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Written Update: Episode 51

A Love Story Episode 51Gonul tells Ceylan to select the design for her wedding dress and the designers will take her measurements. Ceylan states that they should not make a haste as they haven’t even finalised a date. Gonul sends the designers away to have some refreshments as she takes Ceylan to task. She scolds her for secretly having an affair with Korkut and not breaking the engagement when she had asked her to. She tells her that she should stop playing with Tolga’s feelings and marry him. Ceylan tries to say something but Gonul pays no heed to her and stalks off the room.

Memduh nervously opens the DNA report and to his dismay, he finds out that Tolga is not his biological son. Stunned and furious, he chucks the report and wails that Gonul cheated him. Grabbing Najeeb by his collar, he commands to find out about Tolga’s real father.


A Love Story Episode 51Ahmet visits Emine’s house to take Umut out on a picnic. Umut jumps to his feet almost instantly and gets ready to leave with his father. Ahmet then asks Emine if she can wear the brooch he had got for her and she agrees to wear it for him. She feels unsettled as she is unable to find the brooch in the box. Ahmet says may be she must have misplaced it and Umut says that Emine has a sharp memory and never forgets anything. Ahmet is happy to see his plan work and he leaves with Umut to go to the beach as Emine searches for the brooch till Ahmet calls her to join them.

Gonul tells Ceynat that she was not aware of her existence as her mother lied to her about her death. She tells her that her mother was afraid of Memduh harming them following the birth of his love child with Gonul. Just then, Memduh arrives at her house and sees Gonul with Ceynat. Ceynat goes to her room as Gonul has a word with Memduh. He calls Gonul out for her bluff and she tells him that she never said that Tolga was his son and that she had truthfully told him that his child died at birth. Memduh opposes that her mother told him about his child on her death bed but Gonul says she does not know why her mother would say such a thing to him. Gonul requests him to not mention this to Tolga and behave normally with him but he says that he cannot behave normally with Tolga anymore now that he has found out the truth. But she sternly dictates him to never reveal the truth to Tolga and he reluctantly agrees but states that he will surely find out about his real son soon.


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A Love Story Episode 51After obtaining Korkut’s whereabouts from detective Kemal, Tolga reaches Korkut where he sees Korkut with a trailer. Shortly afterwards, he sees Ceylan join Korkut.

Ceylan tells Korkut that Gonul has asked her to cut all ties with him. Unfazed, he says she warned him too but they should not really follow her orders as nothing can ever come between them again.


A Love Story Episode 51Tolga grits his teeth in anger as he observes Korkut and Ceylan from a distance and then walks up to the trailer after he sees them both get in it. From a slight gap in the window curtains, he sees them both get cosy with each other. He almost reaches out to the doorknob when he experiences a sharp pain in his chest. Clutching his chest, he retracts and calls Korkut and asks to meet him right away. Korkut refuses to meet but Tolga tells him that he has more evidence against him which is why it is imperative that he meet him soon.

Korkut hangs up after agreeing to meet him. Ceylan has overheard his conversation and asks him what Tolga was talking about. Korkut tells her that Tolga had met with an accident because of the CD that he had sent him. Ceynat fumes over the revelation and Korkut justifies that Tolga is also an orphan like him and that Gonul adopted him from an orphanage. He says that Gonul gave Tolga a good life unlike Ceynat who has been suffering all her life, He says he sent the CD only to help Ceynat so she gets her right to Gonul love and lives a good life. He tells her that he was the one who brought Ceynat to Gonul and she is his responsibility.

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A Love Story Episode 51Emine is still looking for the brooch and Ahmet emphasises that she must have forgotten where she kept it. He suggests she see a doctor to help her with her weak memory and she fiercely opposes that she has a good memory and that there is no need for her to see a doctor.

At Memduh’s house, Tolga overhears Memduh say that the DNA test proved that Tolga is not his son and that Korkut was right about it. Tolga is taken aback by the truth but he manages to hide his true emotions as he walks up to Memduh. Memduh looks a little uncomfortable but tries to speak like before with him.


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A Love Story Episode 51Tolga walks up to Memduh and asks him for a gun. He lies that someone has been following him and that he needs a gun for safety. Memduh refuses to hand him a gun but hearing about his safety issues, he gives him his gun. But before handing him the gun, he makes him promise to not use it but only keep it for safety sake and Tolga nods his head in agreement.

Ceylan has an ill feeling about Korkut meeting Tolga. He assures her that he will be just fine and that she should not worry too much about him. She instructs him to not fight with Tolga and he agrees to her wish and leaves to meet Tolga.


A Love Story Episode 51When Tolga knocks on his house door it is answered by Ceynat who tells him that Asiye is busy and her mom i.e. Gonul is out with a friend. Enraged by Ceynat addressing Gonul as ‘mom’ he drags her out by her arms and suggests they do a DNA test to determine her true family tree. She refuses to leave with him and he almost chokes her in anger when Korkut reaches on time and pins Tolga to the wall. Tolga then holds his gun before Korkut but his hand quivers. Korkut fearlessly confronts Tolga and urges him to shoot as Tolga’s hand continues to tremble. Korkut then brushes his hand off his face and places the gun to his heart and tells Tolga to go ahead and shoot him. However, Tolga retreats to his room and Korkut mocks him for being a coward. Ceynat screams at Korkut for provoking Tolga and he only winks at her in reply.


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A Love Story Episode 51Korkut returns to Ceylan who is waiting anxiously for him. He lies to her that Tolga was blabbering about the CD and had his usual outburst. Ceylan is relieved to see Korkut safe and she leaves to return home.

Quite a difficult day for Tolga who first caught Ceylan cheating on him and then found out that Memduh is not his real father. Flashes of the incidents that occurred during the day anger Tolga and he practices holding a gun but fails each time as his hand just cannot stop trembling.


A Love Story Episode 51When Ceylan returns, Tolga asks her where she had been all this while and she lies that she was out watching a movie. He sneers that he knows she is lying as she was with Korkut in his trailer. She says that if he had known then why did he ask and he replies that he wanted to hear her reason. He grabs her arm and tells her that Korkut is not suitable for her. She tries to free herself and he begs her to leave Korkut and return to him but she says that it is not possible and leaves in a huff.


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A Love Story Episode 51Ceynat tells Gonul that Tolga threatened Korkut with a gun. Gonul looks at Ceynat in disbelief and Ceynat tells her that Tolga is right about Ceynat going for a DNA test so he too can be sure of her birth. Gonul pulls Ceynat close and says they need not do any test as she is sure that Ceynat is her daughter.

Gonul confronts Tolga and surmises that he must have obtained the gun from his father but wonders how he knows to use it. Tolga admits to it and emphasises that he knows how to use a gun as he is his father’s son. Gonul is surprised to hear him sneer. She asks him why he is behaving weirdly and he leaves without giving her a clear answer.


A Love Story Episode 51Ceynat requests Ceylan to talk to her fiancée Tolga who threatened Korkut with a gun. Shocked, Ceylan leaves immediately to meet Korkut.

Ceylan rushes to Korkut’s trailer and asks him about the whole ‘gun’ incident. She reprimands him for not telling her the truth and he calms her down saying that Tolga cannot harm a hair on his body. She says that she is scared of losing him and makes him promise to never leave her and promises to always be there for her. She pulls him in an embrace repeating that he can never leave her.


A Love Story Episode 51Ceylan and Korkut lay in the grass till it starts raining. Korkut runs inside the trailer the moment it starts pouring heavily but Ceylan does not follow him as she urges him to get drenched with her in the rain. Korkut pulls her in the trailer and lovingly rubs her hair and face with a towel and she does the same for him. She tells him that he means her life to her and he leans in for a kiss.


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