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A Love Story Episode 31Yilmaz takes Asli’s phone with him as he leaves to arrange for her passport. Emine feels a little low that they do not have their mother with them but is happy to at least have her ring with her. Korkut tells her that for him, Umut and she are his only family and that he is happy with that. Emine cheerfully says that once he marries Ceylan their family will be complete. They then happily set to leave for Ceylan’s house.

Asiye anxiously awaits Korkut and family’s arrival when Ceylan excitedly twirls to show her look for the evening. Asiye’s eyes glisten with tears as she pulls Ceylan in a hug realising that her daughter has grown old enough to be married off.

Tolga tells Gonul that he thought over whatever she said to him and agrees that she was right about him causing a rift between the two families. He offers to talk to Ceylan’s family right away and sort things out. Gonul dissuades him from meeting the family now but Tolga pays no heed to her and goes to meet Ceylan and family.


A Love Story Episode 31Tolga bumps into Ceylan and Korkut and then guesses why Gonul had been keeping him from meeting Ceylan. Seeing the flowers and chocolate box in Korkut’s hand he understands the reason behind his visit. He states that Ceylan is a beloved friend of his and he wants to be a part of this important event in her life. Emine then happily invites Gonul to also accompany them and they all head towards Ceylan’s house.


A Love Story Episode 31On the way to Ceylan’s house, they meet Tahsin who blatantly ignores Korkut and walks up to Gonul. He then politely asks Gonul to leave stating it to be a private affair. Tolga apologises for the problem he caused them but Tahsin insists they be left alone and Gonul leaves with Tolga in tow.

After Gonul leaves, Tahsin turns to Korkut and scornfully orders Korkut to leave his house. Emine intervenes saying that Korkut and Ceylan love each other but with sheer contempt in his eyes he states that he will never approve of Ceylan’s marriage to Korkut. Korkut refuses to leave and Tahsin raises his hand in anger. Trying to shield Korkut from the blow, Emine ends up taking the hit. Angry, Korkut grabs Tahsin by his collar and urges him to hit him. Emine starts trembling in fear and asks to leave. Korkut warns Tahsin that he won’t give up easily and that he will return again tomorrow.

Ceylan screams at Tahsin for inviting Korkut only to humiliate him and his family. Tahsin then asks Asiye to pack their stuff declaring that they will be leaving the house the next morning.

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A Love Story Episode 31Asli lies on the bed as Yilmaz doses off on a couch. She suddenly starts screaming in pain indicating that she is suffering from a belly ache. She begs Yilmaz to help her as she fears her baby is at risk and Yilmaz takes her to the hospital.

As soon as Tahsin walks out of his house, he sees Korkut waiting in his car. He starts walking away but Korkut blocks his way with his car. Korkut asks to speak with him but Tahsin refuses to talk. But then Korkut says that there is ‘something’ that only Korkut and he know of. His statement has Tahsin’s attention and he asks to speak in private with him.


A Love Story Episode 31Asli writhes in pain as Yilmaz brings her to the hospital. A doctor examines her and recommends a sonography. As soon as Yilmaz moves away from the emergency room to answer a phone call, Asli lowers her yelps and eyes an open window.

Tahsin tells Korkut that he knows that he had sent the anonymous CD to Tolga because of which he had an accident. Tahsin tries to scare him saying that Ceylan will be disappointed to know what he did but Korkut instead challenges him to go ahead and reveal it to Ceylan as he would also be required to reveal the reason why Korkut sent the CD. Tahsin then tries to pacify Korkut who determinedly leaves to spill the beans before Ceylan. Tahsin then calls Gonul’s mother and informs her of Korkut’s intentions. She panics and requests Tahsin to stop him but Tahsin tells her he is tired of hiding the truth and she tells him that she herself will have a word with Gonul.

As Korkut reaches Ceylan’s house, he muses that Ceylan will forgive him after knowing the truth. As he starts walking towards her house, he sees Gonul and tells himself that he also needs to tell Gonul the truth. In his mind, he decides to forgive her and addresses her as ‘mother’. Gonul seems to hear his inaudible call and turns to see Korkut crying. She walks up to him and lovingly wipes his tears as she makes him sit on a chair.


A Love Story Episode 31Assuming Korkut is crying for what happened last night, Gonul tells him not to be disheartened by it and that he should wait for Tahsin to cool down. Korkut says he doesn’t have time and that he will die soon. She brushes off his statement and says that he is too young to think of dying. He tells her that he has something to say to her but is interrupted by Ceylan who is surprised to see him there. Gonul then leaves them alone foiling Korkut’s attempt at revealing his identity.

Ceylan says sorry to Korkut and he says she need not apologise as she is not at fault and that it is he who has erred. He tells her that she is the most important person for him and that he cannot live without her. His talk scares her and she questions him if he intends to leave her. He answers that he can never leave and but fears that she might leave him. She doesn’t answer him but pulls him in an embrace.

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A Love Story Episode 31Gonul is stunned to see her mother at her doorstep. Her mother pleads to speak with her but Gonul reminds her of how she lost her child because of her and refuses to speak with her. She tells Gonul that she has something important to tell her as she has been living under the burden of it. Gonul, however, shows no interest in listening to her and slams the door on her face. Her mother continues knocking on the door till she suffers a cardiac arrest and slumps to the floor.


A Love Story Episode 31Korkut and Ceylan rush to Gonul after hearing her screams. They see her holding her mother, pleading her to speak to her. Korkut examines Gonul’s mother’s pulse and realises that she has passed away. Looking at Korkut’s reaction Gonul understands that she has lost her mother and she wails in grief.

The doctor tells Yilmaz that they are ready for the test but his wife is nowhere to be found. Yilmaz rushes to the emergency room and finds the window open. He loses his temper and assaults the doctor for not keeping an eye on his wife.

Asli is at a phone booth from where she calls her brother Sinan and tells him of Yilmaz’s plan of divorcing her after the birth of their baby. She asks him to help her by sending some money but he flatly refuses her any help and remarks that she should suffer the consequences of her own actions.


A Love Story Episode 31Tahsin is shocked to see Gonul cry in despair at the threshold. Through gestures, Asiye tells him that Gonul is grieving her mother’s death and Tahsin is taken aback by the news. He looks sternly at Korkut who stands there looking equally angry.

Asli reaches Korkut’s house where Emine tells her that he is not at home. Asli then asks to wait for him and Emine reluctantly opens the gate to let Asli inside the house.

Tahsin tries to console Gonul who regrets not listening to her mother when she begged to talk to her. She blames herself for her mother’s death and cries about losing everyone who is close to her. Tahsin gently pats Gonul’s back and she leans in to cry over his shoulders.


A Love Story Episode 31Korkut looks unhappy on seeing Asli in his house. She tells him that she ran away for the sake of her child. Korkut sarcastically congratulates her over her pregnancy and asks her to go back to Yilmaz saying that the child needs his father and she says she is doing just that as she has brought the child to his father. Korkut stares at her incredulously. He then asks her the reason why she married Yilmaz if she was having his baby. She replies that she did so to secure her child’s future. She explains that she sacrificed their love for the sake of her child’s good future. Korkut rises in anger and screams at Asli to take her child to his real father and she yells that he is the father of the child. He, however, refuses to buy her story and orders her to leave his house.


A Love Story Episode 31Tahsin yells at Asiye for not packing their bags as they have to leave. Asiye says it doesn’t look right to leave Gonul in this condition but Tahsin puts his foot down and tells her to start packing. Ceylan receives Korkut’s call who asks to meet urgently. She tells him that she knows how much he loves her but for now, he will have to wait until tomorrow morning to talk to her.   

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