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A Love Story Episode 46Korkut receives a call from Gonul who invites him for dinner and he accepts it. As Gonul disconnects the call, the detective advises her to be good to Korkut so he does not become suspicious of her intentions. He then assures her that he will try to get to Ceynat as soon as he can.


A Love Story Episode 46Seeing Gonul set the table, Tolga guesses that his father will be over for dinner but when Gonul tells him that she has invited Korkut for dinner, he fumes in anger and screams at her for inviting his enemy for dinner. He yells that she should adopt Korkut since she likes him so much and offers to leave the house. Gonul reprimands him for crossing the limit and suggests he have dinner in his room if he dislikes the company.

Tolga goes to Ceylan and suggests they have dinner at a new Italian restaurant in their area. She declines him saying that her siblings are not at home and that she does not want her parents to have food alone. He then says that he does not want to have food at home since Korkut will be over to his house for dinner. She tells him that they need not go anywhere and should eat food with Korkut which will make him uncomfortable and he will leave on his own.


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A Love Story Episode 46At Gonul’s doorstep, Asli asks Korkut if he has got her along only to make Ceylan jealous. He admits to it and says she can leave if she doesn’t want to be there. Locking her arms with his, she says she is willing to do anything for him. As Tolga opens the door to welcome the guests, Ceylan wraps her arm around his waist and greets Asli and Korkut. They are soon joined by Gonul. Korkut then introduces Asli as his friend who has come all the way from Germany and Ceylan interjects that Asli is the wife of the Yilmaz who had shot her father. Asli looks highly embarrassed as Korkut glowers at Ceylan who smirks at him. Gonul too looks embarrassed and Korkut explains that Asli is not at fault as Yilmaz is a bad man and that she has filed for a divorce from him.


A Love Story Episode 46Emine’s husband approaches her house when he receives a call from someone to whom he says that his wife has a house in Istanbul and that he will return his money after selling that house. (Emine’s husband is such a rascal!! I hate the sight of him.)

At the dinner table, the atmosphere is tense as each person sits uncomfortably. Korkut stares at Ceylan who mumbles under breath calling him ‘ill-mannered’. Addressing Ceylan as ‘darling’, Tolga asks if she said something and she shakes her head asking him to pass some salt. Next is Korkut’s turn to murmur about the drama going on before him and Asli asks him if he said something and he says he wasn’t talking to her. Asiye brings the dinner and sees that the ‘guests’ Gonul was talking about were Korkut and Asli. Gonul invites her to join them but she declines the invitation.

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A Love Story Episode 46To ease the tension in the room, Gonul raises a toast to enjoy a good meal together and Ceylan intercedes that Asli cannot drink as she is pregnant with Korkut’s child. Korkut glares back at her and she sarcastically apologises she didn’t know they were hiding the truth. Korkut retorts that they were in fact about to reveal the good news to everyone. He says that the child has indeed changed his life and saved him from making a ‘big’ mistake. Ceylan pointedly asks him what mistake he is referring to and he replies that he was saved from selecting the wrong life partner for himself.


A Love Story Episode 46It gets even more awkward for everyone at the dinner table as Gonul exchanges nervous glances. Ceylan then excuses herself and leaves as Tolga follows her out. Gonul then hesitatingly asks if Korkut had a word with Ceynat and Korkut snaps that Gonul called him only to talk about Ceynat. He rises in anger and tells her that she has waited for some many years for her daughter so waiting a few more days must be no big deal for her.

Next morning, Asli hands Korkut a copy of her sonography report and tells him that they will be having a baby boy. Korkut ignores her but when she leaves he gazes at the ultrasound images and smiles at the mere prospect of having a baby unaware that Asli is secretly observing him from the window.


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A Love Story Episode 46Asiye and Ceylan gift Tolga an expensive watch as Gonul had gifted Ceylan a very expensive necklace. Tolga suggests they discuss their wedding preparations but Asiye and Gonul both object and Gonul explains that they will not find a good hall for his wedding as it is winter season so he finally agrees to have his wedding after the winter season. Ceylan excuses herself and leaves the room trying to get a grip on herself as she muses that she cannot marry Tolga. She resolutely leaves the house wanting to do something about her situation.


A Love Story Episode 46Walking, Ceylan reaches the abandoned road where she and Korkut once fought and happens to find Korkut right there, lost in his thoughts. Korkut turns, surprised to see Ceylan. She turns to leave but he holds her and grabs her in a back hug. They stay like that for several minutes till Ceylan taunts that he can click another picture of them together and send it to her father this time so she can feel even more humiliated. He tries to says something but she interrupts saying that he is a horrible person. He says that he may be a horrible person but she still loves him irrespective of it. Frustrated, she admits that she still loves him.


A Love Story Episode 46Ceylan says that even if she still loves him, she will never forgive him. She says she will marry Tolga and will let him get close to her. He says she is hurting him and she snaps that she doesn’t really care as he too never thought about her before hurting her. She blames him for their relationship going kaput and stalks off as he helplessly stares after her.


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A Love Story Episode 46Emine’s husband waits outside her house when he sees Umut come out with a kite in his hand. At first, Umut ignores him and moves ahead but the returns to him to tell him that his mother fears him a lot and Umut’s father admits to being aware of it. He asks if Umut is afraid of him too and Umut says that he does not fear him at all. Emine’s husband then starts to leave and Umut asks what made him a cripple and he lies that when he was fighting a war he suffered a bullet wound which made him like that. Umut says he can meet him secretly and that Emine should never learn about it. The two of them then leave to fly Umut’s kite.


A Love Story Episode 46Gonul calls Najeeb and tells him that she knows Memduh is deliberately ignoring her calls. She tells him that Memduh cannot enter her life after so many years and then leave it in complete chaos. She tells asks him to tell Memduh to answer Tolga’s call before hanging up on him. From the backseat of the car, Memduh instructs Najeeb to not answer Gonul’s call the next time she calls. He says he will talk to her only after he determines that Tolga is his son.

Memduh then steps out of his car to visit Korkut but he is not at home so Emine calls him in to have dinner with her family. Memduh declines her offer but she insists saying that they don’t eat food without offering some to their guest and he reluctantly joins them.


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A Love Story Episode 46As Korkut arrives, he sees Najeeb waiting outside his house and he tells him that Memduh wants to ask him something and is in his house at the moment. Memduh is about to have a bite when he rises to talk to Korkut. They both then sit in his car where Memduh calls Korkut a liar saying that Tahsin confessed that Tolga is indeed his child. Korkut sniggers that Tahsin is lying to him. Memduh asks him how he can be so sure and Korkut says he can kill him if he finds out otherwise. Memduh is apprehensive as he might lose Gonul and Tolga if he decides to conduct the test and Korkut says he can have the test done without any of them having slightest of hint and Memduh seems to mull over the idea.


A Love Story Episode 46Korkut receives a call from Hakki Baba who tells him that a man in Sarıyar knows about Ceynat and Korkut immediately rushes to meet that man. The man initially refuses to divulge anything about Ceynat as he knows the family that adopted her and does not want any trouble for them. Korkut tells him that Ceynat’s biological mother is suffering from cancer and wants to meet Ceynat for one last time as she regrets leaving her daughter. The man relents and gives Korkut her address saying that Korkut is doing a noble job by having a mother meet her lost daughter.

Simultaneously, Gonul receives a call from the detective who tells her that he has found Ceynat’s address and she jumps with excitement. He tells her he is on his way to meet her but Gonul asks to accompany him as she cannot wait to meet her daughter.


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A Love Story Episode 46Gonul and Korkut are both on their way to Ceynat’s house at almost the same time. We then see a woman beat up a young girl (who we will come to know later as Ceynat) for finding a dress in her closet. Ceynat cries explaining that the dress does not belong to her but the woman continues to hit her. Korkut beats Gonul and reaches Ceynat’s house first where he sees a crowd near her gate peering at the house and murmuring at how the people living in the house are always up to some drama and how the lady whacks her daughter every single day.

Korkut steps out of the car and hears the lady curse herself for adopting a girl who is of loose character. Korkut knocks on the door which is opened by Ceynat who he notices has bruises all over her body.


A Love Story Episode 46Korkut asks for Ceynat but just then the lady appears and starts striking Ceynat accusing her of inviting her boyfriend home. Korkut tries to clarify that he is not her boyfriend and is there on behalf of an orphanage but the lady just slams the door on his face.

In another place, Gonul reaches a house asking for Ceynat but the lady scoffs at Gonul and closes the door on her face. The detective then justifies that Ceynat must have probably shifted to another home. Seeing a dejected Gonul, the detective promises to find out Ceylan’s new address.


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A Love Story Episode 46Korkut waits outside Ceynat’s house in his car as he ponders about something. Ceynat’s adoptive mother asks her if the boy who just visited them gifted her the dress and she says she bought it herself but does not remember the shop. Her mother brings out a bag and says that the dress must be from that shop and she will confirm if Ceynat was the one who bought it from them. As she leaves she orders Ceynat to cook a meal before her return and Ceynat stares at her in sheer terror.


A Love Story Episode 46Korkut sees the lady leave and he quickly returns to Ceylan whose eyes widen in horror on seeing him. She tells Korkut to leave at once fearing that her mother will kill her if she sees him again. He then tells her that a mother never beats her child like this and that he is there to take her back to her real mother.

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