A Love Story: Episode 6

Show Title: A Love Story

Country: Turkey

Channel: Zee Zindagi

Timings: Monday to Saturday 8 pm


A Love Story                      

Written Update: Episode 6

A Love Story Episode 6

Gonul wipes her tears as she enters the hall room. She tells Ceylan that she had decided not to watch sad films but somehow she always ends up watching one and feels gloomy after it. Gonul elaborates that the movie showed a woman giving away her kids to another woman because she was too poor to bring them up herself. She prays that such a thing never happens to any woman. Assuming the standing man in the room to be Tolga, Gonul calls him to her and turns to see a stranger in his place. Ceylan explains that the stranger is her friend who entered her house thinking it was hers. Korkut looks away unable to contain the tears flowing from his eyes. He finally musters some courage and turns to face Gonul who is surprised to see his tear stricken face. Korkut tries to speak something but words refuse to come out as he tearfully gazes at Gonul. Unable to speak, Korkut walks out and a befuddled Gonul asks Ceylan the reason behind his tears and an equally confused Ceylan explains that he must have felt bad about something and rushes to catch up with him.


A Love Story Episode 6

Ceylan runs after Korkut but is unable to catch up with him. Still assuming him to be in love with her, she apologetically screams that she understands his feelings but she can’t help him as she is in love with someone else.

Tolga returns home and asks Gonul about Ceylan and she cheerfully informs him about her surprise encounter with her boyfriend. Tolga looks upset on hearing about Ceylan’s boyfriend and reconfirms if Ceylan actually visited his home with her boyfriend and Gonul reaffirms that she even saw the boy crying probably because they had a fight. Tolga is disappointed that Ceylan never mentioned her boyfriend to him and decides to confront her right away.


A Love Story Episode 6

In her room, Ceylan is looking at the note Korkut had left for her in Germany when Tolga barges into her room and questions about her boyfriend. She vehemently denies having a boyfriend when he grabs the note from her hand. He looks discomposed as he reads the word ‘sweety’ on the note and angrily grills her about it. Ceylan explains that her friend from Germany was here to meet her and had mistakenly entered his house thinking it was hers. Tolga once again asks her if the boy wasn’t her boyfriend and she exasperatedly repeats that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and pushes him out of her room.

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A Love Story Episode 6

Umut asks Emine if there is anything more for lunch and cheers happily when Emine tells him that she has prepared some chicken with potatoes. However, his excitement dies when she tells him that she accidentally burnt the food. She offers to make him an omelet but he yells at her for burning the chicken and leaves the room angrily. Emine runs after him but he continues to scream at her calling her a bad mother. As Korkut arrives with a toy in his hand he sees Umut yell at Emine. He smacks Umut on his head and pulls him up for disrespecting Emine and drags him inside the house. He then forces him to eat the chicken. Emine feeds Umut and promises him to stay by the gas the next time she cooks. Umut gulps down the chicken as Korkut glowers at him. Korkut then tells Umut that –

“Your mother may be poor, may burn food, and may even embarrass you, but at least she hasn’t abandoned you.”

Umut looks scornfully at Korkut as Emine rubs his head lovingly and feeds him. She then jumps in excitement on seeing the toy Korkut bought for Umut.


A Love Story Episode 6

Umut is playing with the robot toy that Korkut brought for him when Hakki asks him for Korkut’s number. Umut says that he doesn’t have his number and Hakki scolds him for lying. Hakki then tells Umut that Korkut will be the one looking after him after Hakki passes away. Hakki’s words get to Umut and he hands over some money to Hakki. Hakki looks at him quizzically and Umut says that it is the money he has been saving and that they do not need anyone as he is capable enough to take care of himself and his mother. The little boy’s grit moves Hakki and his tearfully hugs Umut.

Korkut once again waits outside Gonul’s house and this time he tails Tolga’s car.


A Love Story Episode 6

Asiye grumbles about the wrinkles on her face as she peeks at her reflection in a teapot. Gonul looks over her and suppresses her laughter. Gonul interrupts Asiye’s thoughts asking her what she was up to and Asiye lies that she was just checking if the teapot was clean. As Asiye gives Gonul her tea she looks observantly at Asiye’s face and asks her if she wants to meet her doctor. Asiye looks surprised by the question and Gonul tells her that she has developed a lot of wrinkles on her face and that single injection by her doctor will help her get rid of it. Asiye instead counters that she has no wrinkles at all and that her skin is actually glowing. Asiye then gets going to complete a chore as Gonul barely stifles a chuckle.

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A Love Story Episode 6

Tolga practices a romantic dance number with a female dancer as Ceylan uneasily gazes at him from afar.

Tolga declares a break and walks up to Ceylan for her opinion on the dance. She honestly replies that she didn’t like his dance and he accepts her opinion. She is taken aback by this and asks him if he really trusts her opinions and he replies that he does trust her a lot.

Eda walks in to surprise Tolga who pulls her in for a hug as Ceylan awkwardly looks away. All this is being observed by Korkut who is secretly keeping an eye on them from a gap between the doors.


A Love Story Episode 6

Tolga gets back to his rehearsal and sings a romantic song looking at Eda who looks least interested in the song. She rises to leave and Tolga runs to stop her. He insists she stay back for some more time but Eda refuses saying she has to resume her shoot. He asks her to leave her shoot as he despises her co-star who seeks opportunities to get close to her. Eda scolds Tolga for acting childish and leaves in a huff. Tolga runs after Eda and Ceylan stops him from doing so.


A Love Story Episode 6

Ceylan tries to make Tolga understand that Eda isn’t wrong in this case as it is her job but Tolga explains that he doesn’t trust her co-star and chases after Eda.

Tahsin calls up the TV producer who had contacted Gonul a few days ago regarding a man looking for his mother. He asks her if the man looking for his parents has found them and she replies that the man has found his sister and that they stopped following his case after that. She abruptly hangs up on Tahsin before divulging any more details about the man.

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A Love Story Episode 6

Asiye overhears Tahsin request someone, to not hang up on him and looks at him suspiciously. She questions him about the phone call and he says he was talking to a TV producer regarding some work. She doesn’t buy his story as he has been zoning out way too much lately. She warns him of leaving him if he is ever found doing something he shouldn’t do. Tahsin lovingly pacifies her by asking if his ‘beautiful’ wife is angry with him and she says that she is worried for him. He tells her to not worry too much as he is doing fine.


A Love Story Episode 6

Eda is at the shooting location when she receives a call from her father who yells at her over a news report. Eda is disappointed with his reaction as he didn’t even bother to ask her about it. Frustrated, she screams that she has had enough and that she wants to leave everything before hanging up on him. Seeing her upset, her co-star tries to console her and puts his arm around her shoulders.


A Love Story Episode 6

Seeing Eda so close to her co-star Tolga, who has been keeping an eye on her from a distance, loses his cool and walks to him and Eda. Tolga warns him to stay away from Eda and the two men are almost in a scuffle when Eda shouts at them for making a joke of her life. She says that the two men claim to love her when in reality they only love themselves. She then falls backward into the water. Tolga quickly plunges in to rescue her but starts struggling himself, as he doesn’t know to swim.

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A Love Story Episode 6

Ceylan is about to jump after Tolga when Korkut grabs her by her waist before pushing her behind and leaping into the water. Korkut first helps Eda to the surface and then helps Tolga reach the shore. Tolga and Eda are immediately rushed to a hospital in an ambulance but Korkut is left alone drenched from head to toe.

Ceylan borrows a blanket from a crew member and wraps it around Korkut. She thanks Korkut for saving Tolga’s life and then asks him the reason why he has been following her relentlessly. She repeats that they can’t be together as she loves someone else and requests him to stop stalking her. A buzzing sound hums in Korkut’s ears as he suffers a blackout and passes out in front of Ceylan who screams for help on seeing him collapse.


A Love Story Episode 6

A doctor examines Korkut’s vital signs and advises him to undergo some more tests which Korkut fiercely rejects saying that he is totally fine. The doctor insists on keeping him under observation for at least a day and Korkut strongly resists till Ceylan intervenes and makes him stay put in his bed. Ceylan tells him to not worry about the money and he retorts that he isn’t worried about the expense and she questions him if he intends to die. She leaves to check on Tolga and instructs him to stay right there and not to run away in her absence.

Ceylan bumps into Eda who is trying to sneak out of the hospital. Ceylan berates her for leaving without checking up on Tolga who almost gave his life for her. Eda says that everybody faces problems because of her and that it is better she stays away from them. Ceylan discerns that Eda jumped into the water after having a fight with her father and Eda hugs Ceylan saying that she is the only person who understands her. Eda asks Ceylan to tell Tolga that she doesn’t want to meet him again before walking away.


A Love Story Episode 6

Tolga sees Eda walk away and asks Ceylan if Eda is angry with him and she tells him that Eda doesn’t want to see him again. Worried, Tolga runs behind Eda and asks her the reason why she didn’t come to see him. She scoffs that she doesn’t want to see him and needs to be left alone for some time. She then hails a cab and leaves without looking back a Tolga.

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A Love Story Episode 6

Korkut, who has witnessed the entire confrontation, walks up to Tolga and asks him why he is out of his ward. Tolga doesn’t recognize him and Korkut introduces himself saying that he had rescued him from drowning. Tolga thanks him for saving him and a ball from a nearby playground comes rolling in their direction. Korkut asks Tolga to join him for a game of football and Tolga confesses of not knowing how to play football as his mother never allowed him to play sports that would tire him owing to his asthma problems.

Korkut persists Tolga join him for a game and insists on being the captain as he is older than Tolga and is like an elder brother to him. Tolga gleefully joins him saying that he always wished for an elder brother. (I just love the background score of this show especially the one being played during this scene. If anybody knows where to find this music please let me know. 🙂 )


A Love Story Episode 6

Ceylan is scolding the hospital receptionist for not knowing about Tolga’s whereabouts and turns to see Tolga walk in with Korkut. Tolga asks Ceylan if she met Korkut and then introduces Korkut to her saying that Ceylan is his assistant and everything as Korkut glares at Ceylan. Ceylan notices Tolga sweating profusely and he excitedly tells her that they were playing football. She berates him for playing football despite being unwell and having asthma. But he happily tells her that he had fun scoring two goals and that next time he fights with Eda he will play football to divert his mind. Ceylan insists they leave after Tolga’s tests so his mother doesn’t suspect anything and they say goodbye to Korkut before leaving.

Asiye is trying to reach Ceylan who doesn’t seem to answer her call. Seeing Asiye agitated Gonul asks her the reason behind it and she says that she is trying to talk to Ceylan but she doesn’t answer her call as Tolga keeps her busy the whole day. Gonul counters that Tolga may not always be the reason behind it and that Ceylan must be busy with her boyfriend. Asiye is stunned to hear about Ceylan’s boyfriend from Gonul who chirps that she has already met the guy and that Ceylan and he seem to be having some problems. She then adds that since Ceylan is a smart girl she will resolve it quickly. Asiye changes the topic and Gonul hands her a recipe she wanted Asiye to prepare.


A Love Story Episode 6

Ceylan confirms if Tolga is feeling fine and he answers that his reports indicate that he is fit as a fiddle. She remarks that she was worried for him and he replies that he is aware of his asthma and has always diligently followed the rules. He complains that he couldn’t properly thank Korkut for saving him and she tells him that she has already done so. He surmises that she dislikes him and she states that she doesn’t know him to dislike him. Seeing her annoyed, he complains to not be able to understand what’s on her mind. She flares up and asks him to cut Korkut’s topic and get back to discussing what Tolga did today as his mother is bound to be angry at him for leaving his rehearsal mid-way.

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