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A Love Story Episode 27Korkut tells Hakki that he would not be getting the surgery done as he has no reason to live anymore. Worried, Hakki asks him what would happen to Emine, Umut and Ceylan if he passes away and Korkut tells him that Ceylan has left him for good. He tells him that he got his revenge by separating Gonul from Tolga so she understands how it feels to be separated from your family but in the end, it is he who is left heartbroken. He adds that Ceylan isn’t selfish like him and that she will never leave Tolga in such a vulnerable condition which is why he willingly let her go to Tolga. He then receives a call from his doctor asking to see him and he leaves instantly.

Ceylan rushes into Eda house and grabs a bottle of alcohol. Eda stops her from drinking during the day but Ceylan pays no heed to her and chugs down a glass full of alcohol. She tells Eda she needed it as she broke up with Korkut. The news brings a smile on Eda’s face which she quickly suppresses to feign concern for Ceylan. She asks Ceylan if Korkut dumped her and Ceylan tells her that Korkut had proposed to her but she turned it down for Tolga’s sake since she can’t get married till he recovers fully.


A Love Story Episode 27At the hospital, Korkut tells the doctor that he doesn’t want to do the surgery and the doctor warns him of the consequences. Korkut determinedly states that he will not be doing the surgery and asks him for a medicine that will reduce his pain during the last stages of his life. The doctor tells him that avoiding surgery will only increase his pain but Korkut states that he isn’t afraid of the pain, but is concerned that his family will be troubled to see him suffering. However, the doctor informs him that there is no medicine for his pain and grabbing his X-ray report, Korkut leaves the doctor’s room saying that he will find another doctor to help him out.

On his way out, Korkut sees a dead body, covered in white cloth, being driven on a stretcher. He halts in his tracks as the body passes him and the hand of the dead body brushes Korkut’s hand and like an epiphany, something strikes him as he sees a lady mourning the dead person. He then turns around and walks back to his doctor. He asks the doctor the number of days he has left and the doctor tells him that it is impossible to determine his life span without the surgery.

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A Love Story Episode 27Ceylan shows Eda the ring Korkut gave her and repeats for the umpteenth time of how romantically Korkut proposed to her. Eda looks jealous and tells Ceylan not to get attached to it as she will have to return it soon. Ceylan tells her that she is missing Korkut and wishes to hear his voice and Eda scolds her for being so restless and impatient. Ceylan screams back that she herself encouraged her to get over Tolga and go with Korkut and now she is advising her to do just the opposite and Eda defends that the circumstance has changed and Tolga needs her more than ever. Ceylan admits that Tolga needs her now but he will soon recover and then she will go back to Korkut.

Korkut sells his car and buys a cheap, old car despite the car seller deterring him from buying the rusty old model. He then receives a call from a private number and the caller goes mum the moment he answers it. However, a second later he hears someone hiccupping and he knows its Ceylan. She tells him that she is really a ‘duffer’ and apologises for last night.


A Love Story Episode 27Eda snatches the phone from Ceylan and goes to another room to speak to Korkut. She reprimands him for not telling Ceylan the truth and he justifies that everything is over as Ceylan refused to marry him so there is not point in revealing the truth and hurting her. Eda says that Ceylan will not be hurt by the truth but will instead be happy to know of his reality and she abruptly cuts the call leaving Korkut screaming her name into his phone.

Ceylan scolds Eda for being rude to Korkut and Eda remarks that Ceylan is better off without him. Ceylan states that Eda doesn’t know Korkut well enough to speak in such a way about him and Eda offers to get her some coffee so she comes to her senses to be able to grasp what she has to tell her. In her drunk daze, Ceylan says she want to meet Korkut so he can hold her hug her tightly. Eda tuts at Ceylan for not listening to her and Ceylan screams that she will not comply with her wishes. Eda almost reveals Korkut’s truth but Ceylan shuts her ears and refuses to listen to Eda. Eda then tells Ceylan that Korkut’s looks are deceptive and Ceylan admits that Korkut is not what he looks. She dazedly says that she too thought he was a rude, ill-mannered guy but he is actually a very nice person. Ceylan doesn’t seem to take Eda seriously and she goes to fetch some coffee for her so she comes to her senses.


A Love Story Episode 27Just then, Korkut buzzes Eda’s doorbell. Eda lies that she revealed the truth to Ceylan and scoffs at Korkut’s shocked reaction. She tells him that she will trouble him just the way he troubled her and that she will derive great pleasure knowing that Korkut lives in the fear of being exposed. He dismisses her and makes his way inside the house where he sees Ceylan lying on the sofa. He wakes her up and she is ecstatic to have him before her. He then asks her to leave with him and she cheerfully waves at Eda as she leaves holding Korkut’s hand. We then see that Ceylan has forgotten her phone at Eda’s house.

In her drunken stupor, Ceylan tells Korkut that she cannot determine whom to say sorry to as she sees two Korkuts in front of her. Amused by her drunken antics, he asks her to apologise to both the Korkuts. She says sorry to both the Korkuts and Korkut tells her that she needn’t apologise but should marry him instead. Like a little kid, she bangs her head against her seat repeating that she cannot marry him. He then tells her to not bother herself with it and she sweetly suggests he kidnap her which looks like a tempting option for him.

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A Love Story Episode 27Ceylan’s phone buzzes and Eda answers it. She tells Tolga that Ceylan is heavily drunk and has just left with Korkut a few minutes ago. She then tells him that she is worried for her and asks him to keep her away from a man like Korkut. As they cannot trust him.

Tolga calls Korkut but he disconnects his call without answering. As Korkut drives on, Ceylan suddenly asks him to pull over and she runs out of the car.

Tahsin notices Gonul having a hushed conversation with an unknown person. We then see Gonul ask the man to find out the true identity of the person who sent Tolga the CD. The man asks her if she doubts anybody’s involvement and she denies suspecting anybody. So, he says he will have to start with interrogating people close to her.


A Love Story Episode 27Ceylan returns with a bag full of beer cans saying that she bought them for him because he always pulls her leg when she is drunk so this time she wants to pull his leg after having him drunk. Korkut again receives Tolga’s call which he disconnects without answering.

Umut shows Emine the digicam he found in Korkut’s bag and she asks him to keep it back as Korkut might get angry at him for touching his personal stuff.

Korkut and Ceylan sit by the lakeside having some beer. Ceylan offers Korkut some chips saying that he might vomit if he only drinks. He admiringly asks her if she always takes care of people around her and she dreamily says that his eyes are beautiful and each time he looks at her she feels that he understands her so well. She moves closer to him and asks him the reason why she likes him so much and Korkut feels happy to hear her gush over him. He tells her that this is the first time she has praised him and jokes that she should always be drunk like this. Ceylan urges him to say what he had to say to her and he says that if he speaks about it, she will leave him and go. Putting his arm around her she snuggles up to him and asks him to speak up.


A Love Story Episode 27Korkut starts saying that he is a bad person. He finally tells her that when he arrived in Turkey he was full of rage seeing Gonul happy with Tolga while he led a pitiable life after being abandoned. He confesses to having an affair with Eda only to have her breakup with Tolga which eventually led to his accident. Wondering why Ceylan isn’t reacting to such a revelation he looks at her only to find her sleeping on his chest.

Pulling her close he says he left it all for her as he knew he would one day have to come clean before her. He tells her that no matter what happens he will always love her. He then sighs wishing for time to freeze in that very moment.

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A Love Story Episode 27Asli’s (I have been addressing her as Arsala all this while. Her name is Asli so please note the change) brother visits Yilmaz and is shocked to see the bandage on his head. Yilmaz pins him to a wall and tells him that Asli attacked him and is absconding since then. Her brother denies knowing her whereabouts and tells him that she was friendly with a girl working at a restaurant and that he can talk to her. We then see Asli borrow some money from a girl working in a restaurant. Asli tells her that she will call Korkut when she lands in Turkey and he will come to receive her.


A Love Story Episode 27Asiye asks Tolga if wants something to eat but he instead give her a piece of his mind criticising her for allowing Ceylan to roam with a complete stranger. Annoyed by his rude behaviour, Asiye scoffs that she has brought up her daughter well and that fully she trusts her Ceylan with her choices.    

Seeing Tolga upset, Gonul chases after him and tells him that he need not worry about Ceylan as she will separate her from Korkut by firing him from his job and Tolga says she can’t do that as Ceylan will only blame him for it. Irritated, Tolga then asks her to keep out of his matter as he knows how to deal with his own problems.


A Love Story Episode 27Gently caressing Ceylan’s hair, Korkut lovingly wakes her up. She is still inebriated and is unable to stand still. Just then, Korkut receives Asli’s call which he disconnects without answering. He then lifts a drunk Ceylan in his arms and takes her to his car.

Asli tries to reach Korkut but he does not answer her calls. Meanwhile, Yilmaz reaches the restaurant where Asli’s friend works looking for her but the girl isn’t there as her duty timing is later in the evening and Yilmaz decides to wait for her arrival.

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