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A Love Story Episode 68Korkut struggles to look up but eventually manages to say ‘yes’ to the marriage. They both sign their marriage certificate and Ceylan stomps his foot as a part of Turkish tradition. She asks him if it hurt and warns him to get accustomed to it as she is going to keep him under her control after their marriage. The marriage officer declares them husband and wife. They then rise and Korkut lifts Ceylan’s veil and plants a soft kiss on her forehead. Ceylan beams with joy as their wedding guests join them on the stage.


A Love Story Episode 68An emotional Asiye blesses the couple and wishes them a happy married life and Ceylan lovingly embraces her mother. Korkut tells Tahsin that he will certainly keep his promise and Tahsin says that he is sure that Korkut will keep his word. Rest of the guests wish Ceylan before Tahsin moves to plant a kiss on his daughter’s forehead. He asks her if she still hates him and she vehemently denies it and pulls him into a hug saying that he means her life to her.


A Love Story Episode 68Yilmaz is happy to break the news of Korkut’s wedding to Asli who refuses to believe him. He tells her that she has now officially lost her support in Korkut and that she is stuck with the old man Memduh. He tells her that he will now never help her even if she begs him to. Asli fights back her tears and screams at Yilmaz to never call her again.

Memduh notices Asli crying and asks her the reason for her tears. She lies that Yilmaz called her and threatened to have her and Memduh killed saying that she has no right to ever be happy in life. Memduh fumes with rage and assures her to tackle Yilmaz and make him pay the price of troubling her.


A Love Story Episode 68Emine and Umut leave the house for Korkut and Ceylan to spend time alone as a newly married couple. After Emine leaves, Ceylan insists Korut carry her to their room but he flatly refuses saying that they are not a filmy couple to do such stuff. She sulks that he has changed so soon after their marriage and he asks her what she expects of him. She tells him that she will always be happy the way he plans to keep her. She then rushes inside and brings couple rings and asks him to wear it as they are now married to each other. He begrudgingly takes the ring and walks inside the house leaving Ceylan confused about his sudden change in behaviour.

Asiye, Ece and Selim return home and Asiye cribs about the mellow wedding Ceylan had where they didn’t invite a single relative. Ceynat sees them and asks what the matter is and Ece tells her that Ceylan got married. Ceynat asks if she got married to Korkut and Ece confirms it wondering who else she was expecting Ceylan to get married to. Ceynat looks slightly disconcerted by Korkut’s wedding news.


A Love Story Episode 68Korkut locks himself in his room and Ceylan has to request him to see her. With great effort he steps out of the room and tells her that they are not really husband and wife because theirs is a marriage of convenience. He says that he married her so she does not have to answer people. He tells her that she is free to return to her parents and that she can even divorce him if she wants to.

He stalks off and she follows him saying that she does not believe him as he himself said that he loves her after which she agreed to marry him. He justifies that he had to lie or else she would not have consented to their marriage. She calls him an evil man and he retorts that he is actually a nice man as he helped to save her face in public and that she will never have to be embarrassed about spending a night with him. She says that she never felt embarrassed of that night before but seeing his attitude she now regrets it. She protests that she never begged him to marry her and he says that she will soon know the reason why and that he does not feel the need to explain his actions.


A Love Story Episode 68Tolga reaches the barber’s shop in an inebriated state where he meets Tahsin. He accuses Tahsin of ruining his life by protecting Korkut and not revealing his truth. Tahsin tells him that Ceylan never loved him and Tolga accuses him of ruining Ceylan’s life by having her married to a person like Korkut only because he is scared of Korkut. Tahsin loses his cool and is about to slap him when the barber intervenes saying that Tolga is not in his senses. Tolga then leaves saying that Tahsin will repent his decision.

Ceylan rips her wedding dress in anger. She receives a call from Tolga who tells her that he is in a lot of pain. She screams that guys are selfish and only think about their pain. She says that she will now either kill herself or both him and Korkut as they are responsible for the mess before chucking her phone away in anger. Tolga however, is really in pain and collapses on some stairs by the roadside.


A Love Story Episode 68Yilmaz guffaws when he learns about Korkut’s plan of making Ceylan hate him so his death does not hit her hard. He advises him to spend the last few days with the woman he loves so they have fond memories together but Korkut says he has to work on his plan as he wants Ceylan to move on happily after his demise and for that he is willing to have her hate him. Yilmaz counters that hating the one you love is not easy or else he would still not been in love with Asli. Korkut then states that this is the reason why he wants Ceylan to hate him so his demise becomes easy for her to bear.


A Love Story Episode 68Tolga is in the hospital where the doctor asks his family to be called in as he is on the verge of suffering a heart attack.

Korkut returns home to see Ceylan with her wedding gown lying on the floor. He orders her to leave and she refuses saying that she knows he is lying as she is positive of his love for her. He firmly denies and asks her why would he lie. She says she knows he is pushing her away from himself on purpose but does not know the reason why. He screams that he does not love her and she refuses to believe him. He calls her delusional and she asks if he would like to eat something. As she starts towards the kitchen he grabs her arm and asks her if she is unable to understand his order and she replies that she does not want to understand him. She says it’s hard to believe his sudden change in behaviour and he says that it is not sudden.


A Love Story Episode 68He reminds her that they grew apart when she kissed Tolga. Tears well up in her eyes as she says that it was in the past and he says that she must have forgotten it but not him. He sniggers that there is no such thing as true love and that it is all fake filmy concepts. He then repeats that she can leave if she wants to but if she decides to stay then she will have to work at home. He then rudely orders her to bring some food for him and she silently obeys.


A Love Story Episode 68As soon as Ceylan enters the kitchen Korkut hears a glass break and Ceylan flinch. Worried, he rushes to check on her and grabs her hand to see if she hurt herself. Ceylan however, sneers that he should not be concerned about someone he hates so bad. Realising his mistake, he stares at her wide-eyed and she says that she knows he loves her and is merely put up an act of hating her for some reason unknown to her. He is furious that she was only testing him so he calls Asli while telling Ceylan that a married man should not have an affair outside his marriage but he will have one. He calls Asli who beams with excitement on his call and happily agrees to meet him. Memduh overhears her conversation and asks who she was talking to and she lies that it was her brother on the phone. Memduh looks tad disturbed but does not say anything.

After Korkut hangs up, Ceylan says that she is more than convinced that he is hiding something from her. Korkut says that she can continue to be delusional or accept the truth before her. Tears roll down her eyes as she runs to her room. Korkut then chucks the phone hard musing that he is doing this for her good so she finds it easy to move on after his death.


A Love Story Episode 68Tolga’s doctor informs Gonul about Tolga’s heart condition and she seems completely unaware of his heart ailment. The doctor tells her that Tolga’s accident had a severe impact on his weak heart. She says that back then everyone was concerned about his voice because of which his heart problem was side-lined and has now aggravated. Gonul pleads the doctor to do her best to save her son and the doctor says that they are doing their best but since his heart has weakened they are not sure if their treatment will be successful. Depressed, Gonul starts sobbing as the doctor asks her to be strong.

Emine enters the house discreetly so as to not disturb Ceylan and Korkut but is surprised to see Korkut sleeping separately. Just then Ceylan steps out of her room and Emine asks her why they slept separately when they are married to each other. But Korkut wears his jacket and rushes to his room.


A Love Story Episode 68Ceylan walks after him and sees him remove some money from the envelope that he had received from Gonul on their wedding day. She asks him why Gonul gave him such a huge amount of money and he snaps that it is his life and he is not answerable to her. She asks him if he is in debt but he does not answer her. She brushes her aside and walks out and she runs after him. She asks him where he is going and he screams that he is going to meet Asli. He says he will be late and that she need not wait for him. She screams that his return or no return makes no difference to her and has no need to wait for him. As Korkut leaves, he quickly slips his wedding ring on his finger. His car speeds past Yilmaz’s car who then follows Korkut to have a word with him.


A Love Story Episode 68Yilmaz is shocked to see Korkut meet Asli in a park. Hiding behind a tree, he sees Asli hold Korkut’s hand and Yilmaz instantly regrets forgiving Korkut. Meanwhile, Korkut requests Asli to leave Memduh and return to Yilmaz. She says she will leave Memduh only if he agrees to return to Germany with her. He shows her his wedding ring and says that he is already married. She asks him why he ruined Ceylan’s life despite knowing that he is to die soon. He evades her question and repeats that she should return to Yilmaz. She argues that Yilmaz is not her husband as she is divorcing him. She then rises to leave saying that since Korkut has no feelings for her he must not have anything to do with her relationship with Memduh.


A Love Story Episode 68Emine and Ceylan prepare a dough for food and Emine tells Ceylan to be nice to her brother as she knows he loves her a lot. Ceylan says that she too knows of his immense love for her but is just not sure of why he’s acting strange lately.


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