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A Love Story Episode 54 Ceylan tries to talk to Asiye but Asiye orders her to come home. Ceylan tells her that she needs to talk to her but Asiye hangs up abruptly after repeating her order to return home. Just then, Tahsin notices Asiye crying on the phone and she lies that she is missing her kids. He inquires about Ceylan and she snaps at him for being after her unnecessarily. He leaves after instructing her to call him on Ceylan’s return.

Asiye sobs silently in a corner when Gonul consoles her telling that she will hand over the CD to the police to have Korkut arrested. Asiye wonders if Gonul will really have Korkut arrested as she considers him a son and Gonul tells her that even though she may be fond of him, he has been bad to her children and it’s time she punishes him.


A Love Story Episode 54Ahmet and Umut return home with ice cream. Umut calls (as Ahmet quickly records his voice in his phone) Emine to have some but she refuses and Ahmet states that she cannot have ice cream since she is unwell. Scared of being termed ‘ill’, Emine readily accepts Umut’s ice cream and reluctantly has it while stating that she is absolutely normal. (This Ahmet is such a r**cal. I hate the sight of him.)

Gonul nervously approaches the police as Korkut’s last conversation with her keeps playing in her head. She recalls how he requested her to look after Emine and Ceynat in his absence. She then meets the head inspector and hands him the CD asking him to arrest the person in the CD.


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A Love Story Episode 54We then see that Korkut is happily driving his way to meet Ceylan while the police are on their way to arrest him. He approaches Ceylan with a bouquet of flowers but nothing cheers her up as she says that her mother scolded her and demanded her return. She tells him that she thought about returning home but couldn’t do so as she did not want to leave him alone. Taking her face in his hands he wipes her tears and asks her to not cry anymore. She then promises to never leave him under any circumstance and he pulls her into a hug.

Memduh visits Gonul’s house where he demands to meet his daughter. Tahsin tries to stop him but Memduh says that things might get ugly if he stands between his daughter and him. Tahsin relents and tells him that neither Gonul nor his ‘supposed’ daughter is at home and Memduh says that he is willing to wait for them.


A Love Story Episode 54Tolga sees Memduh waiting by the poolside. Tahsin dissuades him from talking to Memduh but he pays no heed to him. Tolga hugs Memduh but is met with a cold response. Memduh tells Tolga that he isn’t there to meet him and asks about his daughter. Tolga tells him that her name is Ceynat and Memduh feels happy to hear her name. He reprimands Tolga for not telling him the truth about his daughter before and Tolga defends that Gonul had asked him to keep mum about it. Tolga then emotionally states that like Gonul, Memduh too will abandon him after finding out about Ceynat and Memduh says that he is disappointed in Gonul for cheating him. Tolga refuses to hear any explanation and leaves saying that they first pampered him and are now treating him like an outsider.


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A Love Story Episode 54Attempting at proving Emine lunatic, Ahmet plays Umut’s recorded voice in which he is calling out to Emine. Emine comes looking for him and Ahmet tells her that he is still out playing with his friends and hasn’t returned. She firmly claims that she heard him call out to her and starts looking for him thinking that he is playing a prank on her and is only hiding somewhere in the house. She feels unnerved when she doesn’t find him and Ahmet consoles that she should see a doctor who will cure her of her deteriorating mental condition. She panics and admits that something is wrong with her and that she should see a doctor. Seeing his plans prove fruitful Ahmet grins as Emine cries in despair.


A Love Story Episode 54Korkut and Ceylan are in the trailer when the police arrive. They ask for Korkut and arrest him saying that there is a warrant against him. They do not give him any details of the complainant but he still cooperates with them. Ceylan however, frantically tries to reach out to him and he tells her not worry. After he leaves in the police van she quickly jumps into his car and follows him to the police station.


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A Love Story Episode 54Korkut is astounded to see Gonul at the police station and she tells him that she gave police his CD and had him arrested. Angry, he screams at her for filing a false complaint and tells her to take it back so he can be free. However, she flatly refuses to do so saying that his CD almost had Tolga killed and that he is dangerous to her family. She tells him that she did this only to save her family. He yells that he knows she is doing to just to keep him away from Ceylan for Tolga’s sake. He furiously states that he left his mother for Ceylan and that nothing can keep him away from her.


A Love Story Episode 54Enraged, Korkut grabs Gonul’s arm and compels her to tell the truth but the police restrain him and start beating him as they drag him to the prison. Just then, Ceylan comes running towards him and begs the police to stop beating him. Korkut pleads her to leave but she still tries to reach out to him. Gonul stops her and tells her that Korkut had sent the CD to harm Tolga. Ceylan then replies that Korkut did that for his friend Ceynat’s sake and sneers that this is how Gonul pays him back for having her meet her daughter. Gonul tells her that her mother has been crying her eyes out since she absconded and that Tahsin is not even aware that she left home to be with Korkut.


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A Love Story Episode 54The police then record Korkut’s statement in which he confesses to having sent the CD but then explains that he never blackmailed Gonul with it but only exposed Gonul’s truth. He tries to convince the police that he is innocent but they do not seem to believe him.

When Gonul and Ceylan return home, Asiye runs up to Gonul and asks her if Korkut was arrested. Furious, Ceylan criticizes Asiye and Gonul for scheming against Korkut to ruin his life. Asiye fights back that it is all Ceylan’s fault and berates her for being selfish and not considering her parents’ feelings before running off with a boy. Ceylan then leaves after saying that Asiye too is no good as she got Korkut arrested despite knowing that he is innocent. Asiye frets that perhaps they did really wrong to Korkut and Gonul assures her that they only did whatever they felt was right and that there is no use thinking too much about it. Asiye then notifies her of Memduh’s presence in the house.


A Love Story Episode 54When Memduh sees Gonul walk towards him, he wastes no time and gets straight to asking for his daughter. Stunned, she nervously states that he has no right over her daughter but he adamantly demands to meet his daughter. Just then, Ceynat arrives there and Memduh advances to lovingly run his hand over her head but she recoils in fear. He tells her that she need not fear him as he is her father. Confounded, Ceynat returns to her room as Memduh looks displeased by her cold behaviour. He warns Gonul of trying to incite Ceynat against him and promises to return to take his daughter with him.


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A Love Story Episode 54Ceylan calls Tolga to help Korkut get out of prison but he is unaware of the arrest. She tells him that Gonul had Korkut arrested for trying to harm Tolga and she asks him to help her out with the situation. But Tolga only chides her for supporting Korkut despite his conniving ways and refuses to help her.

Tahsin overhears her conversation and berates her for chasing after a loafer like Korkut. She asks him what is Korkut’s fault and he replies that he tried to kill Tolga by sending the CD to him. She defends that Korkut had no intentions of harming Tolga and Tahsin sneers that he very well knows what kind of a person Korkut is. She revolts that she feels suffocated to live with them and starts to leave to be with Korkut. However, Tahsin grabs her arm and drags her to her room where he locks her up despite her protests.

We then see Korkut being taken to the prison.



A Love Story Episode 54Ahmet returns from the market and screams for Emine who is working in the Kitchen with cotton stuffed in her ears. She reprimands her for not answering the phone which has been ringing incessantly and she says that she stuffed cotton in her ears so she could shut out weird voices that she has been hearing lately. Exasperated, Ahmet answers the call and is happy to know that Korkut has been arrested and has asked to notify Emine about his arrest. Ahmet takes this as a sign of good luck as taking over Emine’s house will now be easier in Korkut’s absence.

Tolga is pleased to know that Gonul had Korkut arrested. When he sees her upset, he explains that whatever she did was right as Korkut had tried to kill him. Gonul promptly counters that Korkut never intended to harm him but Tolga begs to differ. He says that Korkut must have planned his accident and she opposes that Korkut did not ask him to drink and drive and Tolga justifies that Korkut must have known that Tolga would drink when he feels emotional. Gonul is not convinced with his explanation and asks to talk later.


A Love Story Episode 54Ceynat, who has been overhearing their conversation, asks if Korkut is really in jail and Gonul answers in affirmative. Ceynat questions the reason behind his arrest and Tolga intercedes that he is suffering the consequences of his own actions. She then asks about Ceylan and Gonul tells her that she is with her family. Ceynat then rushes to Ceylan’s house and bumps into Tahsin who refuses to allow her to meet Ceylan. She nervously says, ‘it was my idea’ but then retracts when she realises that Tahsin has no clue of Ceylan’s elopement.

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