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A Love Story Episode 38Umut is angry as Emine makes him paint the house. He asks her why they can’t stay with Korkut and she says that Korkut is going to have a baby and that they can’t disturb him. He reminds her that Hakki Baba had given them money and they should use that to buy a new house. She says that the money was meant for Korkut’s family. Umut says he will call his friend Yilmaz who will help him in the painting. Yilmaz’s name makes Emine quiver and she tells him that Yilmaz is a bad guy and that he should never talk to him ever again. She then makes him promise to never talk to Yilmaz again and the little boy gives in to her wishes.

Gonul’s legal advisor asks her to sign some papers to receive official consent to exhume her child’s body. He tells her that the legal process will take too long. Gonul feels impatient and he says that they can exhume the bodies illegally but doing so will put them at risk as the government can file a suit against both of them. Gonul disapproves the idea as it too risky. The advisor leaves and Asiye brings Gonul a bouquet of flowers from Memduh and Gonul orders Asiye to dump the flowers. Gonul then calls Memduh and berates him for sending her flowers. She says that he can impress Tolga but not her as she despises him.


A Love Story Episode 38Asiye calls Tolga as she wants to talk to Ceylan. Tolga says that Ceylan has just gone to bed and he doesn’t want to disturb her. She then requests him to take good care of her and he happily agrees. In Ceylan’s room, Tolga sees her sitting like a statue on her bed refusing to move. He asks her to change her clothes but she tells him to leave her alone. Seeing her unrelenting, Tolga forcibly lifts her in his arms and takes her out as she screams at him to be put down.

Memduh interrogates Yilmaz’s associate Emaan for his whereabouts and Emaan answers that he suspects Yilmaz to have left for Germany by now. Memduh looks suspicious of his claim and orders his men to dismiss the man.


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A Love Story Episode 38After Emaan leaves, Najeeb tells Memduh that he need not worry about Yilmaz as he will trace him and tackle him. Memduh then inquires about Tolga and Najeeb tells him that he is at his farmhouse with Ceylan. Memduh looks worried and Najeeb says he should not have his men follow Tolga as he might not like it. There is a flicker of pain in Memduh’s eyes as he recalls of how his own son hated to have his men follow him around and begged for freedom. But the day Memduh eased the security around his son, his enemies had his son murdered by stabbing him in the gut. He says he does not want to repeat the same mistake and orders Najeeb to have his men keep a tab on Gonul and Tolga.

Distraught, Korkut reaches Gonul’s house in an inebriated state and pleads her to tell him Ceylan’s address. Gonul tries to calm him down but does not reveal anything to him. Seeing his nose bleed, Gonul takes Korkut inside and cleans the blood of his face as he passes out on the couch.


A Love Story Episode 38Next morning, Ceylan opens her eyes to see Korkut sleeping next to her. She tells him that she ran away from him because he needs to be with his child and he states that the child is not his and that Asli lied to him. Ceylan smiles fighting back tears and Korkut lovingly rubs his hand on her face asking her to go to back to sleep. This time when Ceylan opens her eyes she finds herself alone in her room.

She wakes up with a start and looks around for Korkut. Tolga sits beside her and Ceylan tells him that Korkut was there. Tolga tells her that she must have seen Korkut in her dreams and checks her temperature. He concludes that she is having a fever and asks her to eat something. She refuses to eat anything and goes back to sleep and cries into her pillow.


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A Love Story Episode 38When Korkut wakes up, he hears Asiye crib about making food for the one who made her daughter cry. Gonul justifies that he was in a bad state the previous night. Korkut then hears Gonul say that she had a word with Tolga this morning and will be visiting them over the weekend. Asiye asks her if they are still in the same hotel and Gonul nods her head. Korkut gets up from the couch and apologises to Gonul for last night and leaves without another word.

Tolga tries to persuade Ceylan to eat something. But anything he offers, reminds her of Korkut. She pushes his hand away and tries to walk out but Tolga locks her in the room saying that the last time he left her alone outside, she almost drowned and now he doesn’t trust her to be left alone. Ceylan threatens to harm herself in the room and Tolga is forced to let her out.


A Love Story Episode 38Korkut reaches out to Eda but she refuses to divulge anything. Instead, she chastises him for cheating all of them. Korkut tells her that he will find her one way or the other as he won’t give up on her so easily.

Gonul calls her legal advisor and tells him that she is ready to exhume the body without government approval as she does not want to wait any longer. She insists on accompanying them when the process is ongoing. The man cautions her against it but she is adamant on being there and wants it to be done tonight itself.

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A Love Story Episode 38Emine prepares fritters for Gonul and takes it to her house along with Umut. Umut shoots Gonul with Korkut’s handicam because he wants to prove his friends that he really knows Gonul and Tolga personally. Gonul readily permits Umut to shoot her video and praises Emine’s cooking skills. Gonul then asks Umut if she is looking good in his video. Showing Gonul the footage he asks her to check it out herself. Asiye and Emine too join her to see the footage. Umut rewinds the video and accidentally plays the video Korkut had recorded to send to Tolga revealing about Gonul’s first biological child. However, at that very moment, Gonul receives a call from her advisor and she leaves to answer his call. The man tells her that he has made all the arrangements and that they can start with the work. Gonul apologises to Emine and Umut as she has to leave to attend some urgent work. (Sheeeeeeeeeesh! That was so freaking close. My heart almost stopped beating. So, glad she didn’t find out now because Korkut already has too much to handle, another problem would have sent him to heaven before his injury could try doing the job.)


A Love Story Episode 38Ceylan happily hugs Eda when she sees her at the farmhouse. Ceylan tells Eda to take her home but Eda refuses saying that she should now get over Korkut as he is happy with Asli and his child. Ceylan screams at Eda for lying blatantly and runs back to her room.

Eda asks Tolga to stay back as she speaks to Ceylan in private. Eda tries to convince her to stay at the farmhouse but Ceylan does not want to listen to anybody as she bitterly wails on her bed.

When Emine returns home she sees a morose looking Korkut sitting on the couch and asks him about Ceylan. He tells her that Ceylan now loathes him and will never forgive him for what he did to her. Emine sweetly advises him to let go of things and rid his heart of anger. She explains that if Korkut forgives himself, Ceylan too will forgive him. Her simple advice moves him and he rests his head on her lap as she lovingly runs her hand over his head.


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A Love Story Episode 38En route the graveyard, Gonul’s driver takes a wrong turn and Gonul points it out to him. He tells her that he did that because they are being followed by someone from the time they left the house. Gonul guesses its Memduh’s men and asks him to lose them as she cannot afford anyone getting a whiff of what she is doing.

When they finally reach the graveyard, the driver asks Gonuls to stay seated in the car as he talks to the men working in the graveyard for her. The driver returns and hesitatingly tells her that her child’s coffin was empty. Stunned, Gonul stares at him with her mouth agape.


A Love Story Episode 38Emine tries to cheer up Korkut by explaining a theory that they probably are all a part of a show where each one of them has a character to play and whatever happens to them is their destiny. Korkut rejects her fantasy theory saying that being abandoned by their parents and her accident could not have been their destiny. She tries to convince him that he should stop fighting against his destiny and accept things as they are. She then hands him the money Hakki Baba sent for him and he gives it back saying that the money is for her. She tells him that she doesn’t need the money and he should take it as he has a new member to welcome to his family. Korkut kisses Emine’s hands and expresses his love and admiration for Emine who is so selfless and thoughtful.

Tahsin is shocked to hear that Gonul exhumed her child’s grave and found it empty. He is speechless as Gonul cries feeling betrayed by her mother. She asks him if he knows anything about it and he denies saying that he only followed her mother’s orders. She tells him that she will find her child as Tahsin looks nervously at her.

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