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A Love Story Episode 41Ceylan states that the ring around her neck only serves as a reminder of the pain she went through because of Korkut and of all the nights she cried alone. She says she will do anything to forget Korkut and he asks if she will love Tolga to get over him and her answer is positive. After she leaves, Korkut receives a call from Asli who informs him of Yilmaz’s demise. She tells him that she got the news from her brother, Sinan and that Yilmaz’s property now belongs to her. She suggests they take his money and live together as one family. Korkut rudely replies that he does not want her money and that they can never be together as he does not love her. He abruptly hangs up on her and she chucks her phone hard to the floor in sheer frustration.


A Love Story Episode 41In Eda’s hotel room, Ceylan complaints of Korkut’s behaviour and how he has been stalking her. She tells Eda that she wants him off her back and Eda advices her to convince him that she does not love him anymore. Ceylan says she tried acting nice with Tolga to prove that she is over him but he did not believe her. Eda says that is because she is a bad actress. Eda then suggests she give Tolga a chance and try dating him so she can get over him. Ceylan is worried that Tolga might feel hurt later but Eda insists that she give it a shot and date Tolga for real and not just act for Korkut’s sake. Exasperated, Ceylan holds her head as she seriously considers Eda’s suggestion.

Gonul welcomes Tolga with a warm hug when he returns home from his vacation. She offers to bring him food when she sees Memduh walk in behind Tolga. Tolga requests her to forgive and make up with Memduh for his sake as he is seeing his parents together after several years. He leaves them alone in the living room hoping they resolve their problems.


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A Love Story Episode 41Gonul berates Memduh for using Tolga as a tool to get close to her. Memduh instead gets straight to the point and asks her the reason why she hired a detective. Surprised by the fact that Memduh is aware of the detective, she scolds him for stalking her and he tells her that if she does not tell him straight away, he has his own ways to find out. Tensed, Gonul threatens to tell Tolga how Memduh wanted to kill her and her child many years ago which will break Tolga’s heart and ruin Memduh’s image in his eyes. Memduh frets over the mere likelihood of Gonul revealing his truth to Tolga and stays mum over the detective issue.


A Love Story Episode 41Eda joins Korkut on the rock by the bay and tells him of Ceylan losing her mind over him. He counters that she is not the only one suffering. Eda says she finds it difficult to understand him as he said he wanted to spend his last days with Ceylan but instead he turned his back on her and left. He says that every day he fears that he will wake up the next day and someone will tell him that it is his last and he wishes to bid this world goodbye by kissing Ceylan but sadly he ends up collapsing or bleeding from his nose. He admits that he does not want Ceylan to see him suffering which is why he turned his back on her and did not spare a glance. He states that he fought with her and stayed away from her for 15 days but then he just could live without her which is why he has returned to see her. Eda sighs wishing to have someone love her as madly as Korkut loves Ceylan but Korkut regretfully adds that he might just leave the world without ever seeing his love again.


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A Love Story Episode 41Despite Umut’s fervent protests, Emine convinces him to change into his swimming trunks as she wants him to learn swimming at Gonul’s house. When Gonul arrives, Umut brushes past her as he runs to change his clothes. Gonul then asks Emine if Korkut is employed somewhere and Emine says that she is not sure of his job profile but she knows that he is a smart chap and had recently given them loads of money to redo their house. Gonul is still curious about how Korkut is making money and Emine feels irritated on her inquisitiveness and tells her to ask Korkut directly.

Korkut is looking for Ceylan at the restaurant when Eda tells him that she is with Tolga near the rocks. When he reaches the spot, he sees Tolga and Ceylan enjoying some alone time. Ceylan, who was feeling bored of Tolga’s talk, sees Korkut and suddenly suggests they build a tent tonight and spend the night there just like they did in their childhood. Tolga feels glad to hear her suggestion and leans in to kiss her when Korkut appears before them and grabs Ceylan’s hand insisting she leave with him. Tolga orders Korkut to back off and Korkut tells him to see the ring Ceylan is wearing round her neck which was given by him. Furious, Ceylan takes off the chain and throws it in the sand.


A Love Story Episode 41Tolga then commands Korkut to buzz off with his ring and Korkut turns to pack a punch across his face. Ceylan screams at him for trying to force her and he screams back that she is the one forcing her. She asks him what he plans to do and he answers that she has no idea what he is capable of doing. He walks away angrily and bumps into Eda. He tells Eda to talk to Ceylan and not try to make him jealous but getting close to Tolga and poor Eda calmly takes his order.


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A Love Story Episode 41Ceylan runs back to her room and rebukes herself for pulling a cheap trick to make Korkut jealous. She smashes the mirror on the wall, regretting the fact that she held Tolga’s hand instead of Korkut’s.

Umut sits by the pool with his legs dangling in the water. Gonul asks him if he knows to swim and offers to teach him when he says he cannot swim. She then playfully holds him and then pushes him in the water. She stands looking amused as Umut flaps his arms frantically, screaming for help. (Whaaaaaaat? Why did Gonul do that? And what was so amusing about a little boy drowning? Has she lost it?) Emine rushes to him and extends her arms which he grabs quickly and climbs ashore. He vents that Gonul is a bad mother who abandoned her kids. Gonul is stunned to hear that and asks him how he knows of such stuff but Umut runs away without answering her.


A Love Story Episode 41Emine and Gonul run after him. When Emine catches hold of him Gonul asks him how he knows of the child she lost and Emine shields him saying that he is too terrified to answer her question so Gonul does not prod.

Sinan brings Asli to an old house and she senses something fishy. But before Asli can do anything she is confronted by Yilmaz who teases that he cheated death for her. Asli looks at Sinan and asks why he betrayed her and he nonchalantly says that she need not worry as they will all now leave for Germany. But Yilmaz interjects and corrects him that only Sinan will leave for Germany while he will stay back in Turkey with Asli.


A Love Story Episode 41Shocked at Yilmaz’s change of tone, Sinan reminds Yilmaz that he had promised to forgive Asli and return to Germany but Yilmaz tells him that promises are made to be broken and asks his men to take him away. Asli screams for help and Sinan tries to reach out to her as the men drag him out of the room.

Tolga tells Eda that he is aware of how Ceylan is using him to get back at Korkut and that he doesn’t mind it at all. He says that Ceylan will soon tire of the games and will finally come back to him. Eda suggests he propose to her and he rejects the idea saying that she will never say yes to him. Eda tells him that Ceylan has no option but to accept him as Korkut is going to be a father soon. Tolga is still in two minds and Eda tells him that he has to give it a shot to know for sure.


A Love Story Episode 41Asli begs Yilmaz to spare her and promises to never go against him. But Yilmaz is not going to fall for her tricks this time and orders his men to kill her. As he starts to leave room Asli screams that the baby is his and that she had only lied to Korkut. The men tie Asli’s hands and legs and cover her face with a black cloth as they prepare to shoot her but Yilmaz rushes back in the nick of time and tells them he changed his mind. He then orders the men to leave them alone and quickly unbounds Asli’s hands. Yilmaz’s minion comes running inside to inform him of the police at their doorstep but Yilmaz is too busy confessing his love for Asli to be bothered by the arrival of cops. He asks Asli if he really is the father of the child and she nods her head after which he kisses her and tells her that he loves her madly as the police pound on his door.


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A Love Story Episode 41When Emine is done with the cooking, Gonul asks her to have a seat so they can have a chat. Gonul then asks her if she knew that Korkut was a thief in Germany and Emine says that he cannot be a thief because he is a nice guy and has a lot of money. Emine reminds her of how she mistook her for a thief. Embarrassed, Gonul says that it was just a misunderstanding and that Korkut can probably really be a thief. Emine becomes restless as she explains that they are good people and not robbers. Seeing Emine get nervous, Gonul decides to stop her enquiry right away.


A Love Story Episode 41Korkut is alone on the rocks when he receives a call from Umut who says he has something to share with him and makes Korkut promise that he won’t get angry when he tells him about it. Korkut assures him that he will not get angry with him and Umut says that he had accidentally seen his video on the digicam and happened to curse Gonul for being an ignorant mother who abandoned her child. Korkut is stunned but keeps his calm and tells Umut to not mention it again to anyone till her returns home.

Ceylan is on her way to Eda’s room when she sees Korkut on the way. He teases her for getting decked up for Tolga and she asks him to mind his own business. He questions her compatibility with Tolga and she says they have a lot in common since they have grown up together. She says that it doesn’t matter if Tolga was not her first love, he might just be her last and reminds Korkut that he himself had stated that last love means more than the first love.


A Love Story Episode 41Annoyed, Korkut forcibly drags Ceylan into his room and tells her that he can’t leave her. So she asks him why he left her at Tolga’s farmhouse when she begged him to return to her. Korkut hesitatingly says that he just couldn’t return. He says he never wanted to hurt her and she counters her has only been hurting her till now. He says he will change himself and she sneers that he must he overconfident to think that she will fall for his words once again. She finally says that it is all over between them and that he should stop following her around.

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