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A Love Story Episode 32Asiye is busy running an errand when Ceylan informs her of her decision to marry Korkut. Asiye panics thinking about Tahsin’s reaction but Ceylan states that she has thought a lot about it and that she is firm on her decision. Asiye is stunned to see Ceylan’s love for Korkut and with a heavy heart, she accepts her decision and lovingly embraces her.

Korkut arrives at his house where he sees Asli talking to her unborn child. Asli is telling her baby that whatever she has done up till now it has been only for the baby’s sake and that she does not regret anything as she only wishes to entrust the baby to its father. With a sigh, Korkut gets inside his house when Asli approaches him at the threshold and pleads for help. Exasperated, Korkut consents to have her stay in his house. She tries to convince him that he is the father of the child but Korkut is a tough nut to crack as he counters that had the child really been his she wouldn’t have waited this long to inform him about it.


A Love Story Episode 32Korkut calls Ceylan and asks her to wait at her house as he has something to say to her. Ceylan is ready with her luggage and Ece asks her if she is done with her packing and Ceylan declares that she is done with her packing but is not moving with them. She tells Tahsin that she has decided to follow her heart and marry Korkut. Tahsin warns her that if she steps out of the house she will never see them again and she looks determined to have her way. Angry, Tahsin pushes her out of the house and tells her to forget them all forever as he then throws her luggage at her.

As Korkut nears Ceylan’s house, he sees Yilmaz step out of his car and walk towards him. Yilmaz asks Korkut if Asli is with him and with a smirk Korkut admits that she is at his house. Enraged, Yilmaz points his gun to Korkut threatening to not spare him. Just then, Ceylan unsuspectingly steps out of her house. Korkut orders her to stay put but she runs towards him when she sees Yilmaz point a gun at Korkut. Korkut then pushes Ceylan behind him as he tries to protect him from Yilmaz.


A Love Story Episode 32Accusing Korkut of stealing his wife and child, Yilmaz advances towards Korkut. Ceylan fearlessly pulls herself in front of Korkut as she bravely shields him with her body. Tahsin, who followed Ceylan to hand her her wallet sees Ceylan shield Korkut from Yilmaz’s gun. He immediately rushes towards her and pushes her away as he takes Yilmaz’s bullet instead of her. Injured, Tahsin crumples to the ground as Yilmaz retreats to his car and flees the spot as Korkut tries in vain to nab him.

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A Love Story Episode 32At, Gonul’s mother’s burial, Korkut notices a man peeking at them from his car. The man sees Korkut hold Gonul as her knees give away. The mysterious man asks his driver about Korkut and the driver tells him that the young chap is Gonul’s driver and that he had told the mysterious man about it before. As Gonul and her family leave, the mysterious man steps out of his car and visits her mother’s grave. He then says that he will never forgive Gonul’s mother for keeping him away from his child. Ceylan leaves with Gonul and Tolga as Korkut stays behind. He looks at the suspicious looking man’s car and approaches him.


A Love Story Episode 32Suspecting the mysterious man of being Yilmaz’s henchman Korkut forces the driver to pass on a message on to Yilmaz. Just then, the mysterious man returns and tells Korkut that he has mistaken him for someone else. Korkut refuses to believe him and gets into a scuffle with the driver when he tries to intervene. In a warning tone, man states that it is better that Korkut never really gets acquainted with him.

Tahsin is sulking because Asiye did not let him go for Gonul’s mother’s funeral. She then tells him that they shouldn’t be shifting now that he is unwell and since the situation has become tumultuous for them. He agrees that they should not shift to a new house as of now and blames Korkut for creating problems for them.

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A Love Story Episode 32Ceylan lands up at Korkut’s house where she meets Asli who rudely shoos her away saying that there is no one else in the house. Ceylan then asks her to leave Korkut alone as her presence in Korkut’s life has created innumerable problems for him. Asli sneers that it is Korkut who stops her from leaving as he wishes to protect her from Yilmaz. Ceylan remarks that she should seek help from the police if she feels threatened by Yilmaz and Asli states that she can’t seek police protection as there are a lot of things about Korkut and her that Ceylan is not aware of. She asks Ceylan to keep out of Korkut and her relationship and Ceylan remarks that there is no relationship between Korkut and her. Asli tauntingly says that she is Korkut’s first love and that he never gave up on her which is why she is still staying in his house. Ceylan then chooses to leave as Asli teasingly bids her goodbye.


A Love Story Episode 32Intrigued by the mysterious man, Korkut follows him and sees him enter a palatial bungalow as his minions follow him. Inside the bungalow, we see that the man has two visitors and one of them is Yilmaz. The man accompanying Yilmaz asks the mysterious man for help as Yilmaz as accidentally shot a guy. At first, the man refuses to help Yilmaz but then changes his mind after Yilmaz’s accomplice states that the person Yilmaz shot is Gonul’s driver and that she is bound to get involved in the case.

The man then pulls Gonul’s photograph from a drawer and recalls the time he threatened to kill her after she refused to abort his baby and a young Gonul put up a strong front and refused to follow his command. (Ok. So this man is Korkut and Emine’s biological father.)

Upset by all that Asli said, Ceylan calls Korkut to meet her. Worried hearing the urgency in Ceylan’s voice over the phone, Korkut rushes to her and barely contains his laughter when she asks him for her ID card. He says that he was extremely worried about her and wonders what has suddenly got into her as she sounds crazy.


A Love Story Episode 32Ceylan sarcastically remarks that she is indeed crazy to be such a trusting person. Korkut guesses that she must have met Asli at his house and in a state of panic asks her if Asli said anything to her. Ceylan notices his fear and asks if he’s keeping something from her and he vehemently denies it. She raises her objection over the two ex-lovers living under the same roof and he lovingly assures her that Asli is his past and that he only loves Ceylan. He then teases her for feeling jealous and she insists on having her ID back which he refuses to hand over. She starts to leave saying that she will get a new one made but he grabs her wrists as he pulls her close to him. He leans in for a kiss but she pushes him away. He then pleads to not blow the topic out of proportion.

He repeats that Asli has no place in his life but is left tongue-tied when Ceylan asks him when Asli will move out of his house. When she doesn’t get an answer, Ceylan breaks up with him by chucking his ring at him before asking him to leave her alone. Korkut obediently complies as Ceylan cries after his departure.


A Love Story Episode 32Ceylan then starts looking for the ring she threw at Korkut when suddenly a pair of legs stop near her and she looks up to see Korkut standing in front of her. She quickly straightens. With a soft smile tugging at his lips he shows her the ring and asks if she was looking for it. He tenderly wipes the tears off her cheeks and says that they are meant for each other as he pulls her close and urges her to leave with him. 


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