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A Love Story Episode 21Sitting outside his house, Korkut recalls the time when his adoptive father pushed him out in the rain only because he refused to hand him the ring which was the only link to his biological parents. He remembers crying for his mother to come rescue him as he cried in the rain.

As Ceylan steps out to leave she sees Korkut sitting outside his house. She walks up to him and says she had been waiting for him and even called him but he didn’t answer even once. He says he was busy and she asks if he was busy with his girlfriend. He looks at her surprised and she elucidates about the girl who calls him frequently and he clarifies that the girl is not his girlfriend and she looks slightly relieved. 


A Love Story Episode 21Korkut looks morose and she asks him what the matter is. He looks at her and asks her to look after Emine and Umut in his absence. She agrees to do so and asks what makes him say such a thing. He despondently replies that he too has no idea about it and has been mulling over for hours. He states that he has never really been happy in life and each time he feels things are getting better it all turns out to be a dream. He dispiritedly adds that he has never gained anything in the 26 years of his life, nobody wants him and nobody loves him.

Leaning on Korkut’s shoulders, Ceylan says that she loves him and will always do so as Korkut’s eyes widen in shock. She says that together they will create a world of their own and that she will never leave him alone, even if asks her to do so. Her sincere confession moves him and he leans in to kiss her. (If you too are frustrated with Zee for editing a smoldering hot kiss then let me tell you, you are not alone. And I have found the unedited version on YouTube. You can watch it from 5:25 onwards. The tear drop trickling down Korkut’s face makes the kiss so agonisingly romantic. Enjoy 🙂 ) 


A Love Story Episode 21But the very next moment he starts snickering and she smiles asking what makes him laugh. Calling her a ‘duffer’ he remarks that despite explaining several times she still hasn’t understood a man’s nature. She looks confused and he explains that he had come to Istanbul looking for his sister and not for her. She incredulously asks him if has been lying about loving her all this while and he answers that it wasn’t all a lie but a lesson for her so next time she doesn’t fall for a man’s sweet talk. He says that he has no interest in love as he keeps wandering from one place to another. Traumatised by his revelation, Ceylan rises to leave and sobs her way out.

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A Love Story Episode 21With a piece of music playing in the background we see Ceylan wail on the road as Korkut silently looks at her from a distance feeling pained to see her distressed. He waits till she gets into a public van. After she leaves he deliberately picks a fight with two men who beat him black and blue and leave him bleeding at the bus stop. 


A Love Story Episode 21Tahsin rebukes Ceylan for meeting Korkut. She tries to tell him something but he expresses amazement at Korkut’s audacity for meeting Ceylan despite being warned against it. Astonished, Ceylan asks him of Korkut agreed to Tahsin’s demands but Tahsin only reprimands her for going against his wishes. Ceylan, however, looks relieved to know that Korkut probably lied to her for Tahsin’s sake. She returns to her room shedding tears of joy as she realises that Korkut said those mean words only because her father had asked him to break up with her. 


A Love Story Episode 21Emine is by the window when she sees Korkut stagger his way home. Hakki baba offers to apply some medicine to his wounds and Korkut refrains him from doing so saying that he is only punishing himself as the physical pain he is experiencing is nothing compared to the pain he has inflicted on Ceylan. He helplessly admits to Hakki that he has fallen in love with Ceylan and that the more he tries to stay away from her, the more he is drawn towards her. Hakki rejoices the fact that Korkut has found love but Korkut says that it’s too late as his heart if filled with hatred for his mother and he is afraid that Ceylan’s love might burn with the anger for his mother.

Hakki baba advices him to get rid of the hatred in his heart and accept the love in his life. Korkut regretfully admits that Ceylan is not his first but last love and he doesn’t want to ruin her life. Hakki tells him not to lose hope and that everything will be fine but Korkut does not looked convinced. Emine quietly pulls the curtains as she thoughtfully retracts to her room.

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A Love Story Episode 21Gazing at the ring, Gonul is reminded of an old incident and in a flashback scene we see a young Gonul gleefully hand her boyfriend couple rings for their marriage telling him that she is pregnant. The man is furious on hearing the news and orders her to abort the baby. When Gonul refuses he holds a gun to her temple and threatens to shoot. She stands unfazed by his threat and he ends up shooting multiple rounds at the decorative plates hanging on the wall as Gonul quivers with each shot. Back to present day, Gonul looks at her picture with Tolga feeling grateful for having him in her life. 


A Love Story Episode 21Korkut receives a call from Ceylan but doesn’t answer it. He then receives a text message from her saying that, ‘You said those mean things because of my father. I know you were lying’. Hakki baba tells Korkut that he is a good man and needs love in his life but Korkut counters him saying that he is dying. He tells Hakki that he is dying a slow death owing to the bullet that is stuck in his head that doctors were unable to extract which is why he doesn’t want to ruin Ceylan’s life by committing to her despite knowing that he can die anytime. Hakki baba, however, has an optimistic view on his problem as he motivates him to find a way to treat the problem so he can live longer with Emine, Umut, and Ceylan. Hakki’s words stir something within Korkut and he is now determined to find a way to live longer.     


A Love Story Episode 21Next morning, Asiye forces Ceylan to join her in the cleaning of Tolga’s house as leaving Ceylan without any work leads to disasters. Emine asks Umut for Ceylan’s contact number saying that Korkut is sad and only Ceylan can make him happy. We then see Korkut undergo an MRI scan. 


A Love Story Episode 21Asiye instructs Ceylan the chores she has to complete but Ceylan looks distracted by her phone so Asiye snatches the phone away from her so she can pay attention to the work at hand. As the mother and daughter argue Tolga walks in and Ceylan gets back to cleaning trying to avoid him. Tolga confronts her with their previous day discussion and Ceylan clearly states that she doesn’t love him as she is in love with someone else. Tolga guesses she loves Korkut and she admits to it.

We then see Korkut walking on the street and in a voiceover, we hear the doctor tell him that surgery is possible for him but the chances of him surviving are really slim. Korkut, however, tells the doctor that he wishes to give life a second chance and will go for the surgery anyway. He stops at a flower stall eyeing the bouquets with a new zeal. 

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A Love Story Episode 21Unable to digest Ceylan’s love story, Tolga asks her how she suddenly fell for Korkut when she was so firmly against his proposal. But before Ceylan can answer Gonul walks in with shopping bags in her hand. She asks Ceylan to leave some of the bags in Tolga’s and her room respectively. Pointing out to the remaining bags she tells Ceylan that those bags are for Korkut. Tolga clearly looks unhappy that Gonul shopped for Korkut and Gonul tells him that Korkut will soon become a part of their family and they might have to prepare for an engagement party. Tolga looks irritated which does not go unnoticed and she says she knows that he can’t share Ceylan with anyone. Tolga denies it and she tells him that it’s good that he isn’t possessive as everyone has the right to select their life-partner. 


A Love Story Episode 21Ceylan cleans the windows cribbing about having too much work oblivious to Korkut who is secretly observing her smiling at her foul mood. She is startled by his sudden ‘good morning’ and he presents her a bouquet of white flowers apologising for the previous night. She shoves away the flowers and asks him if he isn’t afraid of her father and he replies that he isn’t afraid of anyone anymore. She reminds him of all mean stuff he said to her last night and he pulls her in for a kiss as Tolga looks over them. He tells her that he loves her a lot and cannot live without her. He presents her the bouquet once again and this time she accepts it with a smile on her face. (Another kiss edited? Watch it here on YouTube from 30:35 onwards) 


A Love Story Episode 21Clearly feeling jealous, Tolga orders Korkut to fetch some documents for him from his manager Moko. Korkut agrees to go but Tolga insists that he leaves right away as he intends to sign the documents today itself and Korkut quickly gets going.

On his way out, Korkut sees Tahsin and tells him that he loves Ceylan a lot. Tahsin turns to leave but Korkut holds his arms and begs him to give him a chance. Korkut tells him that he will marry Ceylan only with his approval. Tahsin rudely says ‘dream on’ and Korkut replies that his dream will certainly come true and that Tahsin himself will one day approve of it.

Eda is at her manager Moko’s office to apologise for her bad behaviour when Korkut spots her and quickly hides in a room. He calls her and asks to meet in an hour. Eda quickly picks her back and rushes to meet him.

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