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A Love Story Episode 30Ceylan sits fretting over Korkut’s meeting with Yilmaz when Emine brings her a neatly wrapped bundle of hand embroidered cloth pieces. Emine gives it to Ceylan as a gift to her mother for her impending engagement. Ceylan is touched by Emine’s gesture and hugs her tightly before thanking her for the gift.

At the hotel, Yilmaz tells Korkut that he could have easily bumped him off without having to travel all the way to Turkey but he chose not to do so because he was like a brother to him. Showing him the scar on his waist, Yilmaz tells him that he was destined to die that day had Korkut not taken the bullet for him. He feels indebted to Korkut for putting his life on the line for him which is why he decided to let him go. He adds that he doesn’t want Korkut to forget that he let him free which is why he pulls a pocket knife and carves a deep slit across his arm so the scar can always remind Korkut of him.


A Love Story Episode 30Yilmaz returns to Asli’s room and she welcomes him with a warm smile. He scoffs that she need not act in front of him. He tells her that they shall stay in Germany till the birth of their baby and after its birth, they will go their separate ways as he will take his child’s full custody. Asli is shocked to hear of his plan and she screams that a child cannot grow well without a mother. Laying Korkut and himself as an example, Yilmaz states that even orphans can grow well and that his child will at least have a good father.

When Korkut returns home, Ceylan notices the wound on his arm but he shrugs it off saying it is just a minor cut and then asks her if she prepared food for him. Emine intervenes saying that she will prepare food for them but Korkut insists on having food made by his ‘wife’. Despite addressing Ceylan as his ‘wife’ she still looks worried about the wound on his hand. He diverts her attention by teasing her about calling her duffer instead of a wife and she says that she would prefer being called wife instead of duffer. Emine suggests they talk to Ceylan’s parents asking her hand in marriage and Korkut says they can go tomorrow to meet her family. Ceylan however, asks for more time as she wants her mother to have a word with her father so she can convince him for her wedding. Korkut sternly states that he doesn’t have time and that he will certainly meet her family tomorrow and ask for her hand in marriage.


A Love Story Episode 30Asiye throws a fit when Ceylan tells her about Korkut visiting them the next day to ask her hand in marriage. Asiye is afraid of speaking to Tahsin about it and tells Ceylan to request Korkut to postpone his plan. Ceylan says that she too wishes to marry him soon. Ceylan’s ‘wish to marry soon’ gives Asiye the wrong idea as she suspects her of hastening her marriage probably because she is pregnant. Asiye dramatically starts beating her chest wailing about Ceylan ruining their family reputation. Ceylan manages to calm Asiye down as she convinces her that it is not what she thinks it is. Just then, they hear Tahsin enter the house and they all rise in attention.

At night, Asiye nervously tries to convince Tahsin of Korkut’s good nature saying that it wasn’t his fault that his parents abandoned him. Tahsin replies that he too knows that Korkut is a decent guy but he isn’t the right guy for Ceylan and that it is better they keep him away from Ceylan. Tahsin’s cold attitude towards Korkut makes her shut her mouth as she doesn’t prod him further.

Ceylan escapes her room to talk to Korkut privately at night. They indulge in some lovey-dovey talks and Korkut tells her that he wants to see her right away or else he will not be able to sleep. Ceylan at first thinks he is joking but realises that he is not when the line suddenly goes dead.

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A Love Story Episode 30

Within minutes, Korkut is outside Ceylan’s house where he surprises her by pulling her into a back hug. Ceylan then asks him if can postpone their marriage talks and Korkut says that she need not worry about her father as they too can be stubborn like him. Holding his face, she seconds his thought and says that she will always love him no matter what happens to them in the future. They then fight over who loves whom more before kissing each other goodnight (Awww….they are so cute).

Asli carefully wraps her passport in a plastic bag and hides it in the bathroom’s water tank so Yilmaz cannot take her back to Germany. Yilmaz tells her that he has booked the tickets and they will soon be out of Turkey. Asli then rummages through her bag and claims to have lost her passport. Yilmaz scolds her for being irresponsible. He then asks her to re-apply for a passport after which they will certainly leave for Germany.


A Love Story Episode 30

Wait a sec! I knew that Asli is Turkish but I assumed she was a German citizen. But she has a Turkish passport. So, is she Turkish? But then in the previous episode, Korkut said that she knows no one in Turkey, so does that mean she is German? What exactly is this woman’s nationality??  


A Love Story Episode 30At the breakfast table, Asiye hesitatingly brings up Korkut’s topic but Tahsin looks annoyed by it and scolds Ceylan for influencing her mother. He starts to leave the breakfast table when Ceylan informs him of Korkut’s visit in the evening. Surprisingly, Tahsin replies that Korkut can see them in the evening and leaves. Asiye and Ceylan are stunned by his casual reaction and Ceylan says that maybe Tahsin has something weird on his mind which is why he refrained from reacting. However, they shrug off negative thoughts and get going to prepare for the evening meeting. Ceylan then calls Eda to help her with her makeup and hair as Korkut will officially meet her parents asking for her hand in marriage and she reluctantly agrees to be there. 

Asiye asks Gonul for her permission to leave early from work. Gonul wonders if Asiye is unwell and Asiye tells her that Korkut will be meeting them with his family to discuss his marriage with Ceylan. Surprised, Gonul asks if Tahsin approved of the marriage alliance and Asiye states that he is aware of everything and has himself asked to see Korkut and his family. Gonul then requests Asiye to not tell Tolga about it and Asiye agrees to keep the news from him.

Eda visits Korkut’s house and insists on talking to him. He asks her for her car keys and takes her for a drive where he reveals about the limited span of his life. He tells her about the bullet in his head that is slowly pushing him towards death. At first, Eda refuses to buy his story but then she realises that perhaps he isn’t lying to her.


A Love Story Episode 30Gonul sees Tahsin yell at a worker and she says that she understands the reason behind his foul mood. She says that he is worried for his daughter while she is worried about her son. She then says that she has been thinking about something and feels that it is the best thing to do in a situation like this. Her speech falters and Tahsin completes her sentence that he and his family should relocate. Tahsin tells her that he will talk to Asiye and ask her to pack their bags right away.

Korkut tells Eda all about his fatal injury and she finds it hard to believe that he is dying. He tells her that he wants to spend the last days of his life with Ceylan and wishes to die with her beside him. He tells her that she can reveal his truth to Ceylan but that will hurt her. Eda tears up hearing about Korkut’s imminent death and walks away without saying another word.


A Love Story Episode 30Tolga sees Eda with Ceylan and Eda tells him that she is here to help Ceylan. Before Eda can elaborate Ceylan quickly asks her to leave as she tells Eda that Tolga shouldn’t be told anything about the meeting as he is likely to create problems.

Tolga tells Gonul about Eda’s arrival and says that there has to be something big which is why Eda is there. Gonul tells him that Eda is there for Ceylan as Tahsin and his family will soon be shifting to another place. Tolga pesters her to stop Tahsin and she yells at him for causing this mess. She says that it is because of his mistakes that Tahsin is forced to leave his job and relocate. She screams that she has lost a dear friend because of Tolga and then asks him to leave her alone.

Eda asks Ceylan how she would react if Korkut died. Ceylan is taken aback by her morbid question but Eda insists on knowing if Ceylan will regret marrying Korkut if he suddenly dies after marriage. Ceylan replies that she will not regret marrying him but will live with the happy memories of the time they spent together. Her response brings tears to Eda’s eyes and Ceylan consoles her saying that she too will someday meet the man of her life who will love her madly. 

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