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Written Update: Episode 36

A Love Story Episode 36 Emine is waiting for Umut’s arrival when she rises excitedly on seeing Gonul. Emine asks about Umut and Gonul promises to bring Umut back and Emine hugs her tightly for making a promise to find her son.

When Korkut and Asli reach the meeting point, Korkut instructs Asli to run away with Umut while he takes on Yilmaz. Asli protests that he shouldn’t betray Yilmaz but Korkut seems to have a death wish as he leaves the car.


A Love Story Episode 36 Korkut walks up to Yilmaz’s room where Umut greets him with a tight hug. Yilmaz asks for Asli and Korkut tells him that she is in his car and that she will come to him only after Umut reaches the car. Yilmaz unsuspectingly agrees to the arrangement. Before Korkut sends Umut, he whispers to him that he should follow whatever Asli aunty asks him to do and Umut nods his head. 

Seeing Umut run down the lane, Asli steps out of the car. She tells Umut to quickly get into the car and they both run back toward the car. Seeing Asli run away Yilmaz gets worked up but before he can stop them Korkut holds him in a chokehold placing a pocket knife to his throat. He takes Yilmaz inside a store room and holding him against a wall he screams at him for laying his hands on his nephew. Yilmaz admits that it was indeed his mistake and does repent it. But for Korkut, Yilmaz’s crime is too big for forgiveness. Yilmaz threatens to kill Korkut but Korkut looks unperturbed by the threat as he says he is dying anyway what difference does it make if he dies today instead of tomorrow.


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A Love Story Episode 36 Just then, Memduh appears with his men and orders Korkut to let Yilmaz free because only he has the right to punish Yilmaz. Korkut refuses to let go of Yilmaz as he doesn’t trust Memduh after his previous mistake. Memduh tells him that his sister and nephew are in more need of him and that he should go to them. Seeing Korkut not give in, Memduh screams that if he loses his temper, he will have both the men killed. Korkut finally relents as he pushes Yilmaz to the ground and stalks off in anger.


A Love Story Episode 36 Gonul brings Emine a pair of shoes to get her mind off the whole kidnapping thing but nothing seems to calm her down. Just then, Korkut arrives with Umut who runs into his mother’s arms. Emine hugs him tightly and asks him how he has been and Umut assures her that he is absolutely fine. Gonul suggests Emine and Korkut can stay in her house where they can be safe but Korkut declines the offer and asks Emine to get going. Emine then tells Korkut that Gonul helped her find Umut by asking her friend to intervene. Surprised, Korkut asks if she asked Memduh to help him and she nods her head saying that she just wanted to help unite a mother with her child. Korkut thanks her for the help and says that he is happy to know that she cares about them.


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A Love Story Episode 36 As Korkut leaves, Ceylan runs after him and apologises for not trusting him. Korkut says he has forgiven her but if she asks him to send Asli away then he can’t do that. He says he can’t be away from Asli even if he wants to. He asks her if she is willing to support him even with Asli being there in his life and Ceylan has no answer to that. Korkut walks to his car where Asli has a sly smirk on her face as she looks at Ceylan while Korkut drives on.


A Love Story Episode 36 While giving Umut a bath, Emine asks him if Yilmaz and his men hit him anywhere and Umut says that she was worrying unnecessarily as Yilmaz was only playing a game of hide-and-seek with Korkut. He says that he left several clues behind him from which Korkut was able to locate him. He tells her that Yilmaz is a very good man. Asli then enters the bathroom and asks Emine and Umut for dinner. Umut shies away from her and she splashes water on him saying that he need not feel shy of his aunty. They then sprinkle water on each other and Korkut looks on feeling relieved to see his family happy and safe.

Meanwhile, Memduh’s men lock up Yilmaz in a room and tell him that he will be there till Memduh’s next order. The room feels suffocating and Yilmaz pounds on the door screaming to be free from the room.


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A Love Story Episode 36 Memduh looks gloomy as he stares as Tolga’s picture. Najeeb asks him for one order to get Gonul and Tolga to him and Memduh says he won’t forcibly have Gonul this time but will wait till she comes to him out of love.

Meanwhile, Tolga reads a news report on Memduh Sayin’s (Okay his surname is Sayin and not Selem) rise to riches and wonders what his mother has to do with him.

Gonul visits her first born child’s grave and apologises to it saying that Memduh has planted a seed of doubt in her head and she wants to know the truth. She walks up to her assistant and tells him that she wants the grave excavated. The man tells her that it needs special permission to reopen a grave and she says he can start the procedure for doing so because she wants to know if her mother lied to Memduh about her first born.


A Love Story Episode 36 Korkut visits Ceylan’s home and she jumps with excitement on seeing him. He, however, looks grim as he returns her ID card and says that they can never really resolve their issues and be together. He promises to never interfere in her life and will move far away from her forever. He gently rubs his hand over her shoulder and asks her to take care of herself as she stands too stunned to speak. In a soulful Turkish rendition we see them both cry separately over their breakup. (Noooooooooooo….)  

Memduh has invited Tolga on the pretext of discussing an advertisement with him. Tolga straightforwardly asks him what relation he has with his mother. Memduh only says that he has known Gonul for many years. Tolga then puts an upfront question and asks him to reveal his true identity and Memduh’s eyes widen in shock at his question. 


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A Love Story Episode 36 Sitting alone on a bench by the bay, Korkut looks at pictures of Ceylan and him in their happy times together and reminiscence a moment they shared together. In a flashback, he asks her if she likes fish or birds and she says she likes both but she wishes she was a bird to be able to fly anywhere she wanted to. He says he likes fish especially sharks because they are like him, misunderstood and unloved. Ceylan admits of being scared of him initially and says that she may not be able to understand him but she still loves him despite everything. In the present day, Korkut repeats Ceylan words of loving him despite not understanding him.

Eda hastily walks up to Korkut and asks if she is late and Korkut shakes his head saying she isn’t late. She says she took an appointment with the doctor the moment he agreed to see him. Seeing his sad mood, she asks if he has had a fight with Ceylan and he says its over between him and Ceylan. Assuming that he wishes to die again she scolds him for changing his mind and he says he cannot die as he has to live for someone. She breathes a sigh of relief and they leave to see the doctor.


A Love Story Episode 36 Ceylan tries to reach Eda but she avoids her call since she is with Korkut. As Ceylan rises from the sofa she feels dizzy and sits back.

Tolga returns home and first thing goes looking for Gonul. Tolga tells Gonul that he had lunch with Memduh and that they had a good time together. He then tells her that if she doesn’t tell him the truth he will have a DNA test done to know it for himself. Fearing that Tolga might find out about his adoption, Gonul lies that Memduh is indeed his father and requests him to forget about it. Tolga feels ecstatic to finally find out about his biological father and he says that he will never trouble her again and will meet Memduh to know more about him. Gonul tries to dissuade him from doing so but nothing works as he is too happy to have found his father.

Excited, Tolga goes looking for Ceylan who is by the pool. Tolga tells her the good news about having found his father but she looks unwell to register his words and she collapses sideways falling into the pool. Tolga jumps after her and brings her out of the water.


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A Love Story Episode 36 Ceylan mumbles Korkut’s name as she gains consciousness. Annoyed, Tolga tells her that its him and that she probably dreamt about Korkut. He asks her if she has been having any problem with Korkut and she evades his question. He implores her further but she congratulates him on finding his father and leaves to change her clothes.

Eda is upset that Korkut has not been taking care of himself because of which his surgery has become risky. She suggests they go abroad to get his surgery done and he says that there is no hope in his case anyway. She berates him for taking his life so lightly and he confesses that he never really had the time to think for himself.


A Love Story Episode 36 Asli is planning the setting of her room in Korkut’s house when Emine approaches her and asks what she is doing. Asli tells her that she plans to decorate the room for a baby as they soon will be welcoming a baby in their house. Emine then asks if the baby has no father just like Umut and Asli reveals her that Korkut is the baby’s father. Emine is stunned to hear this revelation.

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