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A Love Story Episode 25With the help of a locksmith, Eda gains entry into Ali’s house where she finds pictures of Tolga and Ceylan that were published in the paper which caused a misunderstanding between Tolga and her. She then visits Korkut’s house where Emine looks unhappy to have her but Umut is overjoyed to see Eda before him. Emine tries her best to send Eda home but she puts her foot down and refuses to leave without meeting Korkut.


A Love Story Episode 25When Korkut arrives he is alarmed to see Eda’s car parked outside his house. He cautiously hovers around his house when Eda suddenly appears before him. She calls him Ali and asks him if he prefers to be called Korkut since that’s what his real name is. She criticises him for lying to her and in his defense, he states that he had told her that he was poor. She counters that he never mentioned that he was Tolga’s driver which she got to know from the newspaper. Showing him Tolga and Ceylan’s pictures found in his house, she asks him what his intentions were. He then tells her that he did want to be with her but then he fell in love with Ceylan and everything changed.

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A Love Story Episode 25Eda chastises him for fooling her and states that she will never let him ruin Ceylan’s life. She threatens to expose him before Ceylan and gets in her car to leave. However, Korkut blocks the rear end of her car making it impossible for her to reverse her car. She finally gets out of her car and he tells her that she should allow him to speak to Ceylan about this. She dismisses his request but he promises to reveal the entire truth and end this end once Tolga gets better. Eda doesn’t look convinced but Korkut requests her to trust him for Ceylan’s sake as he cannot see her hurt so she finally agrees to not say anything to Ceylan.


A Love Story Episode 25The next morning, Korkut visits Tolga in the hospital but leaves without a word as he sees him sleeping holding Ceylan’s hand. In a music rendition, we see Ceylan by Tolga’s side as she nurses him back to health. We also see Tolga feeling jealous when he spots Ceylan with Korkut.


A Love Story Episode 25Gonul complains that it has been a week and they still haven’t managed to catch the person who sent the video CD to Tolga. Tahsin explains that it will be difficult to catch hold of that person since there is no stamp on the letter to track it back to the sender. Gonul regrets not being with her son when he needs her the most and is thankful that at least a trustworthy person like Ceylan is keeping Tolga company.

Tolga tells Ceylan that he plans to fire Korkut as he doesn’t need a driver and had him around only to help him. Ceylan fumes learning about his decision and tells him that if he fires Korkut without any reason she will never talk to him again. As she starts to leave when Tolga holds her hand and promises to keep Korkut on the job. Just then, Korkut happens to walk in and see Tolga hold Ceylan’s hand. Ceylan quickly retracts her hand on seeing Korkut. Tolga then tells Korkut to start his car as he has some place to visit. Korkut leaves to get the car and Tolga asks Ceylan to get ready as they have to visit some place together.

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A Love Story Episode 25Eda’s manager is surprised to see Eda slacking at home pining over an ex-boyfriend. She tells Eda that she is young, successful and ambitious and suggests she have the man she likes and not give up so easily on him even if it means to snatch him away from another woman. Her words fill Eda with new zeal and she calls Korkut who is driving Tolga and Ceylan to their destination. She asks him if she spoke to Ceylan about what they had decided upon and he says he will inform her when he does and abruptly hangs up on her.


A Love Story Episode 25Korkut drops Tolga and Ceylan at a car showroom where Tolga buys a car to gift Ceylan. Ceylan refuses to accept such an expensive gift but Tolga tells her that he loves her more than himself and that nothing is more precious than her. She reminds him that she is his assistant and that doing this will not help him get close to her. He cuts her off as he takes her hand in his hand and tells her that she brought him back from the dead and he cannot live without her anymore. Ceylan feels embarrassed as she sees Korkut looking at them. Tolga apologises for making such a delay in realising his true feelings for her and professes his love to her.


A Love Story Episode 25Angry with Tolga’s behaviour Ceylan tells him that he is selfish as he didn’t even care about their friendship. She leaves the showroom angrily and Korkut stops her pointing out to the car she came in. She says she has to leave as she has some business to attend. Korkut looks angry about Tolga holding her hand and tells her that only he has the right to do so. She pacifies him saying that she really has some important work to attend and asks him to stay with Tolga and look after him.

Ceylan walks the streets recalling the times Korkut and Tolga confessed their feelings for her. She receives a call from Eda who requests to see her right away. We then see Eda carefully place old pictures of Tolga and Ceylan sharing some happy moments together.

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A Love Story Episode 25Korkut receives a call from his doctor who asks him to get the operation done as soon as possible. Korkut feels ecstatic to hear the news and tells the doctor it’s high time he proposes Ceylan for marriage since he now can live a long life.

Upset, Ceylan tells Eda about Tolga proposing to her and Eda nonchalantly says that it was not surprising as she always knew how much Ceylan loved Tolga. But Ceylan objects that she now loves Korkut but Eda cunningly reminds her of her true love for Tolga.

We see Korkut shop for a ring for Ceylan. After much contemplation, Korkut selects a ring which he feels will suit Ceylan the most.

Eda asks Ceylan if she is sure about her feelings for Korkut and hands her a photo album consisting of old photographs of Tolga and Ceylan spending some great moments together. She points out the difference in Ceylan’s expressions in the photos where she looks extremely happy in Tolga’s company, unlike any other picture. Eda emphasises that Ceylan always looked the happiest when with Tolga. 


A Love Story Episode 25Ceylan shuts the photo album and states that these picture are off the time before she met Korkut. Eda looks nervous as she realises that convincing Ceylan to forget Korkut and get back to Tolga will not be an easy task. She reminds her that Tolga was her first and last love. She makes her feel guilty by saying that Tolga needs her now the most and that she shouldn’t leave him now.


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