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A Love Story Episode 23Korkut visits Gonul’s house and Tahsin invites Korkut for tea. Tahsin’s sympathetic attitude surprises Korkut but he declines the invitation. Tahsin apologises for Emine but Korkut looks disinterested in his apology as he waits for Gonul. When Gonul meets Korkut she fervently apologises for what happened with Emine. However, Korkut isn’t here for an apology. He offers her 1000 Euros and tells her that if the ring cost more then she can ask for it. Gonul tells him that it isn’t about the money but Korkut says that he knows Emine has not robbed anything but he will not tolerate any false accusation on his sister. Gonul explains everything that transpired the previous day and tells him that Emine suddenly started wailing like a maniac. Korkut tells her that Emine is mentally ill and Gonul apologises profusely saying she wasn’t aware of it. She tries to persuade him to take his money back but he flips the bundle of notes that go flying to settle scattered on the floor as he leaves angrily.  


A Love Story Episode 23Infuriated, Gonul asks Asiye to thoroughly check every corner of her room. Asiye serves Gonul tea and starts looking for the ring. After a brief search, she finds the ring under the bed and exaggeratedly grieves their behaviour towards Emine. Gonul asks her to quit grieving and ponders what to do next.

Next, we see Korkut sitting in front of a digicam shooting himself. Looking in the camera, he says, “Gonul Karanli is a deceitful woman. She left me outside an orphanage in infancy only to go chasing after fame and money. Yes, I am her illegitimate son. She is a famous singer, loved by many people. She appears to be a soft-hearted and a good mother but that is all a façade because the truth is that Gonul Karanli is actually a selfish and heartless woman. It is true that I am her son, but she can never be my mother as she doesn’t deserve to be so. I will never forgive her. I despise her. Now let’s see if you will be able to forgive your mother or no especially now that you know that she has been hiding the truth from you for years.”


A Love Story Episode 23Gonul arrives at Korkut’s home with boxes and bags full of gifts. Tahsin is surprised to see Ceylan open the door and she says she’s there for Emine. Gonul asks to see Emine to apologize for last night. Emine recoils in fear at the sight of Gonul. Gonul assures her that she won’t do anything to her but Emine only states that she isn’t a thief and begs to not be taken to the police. Gonul tearfully admits to her mistake and shows Emine the gifts she bought for her. Wiping the tears off Gonul’s face Emine asks her not to cry as she isn’t sad anymore and smiles broadly to prove it.

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A Love Story Episode 23After much contemplation, Korkut leaves the envelope containing the CD in Tolga’s mailbox. As he starts to leave, Asiye sees him and informs him about Gonul meeting Emine to apologize after finding the ring. Korkut looks alarmed and immediately rushes home. Emine is thrilled to see Gonul’s gift. Korkut comes running home and stops at the door as he hears Gonul singing. He then gets in and sees Emine lying on the bed with her head on Gonul’s lap.


A Love Story Episode 23Korkut commands Gonul to leave but Emine intervenes saying Gonul will not go anywhere as she is very nice. Korkut reminds Emine that she had fallen ill because of Gonul and Emine tells him that she has already forgiven her for it. Korkut screams at Gonul asking her to leave and Emine shields her saying that Korkut can leave if he wants to but Gonul and Ceylan will live there with her. Gonul, however, assures Emine that she will meet her again and then leaves with Tahsin. Korkut then starts to leave when Ceylan hugs him from behind asking him to talk to her. Korkut remorsefully tells her that he wants to be a good person for her sake but people just won’t let him be.


A Love Story Episode 23Tolga has received Korkut’s CD and he watches it on his laptop. We see that Korkut has blurred his face and body and also modified his voice in the CD to avoid being recognized. Tolga sees the video and pales at what he hears. To lighten everyone’s mood Ceylan suggests they all go out for a short picnic.  

Tolga confronts Gonul about the CD and she admits to having lost a baby before him. Tolga counters that her baby didn’t die and that he has sent his video. Gonul says that someone must be trying to blackmail them and Tolga requests her to come clean about her first child. Gonul repeats that her first born died at birth and that Tahsin can confirm it for him. Tolga is disheartened to know that Tahsin knows stuff about his mother that even he isn’t aware of. Feeling angry and disappointed, Tolga leaves his house leaving Gonul completely perplexed.

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A Love Story Episode 23In an amusement park, Ceylan and Korkut enjoy a ride as Emine and Umut happily wave out to them. Meanwhile, Tolga is chugging a bottle of alcohol by the bay.

Gonul and Tahsin see the CD and she wonders what prompted the person to do something like that. Tahsin says that he can’t understand it either. She tells him that Tolga left the house after an argument and Tahsin rises to look for him when she decides to call Korkut. Gonul desperately tells Korkut to find Tolga but he rudely replies that he isn’t his babysitter to look for him and abruptly hangs up on her.


A Love Story Episode 23Sad and lonely, Tolga calls Ceylan but she misses his call. He sends her a text saying that he needs her but she ignores it as she has a fun time with Korkut and his family. Tolga drinks while driving and doesn’t see the truck coming his way which slams into his car. At that very moment, as a bad omen, the family photo hanging on the wall crashes to the floor further scaring a rather upset Gonul.

Gonul frantically tries to reach Tolga. His phone is answered by a policeman who informs Gonul about Tolga’s accident and she slumps to the floor wailing in despair. Ceylan and Korkut rush to her aid when they hear her sob. She tells them about the accident and they immediately rush to the hospital. 


A Love Story Episode 23Media is already present at the hospital. They try to shoot a crying Gonul’s image and shielding Gonul, Korkut yells at the media to clear the way. As they enter the hospital, they see Tolga being taken to the operation theater in a stretcher. Gonul runs to him and trying to wake him up as she cries hysterically. She slaps Korkut and screams at him for not being in the car with Tolga. She says that if anything untoward happens to Tolga, she will never forgive him for it as he is responsible for his condition and mid-sentence she passes out. Korkut then lifts her in his arms and takes her to the emergency room.

We then see the doctors performing Tolga’s operation exchange tense glances as Tolga lies unconscious on his stomach. 

Ceylan sobs in one corner outside the hospital as she re-reads Tolga’s text. Korkut approaches her and she cries saying that Tolga had called her then messaged to meet her but she ignored it. She blames herself for his accident saying that had she been there for him, he wouldn’t have got into the accident in the first place. Korkut tries to console her but his words seem to have no effect on her as she is convinced that Tolga is in the hospital because of her.  

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