells his son that they are fortunate for having Yilmaz marry Arsala and that now they will easily be able to pay off all their debts. Unable to buy the unconvincing story Arsala’s brother leaves to go to their restaurant as his father warns him from doing anything wrong at Arasala’s engagement.

Korkut is shaving when he reminiscence some sweet moments he spent with Arsala as everything around him seems to remind him of her.


A Love Story Episode 2

Korkut arrives at Arsala’s engagement venue and walks straight into Arsala’s room where she is all alone. He demands to talk to her and she hesitatingly talks to him from behind a curtain. He ruefully tells her that he ran out of shwarma and asks her to make some for him. She tells him that she is getting engaged today and she can’t make him anything. He tries to drag her out of the room and take her home to make shwarma for him but she resists and tells him to buy some from a restaurant. He insists on having shwarmas made by her and drags her out of the room and she screams at him to let her go. He then forcefully pushes her in his car before driving away with her.

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A Love Story Episode 2

Arsala tells Korkut that Yilmaz is a dangerous man and that he won’t spare him and Korkut suggests they run away to Turkey and start afresh. She begs him to forget whatever happened between them but he pays no heed to her as he drives on till they reach the edge of a cliff. He tells her that they should die together since they can’t live together and she screams that she loves Yilmaz and not him.

Yilmaz yells at his security staff for not doing anything as a man strode away with his to-be wife right before their eyes. He orders them to find Korkut. Just then, Korkut’s car comes to a screeching halt before him.


A Love Story Episode 2

Korkut steps out of the car and brings Arsala to Yilmaz. Arsala runs to Yilmaz and tells him that they didn’t do anything wrong and that Korkut has realised his mistake. She says the day is special for them and requests him to not get into a fight. Glaring at Korkut, Yilmaz walks away with Arsala.

Arsala and Yilmaz exchange rings as Korkut despondently witnesses the ceremony.


A Love Story Episode 2

Korkut turns to leave when he sees a man open the door and shoot Yilmaz. Korkut runs to shield Arsala when he is hit by a bullet and he collapses in her arms. Arsala holds Korkut and Yilmaz notices the pain and concern in her eyes. She cries looking at Korkut who only smiles back at her.

At Tolga’s concert, he invites his mother and famous singer, Gonul Karanli on stage to sing a song for everyone. She gladly steps down from the balcony and sings a song holding Tolga’s hand. As her song plays in the background, we see Korkut on a stretcher as Arsala lies sprawled across his chest.         


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