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A Love Story Episode 37Eda is wondering what’s on Korkut’s mind as he just broke up with Ceylan and does not seem to be leaving Asli despite claiming no love for her. She asks him why it is so difficult for him to get rid of Asli from his life and he says that the problem is Ceylan’s lack of trust. He tells her that he even arranged for a separate place for Asli to stay but Ceylan still won’t trust him and he does not think a relationship can survive without trust. Eda says she is happy that she can spend some time with him and then hesitatingly asks him whom does he want to live with if not Ceylan. But he does not answer her question. (Oh no… poor Eda is still in love with her Ali. Still hoping for him to return to her.)

Asiye comes rushing to Ceylan asking what caused her to collapse. Ceylan tells her that Korkut’s ex-girlfriend has come to Turkey to meet him and she felt jealous about it which is why she said some mean stuff that hurt him. Asiye explains that relationships are built on trust and that Korkut is right for feeling hurt with her behaviour.


A Love Story Episode 37At the dinner table, Korkut notices that Emine looks a little withdrawn. After dinner, he helps her clear the dishes and asks what is bothering her. She tells him that Asli is having his baby and if Ceylan learns about it, she will be heartbroken and shall cry over it. Korkut says that Ceylan is unaware of it and that he cannot abandon the child because they both know the pain of being abandoned by parents. Emine says she doesn’t want to live there anymore but supports him and Asli. She says he should live with Asli and their child and have a happy life together. He pulls her into an embrace feeling grateful towards her.

Gonul is surprised to see special dinner arranged by Asiye. Tolga tells her that he asked her to prepare her best dishes as he has invited his father for dinner. Gonul fumes on knowing that Memduh will be joining them for dinner but Tolga begs her to cope up for two hours for his sake.

Ceylan racks her brains over a letter she wishes to write to Korkut. After several attempts, she finally manages to express her feelings for him and asks him for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Korkut feels restless and steps out of his house for some fresh air as Asli looks over him.


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A Love Story Episode 37Memduh has arrived for dinner and Gonul looks uncomfortable around him. Tolga however, is too excited to have his father over for dinner. Memduh asks Tolga if he is fond of fishing and Tolga says he is but Gonul isn’t which is why he used to accompany Tahsin for fishing. Memduh sighs and tells him that now onwards he will accompany him on fishing trips and Tolga jumps with joy.

With a heavy heart, Korkut drops Emine and Umut at their old house. He grumbles about Emine not wanting to live in his spacious house and she says she wishes to live in her own house. Once inside, Umut dejectedly states that Korkut left them alone again despite promising to always be there for them. Emine explains that Asli is having his baby and that he will be visiting them occasionally.


A Love Story Episode 37After dinner, Tolga asks Memduh if he would like some coffee and Gonul answers that Memduh cannot have coffee as he is getting late. Memduh receives a call from his minion who tells him that Yilmaz has escaped. Memduh then makes a haste to leave after reminding Tolga to plan a fishing trip.

Ceylan is at Korkut’s doorstep where she intends to leave her letter when Korkut startles her by calling out to her. She says she wrote him a letter expressing her feelings for him and nervously hands him the letter. She starts to run when he grabs her wrist and tells her that he too wrote a letter to her. She asks him to give it to her and he says he has already posted it. She feels annoyed that he is again pulling her leg. And he asks her to stay back for some more time.  


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A Love Story Episode 37Korkut asks Ceylan what the letter is about and she says she wrote that he is right and that she should have trusted him. She says that she is ready to accept Asli in his life and he only stares at her. He then lovingly pulls her in a tight embrace. Asli sees this from the window and burns with envy.

Asli then rushes out of the door wailing in pain. Korkut helps her walk to the car and asks Ceylan to drive for him.

Meanwhile, we see Yilmaz lurking around Korkut’s house where Emine and Umut are sleeping in their room. Yilmaz then pours gasoline around the house and sets it on fire with his lighter.


A Love Story Episode 37Fumes of fire fill the room as Emine and Umut lay deep in sleep. Meanwhile, Asli pretends to writhe in pain as Ceylan drives them to the hospital. In an audible tone, Asli then deliberately makes Korkut promise her to always protect ‘their’ child and the car comes to a screeching halt as Ceylan looks at Korkut from the rear-view mirror in shock. Korkut requests Ceylan to continue driving as Asli’s fake screams get louder and louder.


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A Love Story Episode 37Emine and Umut escape the fire in the nick of time as their neighbours help douse the fire. Umut asks her if they will ever inform Korkut about the fire and she says they won’t do so as she doesn’t want to trouble him because he is going to have a baby with Asli.

Meanwhile, Korkut carries Asli out of the car and to the hospital as Ceylan quietly observes them. As he nears the hospital he glances over his shoulder to check on Ceylan who is standing by the car looking utterly disappointed. Korkut leaves Asli with the medical staff and turns to find Ceylan gone.


A Love Story Episode 37Next morning, he visits Ceylan’s house where Asiye berates him for betraying her daughter and tells him that she sent Ceylan away with Tolga to get her mind off him.

Ceylan is with Tolga at a farmhouse where she asks Tolga to leave her alone as goes for a walk to ponder over things. Tolga receives a call from Korkut who enquires about Ceylan and Tolga tells him that he had warned him that if he ever hurts Ceylan, he will take her away from him. Korkut sternly warns him for using this as an opportunity to get close to Ceylan and Tolga challenges Korkut to stop him.


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A Love Story Episode 37Asli relaxes by the pool talking to her baby. She apologises to her unborn child for faking another belly ache. She then tells the baby that its real father (i.e. Yilmaz) is a bad man and would never be a good father, unlike Korkut who will always take good care of both of them. (Damn you Asli!! I knew you were lying.)

Just then, Eda reaches Korkut’s house where Asli opens the door and orders her to buzz off as Korkut isn’t at home. Eda interrupts her and chides her for spoiling Ceylan and Korkut’s life and Asli tells her that she is expecting Korkut’s baby.

Aghast, Eda calls Korkut who asks her where Tolga could have taken Ceylan. She instead reprimands him for cheating her and Ceylan. She then angrily says that it is better that he dies as it will be good for all of them and hangs up abruptly on him.


A Love Story Episode 37At a restaurant, Korkut reads Ceylan’s letter and is taken over by tremendous guilt. He suffers severe pain in his head and starts bleeding from the nose before he passes out on the table.

Meanwhile, Tolga manages to pull Ceylan out of the pond where she tries to submerge herself to get over her grief. She wails that she had dreamt of leading a beautiful life with Korkut but now those dreams are shattered as Korkut will live with Asli and his child while she is left all alone.  

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