A Love Story: Episode 3

Show Title: A Love Story

Country: Turkey

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 8 pm


A Love Story                      

Written Update: Episode 3

A Love Story Episode 3

The episode starts from where it had left us with Tolga inviting his mother on stage for a song. As she sings a romantic number we see Korkut being rushed to the operation theater on a stretcher. Meanwhile, Gonul’s song brings tears to Ceylan eyes as he looks on from the balcony.

The doctor tells Yilmaz and Arsala that he did not remove the bullet as it was a risky option and Korkut is safe and alive for now. Yilmaz asks Arsala to leave as she knows that Korkut is alive. She refuses to leave and derides his behaviour towards the man who literally took the bullet for them. He grabs her arm and yanks her saying that he is her husband and that she has to follow his commands.


A Love Story Episode 3

One Month Later

The doctor tells Arsala that Korkut may not survive for long and is likely to lose his memory and suffer from severe headaches but nothing can be said for sure as of now. Arsala looks longingly at Korkut before turning around and leaving his ward as he opens his eyes after she leaves.

Korkut is by a pond feeding ducks when Arsala sits beside him and inquires about his health. He plants a sudden kiss on her lips and he says he knew she would return to him. She asks him to go to Turkey and seek his mom but he doesn’t look interested in that option. She tells him that she is now Yilmaz’s wife and that he will kill him if he finds her with him. She begs him to fulfill his long cherished dream of meeting his mother before he dies. Stunned by the revelation about his shortened life span, he asks her if he is dying and she chooses not to reply to his question. 


A Love Story Episode 3

Korkut visits Yilmaz’s Excavation firm where he meets Yilmaz who throws a bundle of notes before him and orders him to leave Germany. Korkut expresses his disappointment at the meager amount offered to him so Yilmaz throws another bundle of notes on the table. Korkut grabs Yilmaz by his jacket and pins him against the wall. Korkut then takes Yilmaz’s gun and holds it against his head threatening him to empty his safe. Yilmaz warns him of seeking revenge and Korkut retorts that he has a bullet stuck in his head and that he is bound to die soon so dying now or later makes no difference to him. He tells Yilmaz that he robbed him of his life and love so he will rob him of his money to settle scores with him. With a gun on his head, Yilmaz hands over all his money to Korkut who smacks him hard on the head before leaving his office.

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A Love Story Episode 3

In Istanbul, we hear Korkut’s voiceover in which he tells his imaginary mother that when he first heard about his imminent death he did not feel anything or regret anything as he did not have any reason to live. But now he has a reason and he will ensure that he meets his mother before dying.

Korkut is on a live TV show where the show host asks him about his background and he says that he was adopted from an orphanage and remembers nothing about his biological mother and is back in Turkey to find her.


A Love Story Episode 3

Ceylan rushes to the studio to meet Tolga who complains about his manager to her. He expresses his derision over shooting the show with a weird looking fortune-teller and Ceylan laughs saying that at least he will know his future. He holds Ceylan’s hand and persuades her to go home with him but she doesn’t relent to his cute request and asks him to be a good boy and finish his shoot.

At Ceylan’s house, Ceylan’s mother, Asiye is glued to the TV screen where Korkut is seen showing the ring that belongs to his biological mother. She diverts her husband Tahsin’s attention to the TV. Korkut’s name and adoption details stun him and he freezes in his place as his glass overflows with water flowing from the jug. Just then, Gonul calls for him and he rushes out to see her. She then asks him to bring her car as she has to visit some place.  


A Love Story Episode 3

A lady is shown running holding two loafs of bread in her hand. She gets in a house and shows it to Umut and tells him that she picked it up from someone’s house who had left them out. The little boy Umut tells her that it amounts to stealing and that he will return it to its owner after he has had his food. Crestfallen, the lady sits on the sofa observing the TV which is showing Korkut’s interview.

We then hear the host tell that Korkut’s ring has an inscription on it which seems like a poem but we do not hear the poem as the lady i.e. Emine changes the channel. Umut changes the channel back and tells her that he plans to send her details on the show too so that they can find her real family. He then checks the chain holding a ring around her neck and looks closely to spot anything inscribed on it.

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A Love Story Episode 3

Korkut is done with the interview and is out of the studio when he winces in pain as he suffers a terrible headache. Korkut is out of an elevator clutching his face and he walks right in front of Ceylan who notices him but is unable to see his face clearly.


A Love Story Episode 3

Ceylan bumps into Tolga’s manager who tells her that Tolga left the studio after he got to know that he would be asked about Eda’s new boyfriend on the show. She shows Ceylan a gossip report showing Eda with her new boyfriend and Ceylan runs to look out for Tolga.

Tolga disrupts Eda’s shoot by blowing his car’s horn incessantly. Ceylan reaches the spot on time and tricks him into stopping his childish behaviour. She requests him to leave fearing media reports over him. He steps out of the car walks and towards Eda saying that he wants to hit her rumoured boyfriend and Ceylan clings onto him to stop him from advancing any further. He cups Ceylan’s face and laughs at her for being so fearful. He tells her he was wondering why Eda ignored his calls and now he knows the reason. Seeing him upset, Ceylan walks over to Eda to speak to her.


A Love Story Episode 3

Eda justifies that she had warned him in Germany about her habits and tells her that she is not concerned with his feelings for her. Ceylan requests her to be good to him for her sake and Eda replies that she cannot put up with him for her sake. Ceylan sarcastically wishes her luck with her life and returns to Tolga. Korkut is in his hotel room watching a movie when he receives a call that alerts him.


A Love Story Episode 3

In Germany, Arsala sits at a cafe and recalls the time Korkut was interviewed by some reporters and he introduced Arsala as his girlfriend. Yilmaz is instructing his men on the phone to check every corner of the country and bring Korkut to him. Arsala overhears his conversation and pleads him to let Korkut be as he is dying anyway. Yilmaz refuses to let him go so easily and placing his hand over her belly Arsala asks him to forgive Korkut for their child’s sake and he relents saying that if Korkut ever comes before him, he will not spare him.


A Love Story Episode 3

A TV reporter shows Korkut the boy and his mother who has a necklace and ring similar to Korkut’s. Korkut notices that the lady doesn’t look mentally stable and he walks off saying that he is looking for his mother and not a sister.  

Ceylan begs Tolga to get back to his shoot and Tolga wonders aloud why Eda doesn’t love him. Ceylan explains that Eda does love him but that is how she is.

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A Love Story Episode 3

Tolga ruefully says that the people who hold no importance in his life always linger around him and the one he loves shows no interest in him. Unable to hold back her emotions, Ceylan starts crying and finally confesses of her love for Tolga. But then adds that his mom also loves him and everybody loves him. He laughs at her and says that he loves her too and that she is his best friend. He says that he only wishes for Eda to love him back as he cannot live without her.

It is pouring heavily and Umut and Emine don’t have an umbrella. They walk in the rain without an umbrella when Korkut approaches them and asks Emine if he can have a look at the ring. Emine recoils in fear and Umut tells him that Emine is afraid of strangers so Korkut invites them to his room.


A Love Story Episode 3

In his room, Korkut examines the two rings that appear identical and looks back at Emine who still looks afraid of him. He walks up to her and asks her about the inscription on the ring and she tells him that she doesn’t know about it as she is unable to read.


A Love Story Episode 3

Korkut then asks Umut about his mother and he says that his father told him that his mother cannot read because when she was 7-years-old she met with a car accident and has been like this since then. Korkut asks him if his mother is a lunatic and Umut clarifies that his mother is not crazy but just a little slow in understanding things.

He then asks Umut if he can read what’s written on the rings and Umut tells him that the ring reads –‘This heart will always carry your name’ which sounds like a poem. Korkut says he is already aware of that.


A Love Story Episode 3

Korkut then approaches Emine and asks her if she recognizes him. She quivers in fear but Umut calms her down and she says Korkut is her brother.

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