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A Love Story Episode 53Yilmaz’s minion brings Memduh to the parlour where Asli works. Asli is stunned to see Memduh at her parlour and she assumes that Korkut sent him to check on her. He tells her that she has to leave with him as he has promised someone to take good care of her. She surmises that Korkut is still in love with her and has sent Memduh to take care of her so she readily leaves with him.


A Love Story Episode 53Ceylan’s phone buzzes. When Tahsin sees Korkut’s name on the screen he takes the phone to her room and questions why Korkut is still calling her despite her engagement to Tolga. She denies having anything to do with him. Just then, Tahsin reads Korkut’s text in which he asks Ceylan to call him as he is worried for her. The message makes it clear to him that Ceylan is indeed still in touch with Korkut. He raises his hand to slap Ceylan but Asiye stops him. Infuriated, he leaves the room with Ceylan’s phone.

Tahsin then calls Korkut and chastises him for calling Ceylan despite knowing the fact that she is engaged and will soon be married to Tolga and hangs up on him before he can react.


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A Love Story Episode 53Korkut fumes in anger when he sees Ahmet in his house, having dinner with Umut and Emine. He sends Umut to his room and demands an explanation from Emine for inviting Ahmet to live with them without informing him. Emine quakes nervously and tells him that she has been forgetful lately and that Umut was feeling scared to live with her alone. She confesses to having lost all her money and was feeling worried in his absence which is why she called Ahmet to live with them. Ahmet adds that she was in a very bad condition and he even offered to take her to the hospital but she refused. Emine trembles nervously cursing herself for becoming forgetful and Korkut lovingly rubs his hand over her head and assures that she will be fine.


A Love Story Episode 53Memduh brings Asli to his house and tells her to live however she wants. She looks puzzled and asks him what she can do in his house and he tells her to live the way she wants. She wonders what he has to repay Korkut for which he is being so nice to her but he only offers to show her her room but gives her no answer.

Ceynat feels happy to wake up to Korkut’s call but her happiness is short-lived as Korkut asks her to bring Ceylan to him saying that they are madly in love with each other. He tells her that though Ceylan is engaged to Tolga, she is actually in love with him but her father is against their relationship which is why she will have to bring Ceylan to meet him at his trailer. Ceynat is clearly heartbroken but agrees to help Korkut. (I knew she would eventually fall for Korkut. All the girls on this show love Korkut.)


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A Love Story Episode 53Asli speaks to her brother Sinan on the phone and tells him that she is extremely happy to be living with a friend of Korkut as he still seems to care for her. She tells her brother that she too still loves Korkut and will run back to him the moment he asks her to.

Memduh visits Yilmaz in the prison and orders him to tell him about Korkut’s connection with Gonul. Yilmaz answers that he knows nothing about Korkut and Gonul’s connection. He then tells Memduh that Korkut grew up in an orphanage and was adopted by a German family who tortured him daily. He says that Yilmaz befriended him after Korkut saved his life and has known him since then. He says that Korkut always wished to meet his mother and that he robbed money from him and came to Istanbul probably to seek his mother. He says that he used to wear a chain with a ring that was gifted by his biological mother and that Asli must be aware of what is his connection with Gonul. After getting to know about Korkut’s background, Memduh rises to leave and Yilmaz asks him about the promise he made in return of the information and Memduh leaves with a sly smile on his face which means that he is not going to help Yilmaz.


A Love Story Episode 53Gonul asks Tahsin to drop Ceynat and Ceylan at the mall. Tahsin tells her that he does not want Ceylan to leave the house and she sweetly pleads him to allow Ceylan to go with Ceynat as this is the first time Ceynat has asked her to allow her to go out. Tahsin looks reluctant but agrees to it after Gonul’s insistence.

Tolga is in his room alone when he experiences uneasiness and a sharp pain in his left arm. He walks out of his room for some fresh air when Asiye sees him and thanks him for helping out Ceylan in front of Tahsin. He says he will always help Ceylan as he knows that Korkut is only misleading her. Asiye notices Tolga grip his left arm tightly but does not say anything and moves on with her work.


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A Love Story Episode 53Tahsin drops Ceynat and Ceylan at the mall and Ceynat insists he leave and  and not wait for them. He does not want to leave them alone but then leaves on Ceynat’s insistence. Before leaving, he warns Ceylan from trying to contact Korkut. The moment Tahsin leaves, Ceynat hails a cab and tells Ceylan that they are going to meet Korkut.

Asli prepares tea for Memduh and herself. Memduh then tells her that he is looking for Korkut’s mother and she tells him that there is no use of it as Korkut no longer wishes to meet his mother. She tells him that Korkut had always wished to meet his mother for which he even came to Istanbul and went on a TV show looking for her but now he suddenly has no interest in his mother.


A Love Story Episode 53Ceynat drops Ceylan at the trailer where she runs into Korkut’s arms. Ceylan asks to leave fearing her father but he refuses to let go of her. She then tells Ceynat that she will not be returning home with her as she loves Korkut and wants to stay with him.

Tolga collapses in his room and Gonul and Tahsin help him sit on the sofa. Gonul asks Tolga to sleep as he needs rest but he brushes off her advice and complaints about Korkut being after their money. Tahsin seconds Tolga and warns Gonul of Korkut’s hidden intentions but Gonul sighs and berates Tahsin for speaking against Korkut.


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A Love Story Episode 53Korkut asks Ceylan why she looks so morose and she tells him that he may not understand the kind of dilemma she is in as he never grew up in a family. She says a girl has a lot of responsibilities towards her family and that he will never understand the pain of seeing a mother cry or father feeling let down. She says her parents love her a lot so Korkut offers to drop her home and she tells him that she can’t return home as she also loves him dearly. She tells him that he is as important as her family and he gently kisses her hand as she kisses his head holding him close to her.


A Love Story Episode 53Asiye panics when she sees Ceynat return home alone. She questions her about Ceylan but Ceynat remains silent till Gonul intervenes. Ceynat finally reveals that Ceylan is with Korkut and Asiye curses Ceylan for being selfish and not thinking about her family. Gonul chastises Ceynat for planning Ceylan’s escape and Ceynat retorts that Ceylan never loved Tolga anyway. Gonul tells her that she does not know a lot of things that have happened with them and Ceynat urges her to fill her in. Gonul then orders Ceynat to go to her room.

Memduh meets the producer of the show that Korkut had appeared on and she tells him that Korkut did appear on her show and was looking for his mother and ended up finding his sister. He then asks her if he has any connection with Gonul and she admits that Korkut threatened her to gain Gonul’s address which she gave him but never asked the reason for it. On his way back, Najeeb asks Memduh what happened at the channel office and he asks him if it is possible for Korkut to be his son and that they must find out more about Korkut.


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A Love Story Episode 53In a typical girly way, Ceylan feels conflicted about calling her mother and speaking with her. Korkut offers his phone and urges her to talk to her mother but she says that her mother may get angry on her so he suggests she not call her but she contradicts herself that perhaps her call might make her mother happy. Korkut laughs at her undecidedness and hands her his phone and tells her to call her mother and speak to her. However, his phone buzzes and Memduh asks to see him discuss his mother. Korkut is stunned to hear about his mother from Memduh and agrees to meet him.


A Love Story Episode 53Ahmet meets a woman whom he tries to get close with and she pushes him away complaining about his lack of attention towards her after meeting his wife. He shows her a bundle of notes (that he robbed from Emine) to appease her but she does not look happy at the thin bundle. He then tells her that he has a plan whereby he will prove that his wife is completely lunatic and will have her admitted to a mental hospital after which all her property will become his. His girlfriend feels impressed by his plan praises his intelligence as he kisses her bare shoulder.

Memduh tells Korkut that he is grateful to him for revealing the truth about Tolga not being his biological son and offers to help him find his mother. Korkut unapprovingly states that he never asked Memduh for any help and that it is better he gets straight to the point.


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A Love Story Episode 53Memduh asks him why he wanted to meet Gonul and Korkut nonchalantly replies that he was a fan of hers and wanted to see her in real. Memduh does not buy his reason and tells him to be honest as he knows that he threatened the TV producer to reveal Gonul’s address. Korkut finally says that he was looking for Gonul for his friend’s sake as she is her mother. Memduh asks if the girl is his daughter and he says that he does not know about that. Memduh then asks him about the girl and he says that she is where she has to be i.e. with her mother. Memduh rubbishes Korkut’s claims and Korkut says that he was there when the mother and daughter met for the first time. Korkut then walks away mumbling, ‘you should have witnessed the spectacle papa’ as Memduh stands gobsmacked by the revelation.

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