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A Love Story Episode 59Tolga opens the envelope and his eyes widen in horror as he murmurs something. It is evident that the result is positive and Ceynat has been proven to be Gonul’s daughter. Korkut quickly snatches the report and tears it up before tossing it in the air. He then taunts Tolga if he finally has his answer and says that they knew they were in the right. In a flashback scene, we see Korkut persuade Emine to allow a nurse to draw blood from her veins which was then used to swap with Ceynat’s blood and that is how the DNA result came positive. Korkut and Ceynat storm out of the hospital as Tolga stares after them in disbelief.


A Love Story Episode 59Korkut makes a haste to leave and Ceylan asks him to calm down. She asks him about Ceylan and he says that Ceylan is out of his life forever. She does not look convinced and reminds him of how much he loved her and he says that he too thought the same till he discovered that she left him for someone else. He disdainfully adds that Ceylan turned out to be like every girl who ever left and that now he has decided to live alone forever. Ceynat grabs his arms and says that she loves him.

Korkut rolls his eyes and does not take her seriously. To prove her point, she jumps in front of a moving car and he pulls her back to safety. He reprimands her for acting reckless and he threatens to repeat it if he does not change his attitude towards love. She asks him to not be cynical and he is forced to wonder if she is serious about being in love with him. He begs her to reveal that she is joking and Ceynat feels offended that she is confessing her love to him while is disregarding her feelings. Exasperated, Korkut gets in his car as he sighs being surrounded by weirdos.


A Love Story Episode 59Umut gets into a scuffle with his friend who teases him for being a lunatic like his mother. Gonul sees Umut fight and manages to break up the two boys. She then tells him that she will take him home and have him changed in clean clothes before Emine sees him like that. He regretfully informs her that Emine no longer lives with him as she has been admitted to a mental asylum.

In the mental hospital, a man lecherously approaches Emine with an apple urging her to eat but before he can get closer, Gonul spots her and Emine happily embraces her. Emine wallows in self-pity and continues to criticize herself for trying to kill Umut. Gonul consoles her that she is a good mother who never abandoned her son despite all difficulties.


A Love Story Episode 59Korkut sees Gonul and Emine together and halts in his tracks. Emine feels overwhelmed by Gonul’s assurances and she says that had Gonul been her mother she would have loved her a lot. Korkut is moved to tears seeing the mother-daughter hug each other. Emine then notices Korkut standing before her and she calls out to him. To avoid any awkward confrontation, Gonul starts to leave and Korkut asks her what brought her there. She tells him that Umut told her about Emine’s condition and Korkut warns her to keep away from him and his family.

Gonul protests why he is being so mean to her and he snarls that she never took good care of her own daughter and only harassed her which is why she ran away from her. She questions what wrong did she do to Ceynat and he says that she never trusted her and has her undergo the DNA test. Gonul gapes at him incredulously and denies having done any test. Korkut realises that it was all Tolga’s brain and Gonul had nothing to do with it. But he still holds her responsible for not keeping a tab on Tolga. He tells her that Ceynat is hurt and shall never forgive her and neither will he forgive her.


A Love Story Episode 59Tolga regretfully informs Tahsin that the DNA results clearly indicate that Ceynat is Gonul’s daughter. Tahsin is stunned and asks Tolga if he is sure that the report for authentic and Tolga assures him that they were wrong and that Korkut was indeed right.

Asiye tells Ceylan she is now fine and that she can return to Korkut. Ceylan responds that Korkut and she broke up. Asiye feels paranoid and she curses Korkut for being like any other man. She laments that Korkut got what he wanted and conveniently dumped her. Asiye is interrupted by Gonul who rushes home looking for Tolga.


A Love Story Episode 59Gonul finds Tolga by the pool with Tahsin. She berates him for forcing Ceynat to undergo the DNA test but Tahsin intervenes saying that the test was essential as they suspected Korkut of lying. Gonul loses her temper saying that she is fed up with everyone blaming Korkut for every single thing. Tahsin then says that he had a reason to doubt Korkut as it was he who left her kids in the orphanage. Stunned, Gonul slaps Tahsin and orders him to get out of her sight.


A Love Story Episode 59After spending the whole day outdoors, Umut returns home and nervously asks Ahmet for some food. Ahmet does not allow him to enter the house and brings him a measly bun to eat. Umut says he is unwell and should eat more but Ahmet scolds him for being too demanding and shuts the door on his face.

Umut feels relieved when he sees Korkut arrive. Korkut asks him why he is out of the house eating bread and cheese as eating so little will make him sick and Emine will never spare him for not feeding Umut. Ahmet hears Korkut’s voice and quickly hides his girlfriend. He then opens the door and feels nervous on seeing Korkut. Korkut asks him why he is feeding Umut such an unhealthy snack and he replies that it was what Umut asked for. Korkut looks at Umut who makes an innocent face and Korkut senses something amiss. Ahmet suggests they all go out for dinner but Korkut declines it and walks inside the house looking for food.


A Love Story Episode 59Ahmet’s girlfriend hides behind the bedroom door from where she hears Korkut scold Ahmet for keeping the kitchen dirty and not having enough food to eat. Ahmet tells him that he was unwell and also did not have the money to buy anything for Umut or himself. Korkut then hands him some money which he gladly accepts.

Korkut tells Umut that he will visit him every day till Emine returns. He then tells Umut that his father will cook him some food soon and Umut looks at him dejectedly. Korkut senses something but does not act upon it and leaves Umut in Ahmet’s care.


A Love Story Episode 59Ceylan tells Asiye that they have to leave the house soon and Asiye taunts that Tahsin and she have brought shame to their family and that they have no place to go now. She tells Ceylan that needs some time to arrange for another place and just then Tahsin enters with his luggage. He tells Asiye that he still has some stuff left in his room and Asiye says that she will send it to him when he finds a place to live. As he starts to leave, he states that whatever bad is happening to them, it is only because of Korkut and he hopes that they realise it soon. After he leaves, Asiye sneers that Korkut has already got what he wanted it is just that Tahsin is unaware of it. A tear trickles down Ceylan’s cheeks as she runs to her room.


A Love Story Episode 59At night, Ceynat receives a call from her adoptive mother who begs for her forgiveness. She tells Ceynat that she repents being bad to her. She sobs that despite being a bad mother, Ceynat visited her and even asked if she needed any help which moved her deeply and she feels extremely guilty about abusing Ceynat for so many years. Ceynat feels bad and she offers to visit her again and her mother tells her that she need not come to her house and must stay happy where she is. As soon as Ceynat hangs up, we see her adoptive mother quit her façade and tell her husband that Ceynat will be visiting them tomorrow. He tells her that Ceynat left them a few pennies compared to the amount they spent on bringing her up. He says that they should not leave her without extracting a huge sum of money from her. She looks a little unhappy with his plan and he reminds her of how Ceylan tried to break them up and says that this is the right thing to do. 


A Love Story Episode 59Korkut arrives with Ceylan’s belongings and Asiye chastises him for taking advantage of her innocent daughter and then abandoning her. She criticises him for breaking Ceylan’s trust and bringing shame to her family. Korkut says he never abandoned her and that it was she who left him. She counters that if he didn’t leave her then why didn’t he call her even once in so many days. He then turns and walks resolutely towards Ceylan and asks her to marry him. Flummoxed, she asks him why he wants to marry her all of a sudden after despising the sight of her.


A Love Story Episode 59He insists on getting married and she demands the reason for changing his mind. Exasperated, he tells her that he is only trying to make the wrong right and that he is strong enough to take good care of her. She scoffs that he is a weak man who walks in and out of her life as he pleases. She scornfully tells him that he has been playing with her feelings while she looked helplessly. She barks at him to leave at once and he readily agrees saying that he at least tried. She says that he need not marry her only because they spent a night together. He looks a little uneasy and she promises to not bother him with any drama that he suspects she will cause. He leaves her bag in front of her and then walks up to Asiye and says that he tried to convince her but she declined his proposal.


A Love Story Episode 59Ceylan screams at Asiye for forcing Korkut to marry her and Asiye worries about Ceylan’s future. Ceylan admonishes her for thinking of what people have to say when Ceylan is clearly in pain because of a heartbreak. Asiye counters that Ceylan will have to pay the price of the shameful deed that she has done and Ceylan tearfully protests that she did not do anything wrong. Asiye tells her that she may not realise her mistake now but in the future when she will fall in love again and the man refuses to marry her because of this, she will repent. Ceylan cries saying that she can never fall for such a man. She then says that if Asiye would have supported her her pain would have eased a little.


A Love Story Episode 59Tolga brings Gonul breakfast in the bed and requests her to not fret too much as he will apologise to Ceynat and bring her back home. She looks sceptical of his plan and he assures that he will own up to his mistake and convince her to return home. Relieved, Gonul hugs Tolga and asks if he made breakfast for her and he says that Asiye made it. She asks if they are still there and he tells her that Tahsin has left and Asiye and Ceylan will leave after they find a house.

Gonul taunts Ceylan while making breakfast. Ceylan does not react initially but she loses her cool when Asiye sneers that she will have to slog like a maid all her life after what she has done. She then insists Ceylan marry Korkut and Ceylan screams that she will never marry him. Tolga walks in on them fighting and Ceylan storms out of the kitchen.


A Love Story Episode 59Seizing the opportunity, Tolga tells Asiye that he knew Korkut would leave Ceylan one day and Asiye sobs at her daughter’s misfortune. He tells her that he is in a way responsible for what happened and agrees to marry Ceylan. He says that he stills loves her a lot and does not mind her past. He tells her that they can get married without telling anyone and she tells him that Ceylan will never consent to marry him. He tells her to persuade her as she might listen to Asiye.


A Love Story Episode 59Korkut reports for work and Asli bring him a suit to wear as Memduh’s driver. He flatly refuses to wear and she chuckles saying that she knew he would never agree to wear a suit and had even told Memduh about it. She then reminds him of their past when she had forced him to wear a suit and he promised to wear one for their marriage. He retorts that the suit was then worn by Yilmaz when she married him. Rubbing salt on his wounds, Asli asks him about Ceylan and he starts to walk away from her. She then remarks that they both tried to find love away from each other but could never succeed which implies that destiny wants them together. Korkut moves closer to her and sneers that there is no such thing as destiny and just then Ceynat walks in on them. Asli senses Ceynat’s arrival and quickly changes the topic and says that she will inform Memduh that he does not want to wear the drivers’ suit.   



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