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A Love Story Episode 52Ceylan tells Korkut that he means everything to her and that she cannot live without him. Korkut leans in for a kiss. He deepens the kiss as he shuts the door as they spend the night together in the trailer. (Sheesh! This scene was really steamy. You can watch the uncut version on YouTube 22: 57 minutes onwards.) Next morning, Ceylan wakes up next to Korkut who tells her that the last night was really special for him. Embarrassed, Ceylan quickly sits up and asks Korkut to wait outside the trailer as she wants to change. He teases her that she should not feel shy of him after last night and she insists he leave right away. He demands a kiss to leave the trailer and Ceylan plants a peck on his cheek after which he leaves.

Asiye calls Ceylan for breakfast but when she does not respond she goes to her room only to find her missing from the room. Tahsin orders Asiye to serve breakfast as he is hungry but Asiye is in a fix wondering what she will tell Tahsin about Ceylan’s absence from the house the whole night. She somehow covers-up for Ceylan in front of Tahsin and rushes out to call her.


A Love Story Episode 52Asiye chastises Ceylan for spending the night with Korkut after getting engaged to Tolga. Tolga overhears Asiye’s conversation with Ceylan and runs to his room.

Ceylan tells Korkut that she will have to leave immediately as her mother has called her back urgently. Korkut does not want Ceylan to leave so early and he insists she leave only after having breakfast. Seeing her reluctance, he threatens to reveal their last night details to her mother and she stays back for breakfast after sternly warning him of never using the blackmail technique on her again. Her warning elicits a smile on his face (as my heart skips a beat at his heart-melting grin).


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A Love Story Episode 52On his way out, Tolga bumps into Ceynat and drops his gun to the floor. She rushes after him demanding to know what he intends to do with the gun and he chokes her screaming that he is not answerable to her. Sure that Tolga is on his way to harm Korkut, she begs him to stop but he pays no heed to her as he drives away in his car.

Ceynat informs Gonul about Tolga leaving the house with a gun. Gonul instantly repents not taking the gun away from Tolga. Ceynat desperately tries to reach Korkut but his phone is unavailable while Gonul tries to reach Tolga who ignores her call.


A Love Story Episode 52Emine asks Umut to take some money from the box and bring some grocery for her. But when Umut checks the box he does not find any money in it. He surmises that Emine must have misplaced and she vehemently denies losing it. He says that his father was right about Emine becoming forgetful and advises her to see a doctor but she strongly opposes the idea of seeking medical help and aggressively looks for the bundle of notes.

Gonul calls Emine who tells her that Korkut is not at home so Ceynat suggests they inform the police and Gonul rejects her suggestion. Ceynat taunts that Gonul is not informing the police fearing about her son Tolga’s reputation and Gonul tries to convince herself and Ceynat that Tolga must have probably taken the gun only to scare Korkut and not use it on him. Ceynat says they can’t take any chances and pleads Gonul to do something about the situation.


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A Love Story Episode 52Tolga reaches Korkut’s trailer and wielding a gun at Korkut he compels him and Ceylan to sit on the chairs. Tolga then narrates a story to them that “….a loafer from Germany falls in love with a girl for whom he leaves Germany and relocates to Turkey. Coincidentally, the girl works for the same woman who is the biological mother of his friend from the orphanage.”

Korkut rises in anger and Tolga holds the gun against his chest as he sneers that Korkut is a liar and that Ceylan has fallen for his lie. Ceylan stands between Tolga’s gun and Korkut and says that Tolga will have to kill her to get to Korkut as she loves him.


A Love Story Episode 52Her admittance of love for Korkut breaks Tolga’s bubble and he pleads her to return to the days when she loved him instead of Korkut. She says they cannot bring back those days as she dissuades him from shooting Korkut. Tolga finally relents and throws the gun saying that Ceylan is now free from their relationship and leaves with a heavy heart. However, he collapses the moment he reaches his car. Ceylan and Korkut rush to Tolga’s aid and then take him to the hospital. On their way, Gonul speaks to Korkut on the phone when he informs her that Tolga is with him and they are on their way to the hospital. Gonul panics and wails in despair.


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A Love Story Episode 52At the hospital, the doctor advises Tolga to undergo some tests to determine the reason why he collapsed. Tolga brushes off the advice and stands to leave but Ceylan asks him to stay back and follow the doctor’s instructions. Tolga does not pay attention and starts to leave and the doctor warns Ceylan that Tolga’s ignorance can prove harmful for him. Tolga requests Ceylan to drive him home and Korkut intercedes that he will drop Tolga home but Ceylan will not go with him. Ceylan intervenes that she will drop Tolga only after he promises to get the tests done and Tolga agrees to her condition.


A Love Story Episode 52Memduh visits the prison to meet Yilmaz hoping to gather some information about Korkut so he can track down his child he had with Gonul.

Memduh assures Yilmaz of legal support in his trial provided he gives him information about Korkut. Yilmaz only asks him to take care of his wife Asli in his absence and Memduh laughs at Yilmaz for chasing after a woman who ran away from him. Yilmaz admits that he is madly in love with Asli and that he can never get over her. Memduh agrees to support Asli and then asks about Korkut. However, Yilmaz tells him that he will give him information only after Memduh presents him proof of Asli’s well-being under his supervision and then exits the meeting room.


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A Love Story Episode 52Tolga taunts Ceylan for not feeling anything after breaking up with him. He says he suffered severe pain in the chest before collapsing. She asks him to remain quiet about their breakup and he implores how she will convince her family for her relationship with Korkut.

When they reach home, Tahsin questions Ceylan where she was since morning and Tolga intervenes that he has collapsed after which Ceylan took him to the hospital. He apologises for not informing them before and Tahsin looks convinced with the lie. However, he does not let go off Ceylan easily and tells her that they need to talk about this at home.

Next, we see Korkut stand alone by his trailer holding the gun that Tolga threw at Korkut.


A Love Story Episode 52Emine is losing her mind over the lost money. Ahmet calms her down and assures her of finding the money together. She continues to panic and he tells her that she need not worry as he will now live with them so he can look after them. Umut jumps with joy and Emine reluctantly agrees to let him live with them.  

Ceylan’s phone buzzes when Tahsin enters her room and demands to know who is calling her. He berates her for doing things as she wishes and tells her that now onwards she will leave the house only with his permission. Asiye tries to intervene but he shuts her up and takes away Ceylan’s phone telling her that she is an engaged girl and she need not talk to anyone anymore.

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