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A Love Story Episode 39Korkut calls Ceylan but the call is directed to her voicemail and he leaves her a message. In the message, he tells her that he can never hurt her and that he only recently found out about Asli’s pregnancy. He says that he can never leave her. But before he can speak more, the voicemail beeps as the message time is up.

Eda’s words keep reverberating in Ceylan’s ears and she tries to bite off the bracelet Korkut had gifted her but just then she senses Tolga’s arrival and pretends to be asleep. Tolga sees her sleeping and pulls her shawl over her shoulder. He muses that he will never let Korkut near her again as she now belongs to him. Ceylan opens her eyes the moment Tolga leaves.


A Love Story Episode 39Gonul re-watches the anonymous video sent to Tolga by her supposed biological son. She weeps that she didn’t want to abandon her child and that people around her forcibly separated her from her baby.

Korkut gives Asli money and tells her that the house’s contract shall end this month and that she should look out for another place for her to live in. Asli says that she doesn’t need his money. She gently takes his face in her hand and asks him to have her back in his life. He pushes her away saying that he loves Ceylan and will live only with her.


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A Love Story Episode 39As Korkut leaves, Eda catches up and tells him that she had a word with Ceylan on Tolga’s phone and she told her that she doesn’t want to hear Korkut’s name ever again. Korkut says that he knows Ceylan is angry with him and he does not mind her anger but he cannot live without her which is why he will still try to talk to her. Eda looks clearly disappointed with his decision. He tells her to let him know if she gets to know where Ceylan is staying and she dutifully nods her head.

The moment Korkut leaves, Eda calls Tolga and tells him that Korkut has no intentions of leaving Ceylan and that he must take her somewhere abroad so that she never meets Korkut again.


A Love Story Episode 39Tolga steps out of the house and sees Ceylan set the table for breakfast. She tells him she prepared breakfast for them as Tolga might be hungry. Tolga is glad to see Ceylan in a cheerful mood and she says that it’s time she moves on and that Korkut wasn’t that important for her anyway. She says she wants to get back to the being how she was before meeting Korkut and Tolga encourages her plan. She then switches on her cell phone and sees a voice message. She knows it is most likely from Korkut and badly wishes to hear it but Tolga dissuades her from it and tells her to not spoil their happy mood. She takes his advice and switches off her phone without listening to the voice message.

Gonul tells her lawyer that she has to find the boy in the video that was sent to Korkut because it is indeed her biological child. Her lawyer asks her if anyone saw the person deliver the CD and she remembers that Asiye has found the CD. She calls for Asiye who tells her that Korkut was present when the CD was left at the door. Gonul calls Korkut and requests him to come over as she has something urgent to discuss with him.


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A Love Story Episode 39Korkut arrives and sees Tahsin hiding in the pantry. Gonul walks in the living room and tells Korkut that Asiye had seen him near the CD when it was delivered to them. She asks him if he can remember anything about that day and he denies having any recollection of that particular day. She tells him that in case he remembers anything, he must inform her immediately and he agrees to it.

As he leaves the room, Tahsin walks up to him and Korkut tells him that he needs to talk to him in private. Korkut asks Tahsin about Ceylan and threatens to reveal the truth to Gonul but Tahsin looks unfazed and says that its time Gonul learns the truth but there is no way he will ever let him close to his daughter. Korkut states that he genuinely loves Ceylan and is ready to leave Gonul only for Ceylan’s sake. He says he isn’t divulging the truth to Gonul because he doesn’t want Ceylan to hate her father. He says that he has reformed himself only for Ceylan and wants to talk to her just once.


A Love Story Episode 39Umut checks Korkut’s handicam to show his friends the video he shot at Gonul’s house. Once again, he accidentally plays the video Korkut had recorded in which he reveals that he is Gonul’s illegitimate child that she abandoned at birth. Umut is stunned to hear the truth and runs out of the house when Emine insists of seeing the video with him. Once alone, Umut sees the whole video as he looks at it in disbelief.

Tahsin looks annoyed to see Memduh at the front door and Memduh tells him that he is Tolga’s father and that he should now get accustomed to seeing him there. Tahsin sniggers and pushes Memduh out of the house saying that he has to face Gonul’s ire after lowlifes like Memduh disrupt her life. Memduh instead taunts him that it must be difficult for Tahsin to stay close to the woman he loves so much and then pushes him aside to get in the house. Tahsin turns to see Asiye standing behind him and scolds her for eavesdropping on his conversation. But Asiye sneers that things have now reached to such an extent that he even picks fights with people for Gonul.


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A Love Story Episode 39Gonul is lost in her thoughts as she looks at the ring she had custom made for Memduh many years ago. Memduh smiles to himself seeing Gonul still have the ring. She feels startled to see him in her house and yells at him for entering her house. He tells her that he has come there to take her someplace and she chides him for thinking of taking her anywhere at all. Memduh says he will treat himself to some tea as he waits for her anger to cool down.

Korkut finally reaches Tolga’s farmhouse where he sees Tolga’s car parked right outside the house. He looks for Ceylan but is unable to find her.

Memduh brings Gonul to the same restaurant they had met the last time when he had asked her to abort their love child. He dismisses the staff as he wants to spend some alone time with Gonul. She scornfully remarks that the place was where he last threatened to kill her and he states that he bought the place the very day they last met. He says that he used to visit the restaurant whenever he missed her and she scoffs that the place brings back bad memories to her. He pleads to her to forgive and forget and start a life afresh with him but she angrily yells that it isn’t easy for her to forget years of pain and forgive him in a jiffy just because he spoke a few kind words to her. She tells him to stop following her or else she will sue him as she strides off in anger.


A Love Story Episode 39While strolling in the farm, Tolga rambles on and on as Ceylan walks on disinterestedly. Tolga notices the phone in her hand and asks her to hand it over to him. She says that probably Korkut wants to say goodbye to her and that hearing his message might actually make her hate him but Tolga does not buy her idea and says that Korkut is a cheat and will only ruin her life. Exasperated, she retorts that if his love is true then what happened to his love for Eda and how did he suddenly start loving her. Her question leaves him tongue-tied and she walks away.

Emine insists on seeing the video Umut shot at Gonul’s house and he asks her why she is so eager to see it despite being present during the shoot. She says that Gonul was looking very pretty that day and she wants to see how pretty she looks in the video. He asks her why she likes Gonul when she was so rude to her because of which Emine even fell ill. Emine justifies that though Gonul hurt her, she also apologised and brought her lots of gifts. Umut counters that bringing gifts is no big deal. She then says that when he was kidnapped she took care of her and even helped in finding him. Umut cannot contradict this point and he sits back to observe Emine dote on Gonul.


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A Love Story Episode 39When Tolga returns to the farmhouse, he sees Korkut waiting outside and they get into a scuffle over Ceylan. Memduh’s men who have been tailing Tolga, inform Memduh about the scuffle. Memduh instructs them to keep an eye on the men and call him back in case things worsen.

Korkut insists Tolga open the door so he can meet Ceylan, but Tolga refuses saying that Ceylan has already left. Tolga then opens the door for Korkut to look for Ceylan and Korkut inspects the house looking for her. He then sits on the stairs saying that he will wait for Ceylan right there. Korkut is sure that Ceylan is still there and that she will surely return to the house.


A Love Story Episode 39Gonul arrives at Emine’s house where she offers Emine and Umut bags of gifts. Umut looks at her contemptuously and rejects her gift saying that he does not want any gift from her as Korkut has bought him enough of gifts already. Gonul states gift was just a pretext and that she only wanted to meet them as she wasn’t feeling great. Emine instantly chirps that Gonul has come only to meet them and that she loves them a lot.

After much contemplation, Ceylan finally hears Korkut’s voice message and breaks into a sob as she hears him.


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A Love Story Episode 39Gonul asks Umut to show her the video he shot the other day and he flatly refuses saying that he will first show it to his friends. Emine however, wants Gonul to see it and leaves to fetch the camera. Umut runs after her and screams at her for wanting to touch the camera when she can barely handle it with care and poor Emine looks flustered at his loss of temper.

Meanwhile, Tolga leaves the farmhouse in his car and quietly looks out for Ceylan on the farm so he can take her back home while Korkut waits by the stairs like a fool.

Despite Umut’s protests, Emine brings the digicam to Gonul who sits to watch the video. As she starts the recording Umut glances nervously at her.


A Love Story Episode 39Ceylan is surprised to see Korkut at the farmhouse. He pleads to have her listen to him but she says she has heard his voice message and that she does not want to hear it again from him. She sternly asks him to leave but he instead leans in and kisses her. She pushes him away and derides him for being shameless and wanting two women at the same time. He says he doesn’t want that and wishes only to be with her. She questions his intentions behind concealing the truth about Asli’s child and he answers that he himself was unaware of it. She does not believe him and returns to the farmhouse after asking him to go back.  

As Korkut starts to leave he notices the blood leaking out of his nose and just then Ceylan comes back begging him to stay. But Korkut doesn’t want Ceylan to see him in such a bad condition so he walks away without sparing her a glance.

(Who said all men are the same? Here we have Tolga who does not leave Ceylan alone even when she begs him to. On the other hand, we have Korkut who willingly leaves Ceylan each time she asks him to. Men are different….but only in TV serials.)

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