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A Love Story Episode 55Emine is awoken by Ahmet’s murmurings in the living room. She questions him about it and he vehemently denies talking on the phone. She firmly says that she heard him address someone as ‘sweetheart’ and he screams that she once again must be hearing unnatural sounds. He tells her that he will take her to the doctor and she looks reluctant about it. He scares her that if she continues to hear stuff then Umut might get frightened of her and shall run away. Scared, Emine agrees to see the doctor the next day and returns to her room while Ahmet gets back to talking to his girlfriend on the phone.

Ceylan patiently waits behind the door. The moment Asiye opens the door to check on her she quickly runs out of the room. Downstairs, Tahsin catches hold of her and scolds her for disrespecting her parents and trying to run away despite being engaged to Tolga. Ceylan protests that he should not be the one reprimanding her as she has seen him forcibly hold Gonul’s hand. Asiye is stunned to hear the revelation while Tahsin looks at her dumbstruck. Asiye then sides Ceylan and refrains Tahsin from stopping her. Ceylan leaves and Tahsin tries to explain himself but Asiye tells him that he can have a divorce if he wants because his affairs are neither hidden from her nor her children.


A Love Story Episode 55Much to Gonul’s dismay, Ceylan meets Ceynat and asks to help Korkut by telling the police that he recorded the video for her sake. Ceynat wonders why the police would trust her and she says that because the complainant is her mother Gonul. Furious, Gonul reprimands Ceylan for dragging Ceynat into these matters and asks her to leave right away. Ceynat looks at Gonul incredulously and Gonul explains that there are some things that she is not aware of and that Korkut is not what she thinks he is. Ceynat then grabs her bag and leaves the house saying that she would not return home till Korkut is in the prison.

In prison, Korkut sees Yilmaz who has now formed a small group with his prison mates. On seeing Korkut, he asks his friends to keep an eye on the jailer while he has a word with Korkut. Yilmaz then takes a seat beside Korkut on the bench and blames him for killing his unborn son. He tells him that he quashed his only hopes of leading a happy family and says that he will never forgive him. He urges Korkut to say something and Korkut calmly states that he is willing to accept any punishment from him. Korkut’s nonchalance infuriates Yilmaz and he chokes Korkut threating to kill him over and over again. The prison guards reach on time and peel Yilmaz off Korkut.


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A Love Story Episode 55Gonul tries to take back her complaint against Korkut but her lawyer says that it is not possible to do so. Tolga feels glad to know of it and sniggers that Korkut will be spending some more time behind bars. He tries to console an upset Gonul by saying that she did the right thing but she only rolls her eyes in response.

Emine and Ahmet return from the doctor’s clinic and Emine frets over a number of medicines she has been recommended. She tells Ahmet to not mention the medicines to Umut who might worry seeing them. Ahmet suggests he give the medicines to her so he can hide them and also give her daily doses on time. She thanks him for his help and states that he has improved a lot and is a much better person than before.


A Love Story Episode 55Ceylan goes to Korkut’s trailer and is surprised to see Ceynat already present there. Ceylan tells Ceynat that she visited the prison but was denied permission to meet Korkut. Ceynat tells her that she has left her mother’s home and will not return till Korkut is freed from jail. Ceylan tells her that she did the right thing and assures that they can take care of each other.

Gonul meets Memduh and asks him to help her find Ceynat. She tells him that Ceynat left home after she filed a complaint against Korkut. Memduh is surprised to know that Gonul has a problem with Korkut because of Tolga and she reminds him that he too hated Korkut till he found out about Tolga’s adoption. He agrees to find Ceynat and taunts Gonul that she might not be seeing her for long as she seems happy with her adopted son.


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A Love Story Episode 55Tolga asks Tahsin about Ceylan and he scolds him for not taking good care of Ceylan which has eventually led to her elopement.

Ceylan sits by the camp fire as Ceynat brings them both a drink. Ceylan says that Korkut and she were happy living together in the trailer. She mournfully states that they thought they could overcome all obstacles together and would convince everyone of their love. She says that they had no inkling that this would befall them. Ceynat tries to console her and Ceylan urges her to persuade Gonul to withdraw her complaint and have Korkut freed from the jail.


A Love Story Episode 55Ceynat calls Gonul who tells her that she did speak to her lawyer to withdraw her case but Korkut cannot be freed from the jail as his case is now gone to public prosecution. She begs Ceynat to return home but Ceynat abruptly hangs up on her saying that she will not return till Korkut comes out of jail.

Next morning, Tolga visits Ceylan at the trailer and asks to talk to her in private. He then offers to help her free Korkut from the jail. She agrees to do anything to get Korkut out and he asks her for a kiss. She berates him for asking such a thing when he is aware that she loves Korkut. He says it is just a matter of one kiss and she can have what she wants but she declines his offer and stalks off in anger.


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A Love Story Episode 55Ceylan and Ceynat wait outside the prison to meet Korkut but they are unable to gain permission as their lawyer tells them that Korkut is in medical care. He informs them of his fight within the prison because of which he is now under the medical care.

Asli overhears Najeeb tell Memduh that Yilmaz and Korkut are in the same prison and that they had a fight in which Korkut was left severely injured. Memduh is surprised by the coincidence that the two men are in the same prison and Najeeb says that somebody must have bribed the officials to have Korkut jailed in the same prison as Yilmaz. He expresses his concern for Korkut’s life and Memduh says that they have to protect Korkut from Yilmaz as that is the only way they can win over Ceynat and Najeeb leaves to take care of Memduh’s order.


A Love Story Episode 55Asli panics and calls Ceylan. She asks her the reason why Korkut is imprisoned. Ceylan does not answer her and Asli tells her that she got to know that he is in the same prison as Yilmaz and that Yilmaz is sure to have Korkut killed. Ceylan panics as she mutters that Korkut will be killed in the prison. Ceynat assures her that no such thing will happen and hugs her to comfort her but Ceylan cannot stop fretting over it.


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A Love Story Episode 55Ahmet meets his girlfriend who hands him a medicine that can make Emine lose her sanity. However, she warns him that an overdose can prove fatal for Emine and tells him to not try to kill his wife.

Emine panics when Asli tells her that Korkut is in jail. She demands to meet him right away but Asli assures that she has spoken to a lawyer who will handle the matter. Emine wails helplessly worried that Korkut might not be able to stay in prison and might even die there.


A Love Story Episode 55Ceylan contemplates Tolga’s offer and finally calls him and agrees to his condition. He tells her to meet him at his house later in the evening.

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