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A Love Story Episode 58Emine laments that she is responsible for Umut’s condition and Korkut tries in vain to console her. The doctor informs Korkut that Umut is now out of danger and that they will have to keep him under observation for some time. Korkut and Emine then check on Umut who is still unconscious and Korkut tells Emine to not beat herself too much as Umut is doing just fine. But despite his reassurances, she blames herself for trying to kill Umut and promises to never get close to Umut again.  

Ahmet arrives at the hospital and berates Emine for being irresponsible and trying to kill Umut. Korkut loses his cool and pins Ahmet to the wall and warns him from speaking further. But Ahmet continues to curse Emine and call her a lunatic. He tells Korkut that in his absence Emine’s mental condition got worse and that she has to seek medical attention to feel better. Korkut orders him to shut up and leave. Ahmet leaves after telling Korkut that he would be responsible if anything untoward happens to Umut. Emine tearfully admits that she is indeed ill and that she needs medical attention.

A Love Story Episode 58As Ceynat leaves her house, Asli asks about her plans and she says she is on her way to meet Ceylan. Asli says she knows that Ceylan is Korkut’s girlfriend and Ceynat is surprised that Asli knows so much about Korkut. Asli then tells her that since Korkut and Ceylan are dating, it is better she leaves the two love birds alone. Ceynat tells her that Ceylan and Korkut have had a fight and that she is on her way to find out the reason behind their tiff. Asli looks slightly happy and asks Ceynat to give her an update on their fight.

Gonul, who has been patiently waiting in her car outside Memduh’s house, emerges when she finally sees Ceynat leave the house. She rushes to Ceynat who looks displeased on seeing Gonul. Gonul begs for forgiveness and Ceynat says she cannot forgive her as she has hurt her more than her adoptive father. Gonul pleads to have another chance but Ceynat says she is happy with her father. Helpless, Gonul falls on her knees and begs Ceynat to forgive her and return home with her but Ceylan walks away leaving Gonul crying miserably after her.


A Love Story Episode 58Umut returns home from the hospital and Emine bids him goodbye saying that she has some place to be. She hugs him tightly and he asks her to not leave because of him. He promises to take good care of him but Ahmet intercedes and takes Umut home so Emine can quickly get herself admitted to the mental asylum. Ahmet then returns to hand Emine clothes that she might need at the mental asylum and she only requests him to take good care of Umut. Korkut requests Emine to change her decision and stay back while he will take her to the hospital regularly for her treatment but she refuses to budge saying that she harmed Umut and that she should go to a mental hospital.

A Love Story Episode 58Ceynat visits her adoptive mother and hands her her contact number and some money saying that she is grateful to her for taking care of her for all these years. Her adoptive mother scoffs at her and throws her money at her saying she needs nothing from her.

Ceynat receives a call from Tolga who asks to meet her saying that he intends to resolve their family issues.


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A Love Story Episode 58Outside the mental asylum, Korkut begs Emine to not get admitted and promises to bring her for treatment every day and also give her medicines on time. Emine says that she did take medicines but it showed no effect. She says that she needs to get admitted as Umut had to suffer because of her. She then tells him to return home as he may not like the sight of a mental hospital unlike her who is accustomed to the hospital’s atmosphere. He reluctantly gives in to her wishes and bids her a tearful goodbye. (This brother-sister duo act so well! I must say that Korkut’s dubbed voice is bang on. I have heard actor Seckin Ozdemir’s actual voice and I feel that his dubbed voice suits him more than his real voice.)

Ceynat arrives at the meeting place where Tolga tries to have a small talk with her but she derides his poor attempt at being friendly with her. He gives up the façade and says that he too cannot act as they clearly do not trust each other. Getting to the point, he asks if she is willing to have the DNA test done. Exasperated, she says that he will not get off her back till she gets it done and since she has nothing to hide there is no reason for her to decline it. She leads him to the hospital as Tolga sniggers that this time Korkut has had it.

A Love Story Episode 58Yilmaz’s minion gives him details to Memduh’s background and Yilmaz looks for his weakness. The minion tells him that Memduh was shattered when he lost his only son but is now doing well after he found his daughter who was discovered by Korkut. Yilmaz is surprised how Korkut always has something to do in his life. Yilmaz then tells his minion that Memduh’s daughter is his weakness as Memduh was left devastated after his son’s demise and having his daughter killed will be a much bigger blow to him.

Ceynat visits Korkut’s trailer but finds it empty. She calls Korkut and he tells her that Ceylan dumped him. He complains of how living on the streets was easier than living with the pain Ceylan inflicted on him by leaving him as he was in the prison. She tries to console him when he notices the bandage on her arm and she tells him that it is because a blood test. He asks her more about it and she tells him that Tolga was after her to have a DNA test done to prove that she is his sister and she had to relent to shut him up for good. Furious, Korkut scolds her for not speaking to him before going for the test and she nonchalantly says that it is no big deal as Tolga will finally know the truth. But Korkut looks worried at the new problem before him.

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A Love Story Episode 58Tahsin taunts Tolga for sitting around and not doing anything to call Korkut’s bluff and Tolga assures him that everything is going as per his plan and that the results will be out in two days. He asks Tahsin to be patient and keep Ceylan locked in the room. Just then, Gonul arrives and hears their plan. She reprimands them for forcefully trapping Ceylan in the house and orders Tolga to get her out of the room. Tolga strongly opposes and threatens to kill himself and Gonul gives in saying that they can do whatever they want to.

After Tolga leaves, Gonul tries to convince Tahsin to be sensible and not be bad to his daughter. He justifies his action saying that he is only trying to protect his daughter from Korkut. Gonul begs to know why Tahsin feels that Korkut is not trustworthy and he evades her question saying that he only feels that way which is why he tries hard to keep Ceylan away from Korkut.

A Love Story Episode 58Ahmet meets a lawyer who tells him that Ahmet will need to present a doctor’s report stating that Emine is not right in the head and after that he will become her legal guardian. Ahmet asks him about the house that belongs to Emine and he says that after Emine, Umut is the nominee of the house. Ahmet says that Umut is a little child and that he fears someone might take away the house fooling the little boy. The lawyer then assures Ahmet of legally transferring all the rights to him after doctors declare Emine lunatic.

Tahsin brings Ceylan clothes to wear which she hurls back at him and wishes to have been an orphan instead of having a father like him. Humiliated, Tahsin opens the door and asks her to leave saying that she can believe him to be dead. Ceylan collects her bag and then stomps out of the store room.


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A Love Story Episode 58Ceylan bumps into Asiye who urges her to return home with her. Ceylan refuses to return home and Asiye tells her that they can go to her grandmother’s house and have her married to Korkut after which she can happily live with him. Ceylan tells her that Korkut and she are living like a married couple. Stunned, Asiye berates her for breaking her trust and sleeping with a man she is not married to. She then turns her back to Ceylan and asks her to never come back home. As Asiye starts to walk away she feels giddy and collapses. Ceylan rushes to her aid and Tahsin follows.

A Love Story Episode 582 days later, Ceylan calls Korkut and tells him that she will have to stay at her house for a few more days and Korkut snaps that she can stay there as long as she wants as there is nothing left between them anymore. He chastises her for always deserting him after every fight. She tries to justify herself but he refuses to listen to her and criticizes her for staying in the same house as his enemy Tolga. She tries to tell him about Asiye but he interjects and taunts her for always coming up with an excuse to leave him. Frustrated, she gives up and they decide to finally call off their relationship.

A Love Story Episode 58Tahsin and Ceylan try to be nice to Asiye who is on the bed after the dizzy spell. But Asiye disses both of them.

Ceylan bumps into Tolga who teases her that Korkut has still not arrived to take her back with him. She tells him that he need not worry about Korkut and that he may forget what happened between them but she cannot. Tolga blocks her when she tries to walk away and tells her that he will prove today that Korkut is a liar. She asks him how he plans to do so and he tells her to join him to the hospital where Ceynat’s DNA result is due and she agrees to go with him. He calls Ceynat and asks her to be there at the hospital so receive the DNA test results.

A Love Story Episode 58Umut returns from a game and is stunned to see his father Ahmet with a lady in his house. He tries to runaway unnoticed but accidently drops a box that alerts Ahmet. Ahmet runs after Umut and scolds him for spying on him and Umut says that it is his house. Umut says that Emine was right about Ahmet being an evil man. Ahmet slaps Umut and threatens to kill him if he divulges anything to Emine.

Tolga receives the DNA test report from the nurse and Ceylan grows impatient to know the result. But Tolga does not open the envelope till Korkut and Ceynat don’t arrive. Korkut feels angry when he sees Ceylan with Tolga and she sternly tells him that he need not assume anything as she is there only to see Tolga proven wrong. Korkut feels agitated and urges Tolga to open the envelope and Tolga does it at his own pace enjoying every second of the suspense.

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