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A Love Story Episode 56Emine cries inconsolably as she frets over Korkut being in jail. Umut and Asli try to console her but nothing works. Just then, Ahmet arrives and gives her the medicine saying that she should have it in case she does not want Korkut to see her in such bad condition. Emine quickly consumes the medicine and tries to calm herself down.


A Love Story Episode 56Ceylan arrives at Tolga’s doorstep but gets cold feet. She repeats to herself that she has to do it for Korkut’s sake and then musters some courage to get in the house. Simultaneously, we see that Ceynat has reached the police station to recorded her statement in Korkut’s case.  She tells the police that the CD was sent to Gonul by her and that Korkut was only helping her out without having any clue of her intentions.

Ceylan feels angry on seeing Tolga’s room lit with candles. He offers her a drink and she snaps at him to get done fast as she has some place to be. He invites her in and she walks closer to him. As he leans in closer to her face she squeezes her eyes shut and stands still in her place. He plants a peck on her lips and she pushes him away saying that it is enough and he should now fulfil his promise and have Korkut freed from the prison. Tolga calls his dad and tells him to do the work they had discussed. Memduh says that it is too late now and that he will talk to his voice therapist tomorrow morning and hangs up. Tolga continues to pretend to speak like as if he is talking to Memduh and says that he knows such things take time and that he should at least start the procedure. (OMG!! Tolga you #$@!(#!#@#@# How dare you do that?? I really liked you in the starting of the show and look what you have become now. You disgust me.)


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A Love Story Episode 56Ceylan immediately leaves the room. The moment she is out, she rubs her lips vigorously like as if she is trying to clean an ink stain off her lips. Tolga blows off the candles and checks on the video recorder to see if his kiss was recorded properly. Seeing the recording he muses that he will never let Ceylan forget the kiss.


A Love Story Episode 56Memduh is having his meal when Asli asks him permission to leave the house in the afternoon. He tells her that she need not seek his permission and that she can go wherever she wants to. He then asks her where she plans to go and she says she wishes to meet Korkut’s sister. Intrigued by her immense love for Korkut he asks her why she likes him so much but before she can speak, Najeeb interrupts their conversation and informs Memduh that Ceynat has been arrested by the police as she has taken Korkut’s blame on herself. Infuriated, he orders Najeeb to get his daughter out of the jail right away.

1 month later

We see Ceynat waiting anxiously outside the prison for Korkut’s arrival. She jumps on him the moment he steps out. He asks her if her mother knows that she is there to receive him and she says that she does not live with Gonul anymore and that she now lives with her father. He thanks her for making such a big sacrifice for his sake and she states that he is the most important person in her life and that she will do anything for him. He then cheerfully bids her goodbye as he leaves to meet Ceylan.


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A Love Story Episode 56Umut tries to wake up Emine who has passed out on the couch. Ahmet tells him to allow her to sleep but he still tries to wake her up. When she gains consciousness he scolds her for sleeping when they were supposed to receive Korkut from the prison. Emine feels guilty about falling asleep and she tells Ahmet that she does not want to take those medicines anymore as it makes her drowsy. Ahmet then scolds Umut for troubling Emine and reminds him that the medicines her important for her to recover quickly. He then leaves the room with Umut as she repeats in vain that she is not ill and then falls asleep once again.

Ceylan sets the table with food for Korkut. She ecstatically hugs him on his arrival and welcomes him back. Happy to see food prepared by her he first leans in for a kiss but she retracts. He feels worried that something must have happened in his absence which makes her recoil in fear and she assures him that she is fine and just wants to move to another place where no one can see them.


A Love Story Episode 56Korkut gets in the trailer to freshen up. He opens his bag to check his belongings and switches his phone on. He eats the meal prepared by Ceylan and praises her dish. He then sits beside her and asks where she wishes to go. She tells him that any place will do as long as she can see the ocean from there. He holds her close to him and assures her that no one will ever be able to separate them again. Just then, his phone buzzes and he goes to the trailer to answer it.

When he says its Tolga’s call Ceylan dissuades him from answering it but it is too late as he answers the call. Tolga congratulates Korkut for being freed from prison and then asks him if he ever wondered how he got out of prison so quickly. He tells Korkut to check for his message and then hangs up.


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A Love Story Episode 56Ceylan stops Korkut from seeing Tolga’s message but he insists on seeing it. Despite her protests, he opens the message and is stunned to see the video in which Tolga is kissing Ceylan. Enraged, he retrieves his car keys and leaves the place. After he leaves, Ceylan checks his phone and is disappointed to see what she feared would be in the message.

Korkut confronts Tolga at his house and packs a hard punch across his face when Tolga makes a snide comment. Korkut says he pities Tolga as he does not know who his real parents are and Tolga sneers that he knows how he poisoned Memduh’s mind against him. He accuses Korkut of ruining his life and says that he will make him pay for it.


A Love Story Episode 56Tolga says that Korkut will never be able to get close to Ceylan without remembering Tolga. Sensuously rubbing his finger over his lips, he sniggers that Korkut will never be able to forget his and Ceylan’s kiss and that he too would never be able to erase the memory as it was a great kiss. Enraged, Korkut sticks out his gun on Tolga’s head. But Gonul reaches the spot on time and stands like a shield between Korkut’s gun and Tolga. She tells him to punish her as she was responsible for his prison term and begs to spare Tolga. Korkut screams that she is any way suffering for her misdeeds as she will never be able to hold her child again. He then chucks the gun and stalks off.


A Love Story Episode 56Asli meets Yilmaz in the prison and he feels overjoyed to see her before him. He asks her if she is happy living under Memduh’s shelter and she feels surprised to know that it was Yilmaz who arranged for her living with Memduh. He teases that Korkut would never do such a thing for her as he loves Asli more than Korkut. She then tells him to sign the papers she has left with the prison head and that she wants a divorce from him. He opposes the divorce and threatens to haunt her forever if she ever tries to leave him. Exasperated, Asli leaves the meeting room saying that now Memduh will tackle him.


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A Love Story Episode 56Memduh tries to make Ceynat happy by informing her that she will be studying in the best college in the UK. However, Ceynat does not look impressed by his gift and criticises him for trying to change her. She then leaves after rudely stating that she cannot be like him because he wasn’t there to see her grow up. Asli overhears their conversation and expresses her sympathy for Memduh and tells him that he should not give up on Ceynat as she is his daughter and that he should keep trying. Memduh looks content with her advice and asks her for a favour. She holds his hand and assures to do anything for him as she feels indebted to him for letting her live in his house.


A Love Story Episode 56In a musical rendition, we see Korkut observe Ceylan from afar as he struggles to wipe off the image of Tolga and Ceylan together. He tries to walk up to her but is unable to do so. Tired, he finally retreats in his car.

Korkut has left his phone at the trailer because of which Ceylan is unable to contact him. She calls his landline number which is answered by Umut who tells her that Korkut is not at home. After he hangs up, he hears Emine yelp from her room. He sees her scream frantically for help claiming to see rats all around her. Happy to see Emine hallucinate, Ahmet gives her some more medicine that puts her to sleep.


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A Love Story Episode 56Ceynat blushes recalling her encounter with Korkut outside the prison. Just then, Asli arrives and Ceynat shares her excitement at meeting Korkut. Asli warns her to keep away from Korkut as she has anyway lied a lot for him. Ceynat wonders what lie Asli is talking about and Asli reveals that she knows that Ceynat lied about knowing Korkut since childhood. She quickly assures Ceynat to keep the secret to herself and not divulge it to anyone. She then tells Ceynat that blindly trusting Korkut is not good as she knows nothing about him. She advises her to trust Memduh instead who is her father and will take good care of her.

Korkut returns to the trailer late at night in a drunken state. He tells Ceylan that he was on the verge of killing Tolga but he was saved by his mother. Ceylan tries to explain what happened but he does not want to hear anything from her. He asks for a drink and she stops him from drinking anymore. He tells her that images of her kissing Tolga keep flashing before his eyes and he wants to drink till he forgets everything.


A Love Story Episode 56Ceylan urges Korkut to look at her but he refuses that her face reminds him of Tolga and he is unable to meet her eyes. She starts to leave but he keeps her from leaving. She says that living together will be difficult if he cannot look at her and he says that they will have to do this together and that they will live and die together.

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