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A Love Story Episode 29Asli leaps up on seeing Korkut at the hotel. He tells her to get her bags so they can leave the hotel soon. Meanwhile, Yilmaz receives the address to Asli’s hotel and he heads in her direction. In the hotel room, Korkut sees an old picture of Asli and him stuck on the mirror and Asli reminds him of the day they clicked the photo. She reminds him of the great time they had together. Showing him a paper cutting of his news in the paper, Asli tells him that she never really got over him and that she always kept a tab on him because she was worried for him. Korkut, however, looks unmoved by her efforts at getting close to him and steps out of the room asking her to hasten her packing.

Asli quickly packs her bag but drops a cut-out of news articles related to Korkut and Tolga. Korkut and Asli are just out of the lift when they spot Yilmaz in the hotel lobby. They quickly retract but not before Yilmaz can notice them who then chases them like a rabid dog, with a gun in his hand. Korkut and Asli manage to get in his car and make their way out despite a barrage of bullets.

A Love Story Episode 29Ceylan longingly recalls the sweet moments she spent with Korkut when her phone buzzes and she hopes to have Korkut call her. Sadly, it isn’t Korkut’s call and she rejects the call.

Asiye eyes Gonul suspiciously when she politely calls her to have a chat. Gonul tells Asiye to permit Ceylan to go on a trip to Rome with Tolga. Asiye starts to say something but Gonul interjects saying that only she can convince Tahsin and that if Asiye agrees to it then Tahsin too will follow suit. Gonul adds that doing so will help Tolga get over his accident and also help Ceylan stay away from Korkut who they do not approve of. However, Asiye is a hard nut to crack and she sternly states that she will never force Ceylan to do something she doesn’t want to do. As she rises to leave she remarks that Gonul herself can go with Tolga to Rome.

A Love Story Episode 29Korkut stops by the bus station and tells Asli to go to wherever she wants to and even offers her some money. Asli, however, says that she repented leaving him once and there is no way she will repeat that mistake. She then stubbornly sits back in his car.

Yilmaz ransacks Asli’s hotel room where he finds the paper cutting containing news pertaining to Tolga’s accident which has an image of Korkut shielding Gonul from the media. Yilmaz then heads to Tolga’s house.

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A Love Story Episode 29Ceylan is lost in her thoughts when Asiye approaches her and teasingly asks her if she is thinking about Korkut or Tolga. Understanding Ceylan’s dilemma Asiye tells her that everybody is selfish and that they only think for themselves and never about Ceylan. Ceylan confesses that she loves Korkut and that she cannot live without him. (Yeah right! She mistakes him for oxygen. Girls nowadays!) Asiye then advises Ceylan to start living for herself and asks her to go spend time with the one she loves. Ceylan hugs Asiye and thanks her before taking off for Korkut’s house.

Korkut brings Asli home where Emine welcomes her with a warm hug. Meanwhile, Yilmaz reaches Gonul’s house where he waits for Korkut in his car.

Umut and Emine debate if Asli is Korkut’s girlfriend or not. Umut firmly states that had Asli not been his girlfriend, she wouldn’t have travelled all the way from Germany to be with him but Emine persists that Ceylan is Korkut’s girlfriend. Amused by their debate, Korkut clarifies that Asli is just his friend and nothing more.

Yilmaz approaches Gonul’s house and asks for Korkut. Asiye tells him that Korkut isn’t there right now but will report to work the next day. Yilmaz leaves telling her that he will return tomorrow to meet him.

A Love Story Episode 29Asli moves next to Korkut and begs for forgiveness but Korkut mockingly asks her about her love for money. She pleads to be forgiven and reminds him of how happy they were together. She asks him if things could get back to the way it used to be and taking his face her hands she tells him that she will not be able to live without him. (Yeah right! Another woman who mistakes him for oxygen. Gah! These Turkish women I tell you.) She tells him she loves him and leans in to kiss him. That very moment Ceylan stops by the gate as she sees Asli kiss Korkut.

A Love Story Episode 29Shaken by the sight, Ceylan tries to leave when she accidentally stumbles upon the bin kept outside Korkut’s house. The sound alerts Korkut who rushes outside to meet Ceylan. Wiping her tears, Ceylan apologises for disturbing him and he says that she is misunderstanding the whole thing. Wishing him happiness in life she slips her ring into his hand and walks away from him. Asli dissuades him from chasing after Ceylan but Korkut scoffs that he loves Ceylan and that he will stop her from leaving him.
Korkut catches up with Ceylan and tells her that though Asli is his first love, Ceylan will be his last. He explains that Asli is there because of a fight with her husband and that he is only helping her out. Changing the topic, he asks her why she was there and teases that she must have missed him which is why she is there to catch a glimpse of him. He then takes her ID card and tells her that he will soon marry her. Pulling her into a tight hug, he happily spins with Ceylan in his arms.

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A Love Story Episode 29Asli tries calling Korkut but Emine stops her from doing so saying that Korkut should not be disturbed when he is with Ceylan. Asli sneers that Emine knows nothing about Korkut and Emine innocently says that she does know about him and that he will soon marry Ceylan. Asli is disappointed to hear that and she thinks aloud of where she can go now and Emine says she can go back to her husband (Wait a sec! How does Emine know of Asli’s husband??). Asli sighs that it is the only option left now and carrying her bags she leaves after telling Emine to tell Korkut that she only wishes to see him happy.

Korkut and Ceylan sit behind a pavement where he slips the ring into Ceylan’s finger as Asli passes them. Ceylan then insists they leave as Asli must be waiting for him and he rises to leave, miffed with her for mentioning Asli.

Yilmaz is still waiting for Korkut outside Tolga’s house when he receives a call from his minion informing him of Asli’s return.


A Love Story Episode 29Korkut invites Ceylan to meet Asli when Emine informs him of her departure. Korkut is worried for Asli as she knows no one in Istanbul. He calls her up and she tells him to not worry about her as she has returned to the hotel. Yilmaz then snatches the phone from her hand and challenges Korkut to meet him at the hotel. Korkut agrees to be there in some time. Ceylan tries to stop him from going but he assures to return back safely to her and she unwillingly allows him to go.

Tolga invites a journalist to his house for an interview. Gonul is furious over his decision of giving an interview to reveal about his loss of voice. Gonul argues with Tolga and dismisses the journalists. She then clearly tells Tolga that he should leave all hopes of having Ceylan with him as she does not love him at all.

A Love Story Episode 29When Korkut arrives at the hotel he asks Yilmaz to let Asli go and offers to sort their matter separately. Yilmaz passes a snide remark regarding her bond with Korkut and she justifies that she was scared when she left Germany and knew only Korkut in Turkey which us why she contacted him. She says she wanted to return back to him but Korkut refrained her from doing so. Yilmaz asks Korkut if it is true and he agrees to whatever Asli said. Yilmaz orders Asli to go back to her room as he has a word with Korkut.

Yilmaz tells Korkut that he let go whatever happened in Germany and had halted his search for Korkut despite running away with his money. He tells him that he really wasn’t aware that Korkut was in love with Asli. Korkut scoffs that now he knows of her love so he should let her go. Yilmaz replies that he can leave her because she is having his baby. Korkut’s eyes widened in shock knowing of Asli’s pregnancy.

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