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A Love Story Episode 22Korkut heaves a sigh of relief after seeing Eda leave the building. He comes out of hiding and heads towards Tolga’s agent’s cabin.

In her room, Ceylan admires the flowers Korkut gifted her and wonders what white roses symbolise when her mother Asiye comes barging in and questions her about the flowers. She tries to get her hands on the flowers to throw them away when Ceylan stops her from doing so. Asiye asks her if she knows anything about Korkut’s family background and Ceylan replies that Korkut grew up in an orphanage. Asiye gets paranoid hearing this detail about Korkut and swears to never permit Ceylan’s marriage to a boy who has no family background. (Asiye may not be fully right but she isn’t wrong either. How much does Ceylan know about Korkut that she is willing to marry him? What if he is a criminal on the lose? What if he is murder accused? She doesn’t know a thing about his past and is blindly claiming to have fallen for him. Sometimes, some people tend to prove that love and stupidity can be synonyms.) 


A Love Story Episode 22 Korkut brings Tolga the document he asked for and is ready to leave when Tolga tells him that he shouldn’t play with Ceylan’s feelings. Korkut states that his feelings for Ceylan are genuine and defiantly adds that Tolga shouldn’t interfere in their matters.

As Tolga walks away Asiye calls out to Korkut and asks to speak with him. She asks Korkut if he would ever allow his daughter to marry an orphan whose has no clue of his family background. She says she knows it isn’t his mistake that he is an orphan but for her, a person’s family background matters a lot and that she cannot allow her daughter marry just another chap on the road. Ceylan overhears the conversation and tells Asiye to apologise to Korkut but she flatly refuses to do so. Mortified by Asiye’s talk, Korkut scornfully admits that Asiye is not to be blamed as even his own mother never accepted him in her life.

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A Love Story Episode 22As Korkut leaves the bungalow he bumps into Gonul who cheerfully hands him the bags of clothes she shopped for him. He rudely states that he doesn’t want anything from her as whatever she has given him is enough and leaves angrily. Baffled at Korkut’s sudden outburst, Gonul calls after him as Ceylan quickens her pace to catch up with him.

Ceylan forcibly gets in Korkut’s car and he drives on without caring much about her presence. She apologises to him for her mother’s behaviour and justifies that all mother’s are the same as they get hyper all the time. Korkut looks at her sharply and she quickly apologises for speaking without considering his feelings. She implores him to give her mother another chance but Korkut looks too hurt to speak to her. 


A Love Story Episode 22Tahsin tells Gonul’s mother that leaving Korkut and his sister in the orphanage was a bad decision as it ruined their lives. Tahsin says that Korkut’s sister became mentally ill after meeting with an accident and that Korkut has become a bitter person. Tahsin then tells her that he is willing to tell Gonul the truth but she panics and dissuades him from doing so but he has no ears for her and leaves looking determined of his decision.

Ceylan and Korkut are on a grassland where Ceylan continues to apologise for her mother’s behaviour. Korkut again derides his biological mother for his condition and she sides his mother saying that perhaps she had reasons of her own to abandon her kids. Korkut then reveals that his biological mother is not a poor woman but someone who left them only to preserve her image in the society.


A Love Story Episode 22Ceylan asks him to completely erase his past and start afresh with her. She tells him that she will always support him and be there for him. She says that they will build a world of their own together. Her sincerity moves him and he wraps his arm around her, pulling her close to him. In a voiceover, we hear him say – “If you are listening Almighty God then today I do not feel like fighting with you but I wish to ask you for something. Spare my life and give me a chance to live with Ceylan. I will forget everything, my hatred, my revenge, everything just accept this prayer of mine. Let me create a world of my own with Ceylan. Let me be happy for once in life.” 

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A Love Story Episode 22Emine calls on Ceylan’s phone which is answered by Asiye. Emine asks for Ceylan and Asiye invites her home after she gets to know that Emine is Korkut’s sister. She gives her the instructions to get to her house and waits for her arrival with bated breath as Emine is the only way she can dig deeper into Korkut’s background.

Korkut and Ceylan are at a restaurant where Ceylan gobbles down food like a famished creature. He expresses his amazement at her slim figure despite her ravenous appetite. Extending his arm on the table he reminds her that she had said she would hold the hand of the person she loves. Ceylan says she doesn’t remember saying any such thing and Korkut sadly concludes that she doesn’t love him. 


A Love Story Episode 22Ceylan teasingly demands that the one she loves has to say something sweet to her that will compel her to hold his hand. Looking dreamily into her eyes, Korkut confesses his love for her. Moved by his confession, she quickly holds his hand and begs him to never leave her and he promises to always hold her hand. Just then, Korkut receives a desperate call from Eda pleading him to meet her and he agrees to meet her soon.


A Love Story Episode 22Emine reaches Ceylan’s house and Asiye gladly welcomes her. Once inside, Emine is awestruck on seeing the grandeur of the house. Asiye gets straight to business and inquires about Korkut but Emine’s answer bemuse her and she understands that may be Emine is slightly different.

Their conversation is cut short as Emine is totally flabbergasted on seeing Gonul as Asiye introduces Emine to her. Emine asks for Gonul’s autograph and Gonul invites her to her house to give her one. Emine then greedily kisses and hugs Gonul like a little pet as Gonul feels awkward of the affection Emine is showering her with. 

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A Love Story Episode 22Gonul asks Asiye to get a glass of juice for Emine as she gets going to retrieve a photograph for Emine who is now left alone in the hall. Restless, Emine starts looking around the house when she gets into the lift that takes her to Gonul’s bedroom. Emine looks around the room and chances upon Gonul’s jewellery box. She wears some of Gonul’s chains and admires her reflection in the mirror.

Gonul brings a photo with her and is surprised to find Emine missing from the hall. She goes looking for her and finds her in her bedroom. Gonul’s sudden appearance startle’s Emine and she drops the jewellery box to the floor. Emine immediately takes off Gonul’s necklace and hands it over to her. Gonul checks her jewellery box and discovers that a precious ring is missing. She sternly tells Emine to return her ring and a frightened Emine denies having her ring. Gonul persists that Emine robbed it which makes Emine even more scared as she pulls on her hair and clothes repeating that she doesn’t have it with her. 


A Love Story Episode 22As Korkut drops Ceylan home he bids her goodbye addressing her as ‘duffer’. She asks him why he calls her so and tells him to come up with any other term to address her. He kisses her hand and tells her that she is his everything. As she starts to leave his car he calls her ‘sweetheart’ the term he had written in the note he had left for her in Germany. This brings a wide grin on her face as she happily exits his car.

Emine trembles uncontrollably as she pleads her innocence but Gonul insists she returns her ring as it is too precious to her. Asiye notices Emine’s worsening condition but Gonul is hell bent at retrieving her ring from Emine. She orders Asiye to check her clothes and Asiye refuses to follow the orders. Gonul asks Asiye to call Tahsin as Emine wails in terror repeating that she isn’t a thief and does not have Gonul’s ring. 


A Love Story Episode 22Korkut reaches Eda’s house to find her heavily drunk. She pulls him in an embrace the moment she sees him. Korkut tries to peel her off him but she doesn’t budge. He calmly sits her down and tells her that he isn’t a rich man and that it was all a charade to impress her. Unfazed by his reality, Eda tells him that she loves him and not his money. She says that she has always had money but still isn’t happy in life. She narrates her family history whereby her father abandoned her and her mother left her when she was barely 2 years old. The ‘mother’ issue strikes a chord with him and he softens when she tells him that she wants to feel loved in life and impetrates him to not leave her.

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A Love Story Episode 22Meanwhile, Asiye has called Ceylan to help her with Emine’s situation and Ceylan rushes to see Emine sobbing in a corner in Gonul’s room. Ceylan tries to pacify her but Emine insists on going home with Korkut.

Korkut tells Eda that she deserves to be loved but he is in love with someone else which is why he cannot return her love. He says he has only friendship to offer and she accepts his friendship saying that she just doesn’t want to be alone and Korkut assures her that he will never leave her alone. He then receives a call from Ceylan who asks him to come to Gonul’s house to fetch Emine. Stunned to know that Emine is with Gonul he immediately rushes to Gonul’s house.


A Love Story Episode 22Emine loses control and she starts screaming wildly. Hearing Emine’s screams from a distance Korkut comes barging in Gonul’s house to see a dishevelled Emine crying as Tahsin, Gonul, Asiye and Tolga helplessly looked on. Fisting Korkut’s jacket Emine wails that she didn’t rob anything and she isn’t a thief. Gonul tries to justify saying that she didn’t call Emine a thief but was only asking for the ring that was missing from her box. Korkut glares at her and her speech falters under his stare. Korkut lifts Emine on his back as Ceylan follows him out despite being refrained by her father. Tolga walks after Ceylan and chides her for disrespecting her parents. She yells at him for interfering in her life but he insists she gets back in. She derides him for being heartless and accusing a poor innocent woman of stealing. He justifies that Emine was the only person in the room which is why Gonul accused her of stealing. But Ceylan is not convinced with his explanation and she leaves in a huff.


A Love Story Episode 22Korkut brings Emine home and puts her to sleep. Umut regretfully tells Korkut that had his maternal grandmother not left Emine in an orphanage, she wouldn’t have met with the accident and would not have had a tough life. Next morning, Emine looks relieved to wake up in her bed as Korkut tells her that she can rest for the day as Hakki Baba will look after her. Hakki asks Korkut about last night’s incident and Korkut states that he had decided to forgive Gonul and forget everything but she accused Emine of theft and that he will definitely punish her for it.

At the breakfast table, Asiye cribs about Gonul’s selfishness for harassing the innocent girl who didn’t even look right in the head. But Tahsin is in a pensive mood and has nothing to say to his wife. The door bell rings and Asiye opens the door to see Korkut standing at the threshold.

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