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A Love Story Episode 34Next morning, Ceylan wakes up to find Korkut’s arms wrapped tightly around her. She kisses him softly on his chin as she struggles to free herself from his firm hold. Seeing the time, she wakes up Korkut saying that they have to leave as she lied to her parents about being out with Eda. Korkut however, is in no mood to let her go and pulls her close to him. He wonders how she even considers leaving the room and she teases him that they can lie like that all day after which he will ‘surely’ be able to marry her. He then remembers of the promise he made to her father and murmurs that he will marry her but only after he has sorted his problem.

She asks him to take her for breakfast and a possessive Korkut refuses saying that he will not go anywhere out with her looking extremely hot. She says that she will thereafter never wash her hair, wear only pyjamas and become fat so no other man ever sees her and then playfully hits him with a pillow. She stands up to leave but he once again pulls her close to him and holds her tightly saying that he wishes to fight with her forever. She then complains that her dress is uncomfortable and that she wants to change out of it so this time he finally gives in and they leave the room.


A Love Story Episode 34Handing Tolga Gonul’s phone Asiye whines that the phone has been buzzing since a very long time but Gonul isn’t around to answer. Tolga calls back on the number which is answered by Gonul’s mother’s lawyer. The lawyer tells him that he has to discuss his client’s property with Gonul and Tolga offers to discuss the matter with him as Gonul is too disturbed to talk on these matters.

When Korkut returns home, Asli grouses at him for being out the whole night but he snaps that she is neither his girlfriend nor wife to worry about him. She replies that she may not be anything to him but she is the mother of his child. Korkut objects that she has no proof to her claim and adds that she is lucky he is nice to her as had it been someone else, then he wouldn’t even have spared her a glance.


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A Love Story Episode 34Ceylan cannot stop blushing thinking of Korkut. When Eda prods her for information she tells her that Korkut held her the whole night as they slept in each other’s arms. She gushes over his romantic nature and Eda loses her smile as she already knows how charming Korkut can be. Ceylan thanks her for helping out and then asks her for an update on her life and relationship with Ali. Eda dejectedly says that there is no hope in that relationship and Ceylan sweetly tells her that from now onwards she will be her love manager and will handle her relationship with Ali. Eda thanks her but says that it is really an impossible task as Ali is very ill. Ceylan sympathises with her and admires her patience saying that had Korkut been ill she would have died.

Tolga meets the lawyer who gives him his grandmother’s financial documents and tells him about the money that was transferred to her account every month by a man named Memduh Selim. Tolga has never heard of this man before and decides to find out about him.


A Love Story Episode 34Throwing the documents before Gonul, Tolga questions her about Memduh Selim. She tries to evade the topic but he is adamant to know. Saying that she isn’t feeling well, Gonul leaves to go to her room and Tolga reminds her that someday she will have to answer his question.

Memduh is lost in his thoughts when his assistant breaks his reverie informing about the transfer of money. Memduh tells him that he has grown old and wishes to apologise to Gonul before dying. He also wants to meet Tolga once in case he is his real son. Meanwhile, Gonul is fretting over Tolga assuming Memduh of being his father and is sure to find out about him. Tahsin suggests she reveal the truth to him but Gonul refuses to do so. She says that Tolga will not be able to bear the truth that he is actually adopted and not her biological son. (Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I didn’t see that coming.

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A Love Story Episode 34

Tahsin and Gonul are in a deep conversation when Korkut barges in and declares that his problem with Yilmaz has been solved. Tahsin asks him how he sorted the matter with Yilmaz and he says that Gonul’s friend Memduh helped him out. The mention of Memduh’s name drains the blood off Gonul’s face as she stares at Korkut in disbelief.

Gonul then loses her cool and tells Korkut to break all ties with Memduh. Korkut is confused wondering what wrong did Memduh do helping him out. But Tahsin intervenes and orders Korkut to never mention the name in their house again and Korkut complies.

As Korkut leaves the bungalow, he sees Ceylan with Tolga by the pool. On seeing Korkut, Tolga deliberately sits closer to Ceylan and kisses her hand saying that he always wants to see her happy. Korkut calls out to Ceylan and she nervously rises and leaves Tolga’s side. (I have to mention this here that Korkut is looking so freaking HAWT in that lose black T-shirt.)


A Love Story Episode 34Korkut walks up to Tolga and warns him from ever touching his ‘girlfriend’ again. Tolga says that Ceylan would not be his girlfriend for long as they are bound to breakup because Tahsin will never consent to their marriage. Korkut tells Tolga that he knows he is trying to provoke him and Tolga asks him to hit him which Korkut does. Korkut’s strong push has Tolga drop in the swimming pool. Korkut dives in and pushes Tolga’s into the water before making his way out of the pool.

Korkut then meets Eda by the bay where she hands him a doctor’s number and offers to accompany him to get the treatment done. Korkut tells her that he is seeing a doctor but has yet to volunteer for the surgery. Eda feels annoyed that he does not care about himself and tells him to get rid of Asli in if he doesn’t want to lose Ceylan. But he says he can’t do that and Eda leaves him alone unable to understand what he really wants from life.


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A Love Story Episode 34After Eda Leaves, Korkut calls Asli and asks her get ready as he will be coming to take her.  Meanwhile, Yilmaz receives a call from Asli’s brother who gives him Asli’s number. Yilmaz passes on the number to his associate. His associate tells him that finding Asli’s location from the number is no big deal but he shouldn’t mess with Memduh as it is risky. But Yilmaz does not care about anything saying that he won’t stop till he finds Asli.

Yilmaz barges into Korkut’s house looking for him which scares Emine who screams for Umut to hide and not come out of the room. Yilmaz grabs her face and asks her to relay a message to Korkut that he will find him soon and have him killed.


A Love Story Episode 34When the landline phone buzzes, Emine runs to answer it but the call isn’t by Korkut. Emine starts sobbing hard on hearing Ceylan’s voice and narrates to her what happened some time ago. Ceylan asks her to calm down assuring her to be there. Ceylan then quickly grabs her bag and leaves to meet Emine.

Korkut brings Asli to the house he had previously rented in Eda’s locality while Yilmaz waits for his arrival outside his house. Memduh tells his assistant Najeeb that he wants to meet Gonul and Najeeb leaves to get the car ready.

At the dinner table, Tolga confronts Gonul about his real father and she denies him an answer. He promises to talk to old reporters and find out about his real father and Gonul dissuades him saying that doing so will help him find his dad but he will end up losing his mother.

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A Love Story Episode 34As Ceylan nears Korkut’s house she is ambushed by Yilmaz. Just then, Korkut calls her and before she can say anything to him, Yilmaz grabs the phone from her.

Meanwhile, Memduh reaches Gonul’s house where he is stopped by Tahsin who berates him for ruining Gonul’s life. Memduh however, seems unaffected by the accusation and walks in to meet Gonul.

Inside the house, Memduh sees Tolga who fails to recognize him. Memduh praises him for being handsome and Tolga looks at Asiye who also has no clue of Memduh’s identity and leaves to call Gonul. Asiye informs Gonul of Memduh’s arrival and she starts trembling in fear. She orders Asiye to not leave him alone with Tolga and Asiye quickly returns to the living room.


A Love Story Episode 34After Gonul reaches the living room, she asks Tolga to leave her alone with the visitor. Once alone, Gonul orders Memduh to leave. He agrees to leave but promises to keep returning till she speaks to him.  


A Love Story Episode 34As Memduh reaches the threshold, Gonul calls out to him and reminds him of how he behaved with her many years ago. Unfazed, he says he will keep returning till he doesn’t get to speak to his son Tolga. Gonul tells him that Tolga is not his son and that their love child died at birth. Memduh then says that it is not true and that her mother herself had told him that his child is alive. Gonul is stunned to hear the revelation. We then see Korkut discreetly observe Gonul and Memduh from a distance.  

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