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A Love Story Episode 20Korkut asks Ceylan if she loves Tolga and as she tries to evade his question he increases the speed of the car. She screams at him to reduce the speed but he only repeats his questions. She yells that she doesn’t know if she loves Tolga or not. He eventually halts his car and Ceylan gets out cussing at him as he drives on leaving her stranded on the road.

Tahsin visits Korkut’s home looking for him and is surprised to be back to the same place where he had been before when he was looking for Emine. He knocks on the gate and Emine answers it. He asks Emine for Korkut and she says he isn’t home and introduces herself as his sister. He asks her if she is Emine and she answers affirmatively. On asking Korkut’s whereabouts, Emine tells him that he is out trying to make up with Ceylan.


A Love Story Episode 20Ceylan receives as a call from Tahsin who asks her where she is and she lies that she is with Eda. He scolds her for lying and tells her that he knows she is out with Korkut and orders her to come home right away. Tense, Ceylan starts looking for a cab when she sees Korkut’s car approaching. He asks her to get in and she firmly refuses. Blocking her way with his car, he gets out and drags her to his car forcing her to sit inside. She gets off his car, throws her bag on the ground and sits on the road refusing to go anywhere with him. Korkut then sits beside her refusing to leave without her. She stretches her leg and Korkut copies her which brings a smile on her face but she quickly suppresses it.

Asiye brings Gonul tea and hands over the ring she found while cleaning their yard. The ring brings back memories and in a flashback scene, we see a young Gonul look excited on receiving a couple’s ring from Tahsin. She reads out the encryption ‘This heart will always carry your name’ and tells Tahsin that when ‘he’ comes to know she is pregnant he will marry her. But Tahsin remarks that he is already married and that she shouldn’t expect much from him. Gonul sides her boyfriend saying that he loves her and will leave his wife to marry her but the look of uncertainty on Tahsin’s face implies something else.


A Love Story Episode 20Korkut finally confesses that he said those things out of jealousy. A hint of a smile tugs on Ceylan’s lips and she asks him if he loves her that much but he counter questions her asking who does she love and she rises in a huff and sits in his car.

Bemused and upset, Gonul calls Tahsin and asks him to return home soon as she wishes to discuss the ring with him.

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A Love Story Episode 20In the car, Ceylan notices that Korkut isn’t wearing the ring around his neck. He goes berserk on realising that he has lost his mother’s ring and almost loses control of the car. Ceylan asks him to calm down and suggests they go back to the beach to look for it and he takes a U-turn.

Tahsin rushes to Gonul who shows him the ring and asks about it. She tells him that she had discarded the ring long back, then how did it come in her house again. He lies that he had kept it with him all these years. She reprimands him for keeping her rings as she had gotten rid of those unpleasant memories with great difficulty but the ring brought it all back to her again. She then screams at him to leave her house and discard the ring. But she changes her mind and asks him to leave the ring with her. 


A Love Story Episode 20As Korkut drops Ceylan home she consoles him saying that the ring could probably be at his home and Emine must have kept it safely. She knows he is upset over losing his ring but she cannot stop herself from saying that she had a good day with him. He grins and says he too had a great time with her. She then asks him if he was serious about never meeting again and he says he probably was and she laughs saying that she will never really be able to understand him.


A Love Story Episode 20Tahsin is waiting for Ceylan to return. She nervously walks up to him and he screams at her for returning home late and meeting Korkut despite his warning. He drags Ceylan home and commands Asiye to never allow Ceylan out of the house. Ceylan tries to convince Tahsin of Korkut’s good nature and tells him that she will not stop meeting him. Tahsin loses his temper and advances to hit her but is blocked by Asiye who ends up hurting her head after being shoved aside by Tahsin. Tahsin leaves the room while Ceylan tends to her mother.  


A Love Story Episode 20Tolga goes through some old pictures as Eda’s words keep ringing in his head. Next morning, Eda calls Ceylan and tells her that she was irritated on Tolga and happened to blurt out that she loves him. Disconcerted by Eda’s confession Ceylan sits by the pool holding her head in frustration when Tolga walks up to her holding their old pictures. He tells her that he spent the night seeing their old pictures and hands her a picture where they are posing together in their childhood. He asks her if she still loves him and she starts to leave but he holds her arm demanding an answer from her. He goes on to explain that they have grown together and it isn’t right for her to encourage such feeling for him. He asks her if Eda broke up with him for her sake. Shocked by his accusation Ceylan calls him a selfish person. He says that despite people warning him against her he always defended her but now he has no answer to them as he wasn’t aware that Ceylan harboured such feelings for him. Humiliated, Ceylan screams at him that she isn’t his assistant anymore and that she now realised that she was never even a friend to him. She then leaves with tears in her eyes and breaks down the moment she is out of the main gate.


A Love Story Episode 20Korkut’s phone buzzes but he is not at home to receive the call. Umut answers the call and Eda is surprised to hear a little boy’s voice on the phone. She asks if it is Ali’s number and Umut tells her she got the wrong number as it is his uncle’s phone. Korkut arrives at that very moment and seizes the phone from Umut. Eda asks him about the little boy and Korkut brushes it off saying she has had some misunderstanding and that he will be there to meet her soon.

Ece finds a distressed Ceylan somewhere close to the house and she asks her if she is upset about dad not allowing her to meet Korkut. Ceylan opens up to her saying that she thought she was in love with Tolga as she would be thinking about him the whole day but now things are not like that. She admits that when she was with Tolga it would only be about him, his clothes, his rehearsals, his problems while she had no importance in his life. But it isn’t the same with Korkut. She confesses that Korkut loves her a lot and can do anything for her. Ece tells her that she is clearly in love with Korkut and something strikes Ceylan. She asks Ece to fetch her bag from her room as she wishes to meet Korkut.  


A Love Story Episode 20Korkut visits Eda at her home and tells her that they have to break up as he doesn’t love her. Eda doesn’t not want to believe him and holds him saying she will never let him go. He gently pushes her away and tells her that he is in love with someone else and she concludes that this was all a plan and that he was sent by Tolga to teach her a lesson. He refutes her claim and she repeats that Tolga sent him so she knows how it feels to lose a lover. Korkut leaves in a haste and she screams after him saying that he will have to pay for this.

 A Love Story Episode 20Ceylan reaches Korkut’s home looking for him and Emine tells her that Korkut left after a girl called for him. Ceylan asks Emine about the girl and she tells her that she doesn’t know much about the girl as the call was answered by Umut.

Gazing at the ring, Gonul recalls the day she cried inconsolably on discovering that she had lost her baby at birth.


A Love Story Episode 20Tears flow down Gonul cheeks and she feels flustered on seeing Korkut standing right in front of her. Korkut asks her if she is worried over Tolga and addressing him as ‘son’ she invites him to sit beside her. She tells him that she was reminded of an old incident and he is shocked to see his ring in her hand. She changes the topic and asks him if he was there to see Tolga and he tells her that he is supposed to meet Tahsin. Gonul explains that Tahsin is a father of a girl which is why he will always be protective of her. She tells him that she has no problem of his relationship with Ceylan and that she is even willing to talk to Tahsin for him. With his eyes still glued to his ring in her hands he asks her if she will be by his side when he talks to Tahsin about Ceylan and she readily agrees.

A Love Story Episode 20Despite Tahsin’s reluctance, Korkut adamantly wants to have a discussion in Gonul’s presence. Tahsin sternly tells him that he doesn’t like Korkut and would prefer him maintaining distance from his daughter. Gonul intervenes saying that Korkut is a good boy but Tahsin opposes saying that he has no clue who Korkut really is and what his intentions are. Korkut answers him that he will soon find out who he really is and Tahsin raises his eyebrows in sheer surprise.


A Love Story Episode 20Ceylan calls Korkut but her call goes unanswered. She surmises that he will avoid her as he is with another woman. Running her hands lovingly over Ceylan’s hair Emine says that Korkut loves her a lot. Ceylan asks her if Korkut said so and Emine replies that he did not clearly say so but it is evident from the way he looks at her. Ceylan still looks disturbed and Emine emphasises that Korkut really loves her.


A Love Story Episode 20Narrating his life story, Korkut tells Gonul and Tahsin that he was abandoned by his birth mother and was adopted by a family from an orphanage who then took him to Germany. After his adoptive parents passed away in a road accident, he grew up on the streets. Gonul gasps in horror on hearing this while Tahsin seems to slowly absorb his story. Tahsin then asks about Korkut’s sister and Korkut asks him how he knows of her. Tahsin replies that Korkut had mentioned her and Korkut quickly clarifies that he never spoke of his sister. Korkut tells Tahsin that since he knows a lot about him, it’s better he tells him whatever he knows. Tahsin changes the topic and asks him what he wants from Ceylan and Korkut states that he only wishes to see Ceylan happy. Tahsin rises and says that only time will tell what kind of person Korkut is in reality and leaves as Korkut smirks after him. His smile, however, vanishes when he looks at the ring in Gonul’s hand.  

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