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A Love Story Episode 69Korkut hands over the envelope given by Gonul to the real estate agent and tells him to give it to the house owner so Emine can have her house back. The agent looks hesitant and tells Korkut that the buyer does not wish to sell his house to Korkut. Korkut rightly guesses that the man has gotten greedy and wants more money. He agrees to pay more and asks the agent to keep the money with him for now till he gets the remaining amount.

Asiye and Tahsin visit Ceylan and Korkut’s house where Asiye feels disappointed on seeing Korkut’s house for the first time. She feels disheartened by the fact that her daughter will be living in poverty just like she has lived her life. Annoyed, Tahsin states that they have always had food earned through honest hard work. Asiye tells him that this isn’t about him but about a mother who always wishes good for her daughter.


A Love Story Episode 69Ceylan happily welcomes her parents and Emine offers to help Tahsin with the box he has bought for Ceylan. Emine then leaves to get some refreshments as Ceylan chitchats with her parents. Tahsin pointedly tells Ceylan that she can always come back home as it is still her house. Ceylan states that she is happy living with Korkut and does not wish to return home. Asiye then tells Ceylan that she can always count on them in case she needs any help. Confused, Ceylan says that she is happy with Korkut and will always live happily the way he decides to keep her. Asiye teases Ceylan for siding with her husband and tells her that they only wish to see her happy and nothing else. Seeing Ceylan beaming with joy, Tahsin recalls Korkut’s promise of breaking Ceylan’s heart and he rushes out to call him.

He calls Korkut and scolds him for lying to him about being mean to Ceylan. He tells him that Ceylan looks happy to be with him when he had promised to have her leave him forever. Korkut justifies that he has been trying his best to push her away from himself, but Ceylan just won’t budge. Tahsin does not believe him and reprimands him for making false promises and harming people just like he harmed Tolga who is currently in the hospital. Korkut is shocked and decides to visit Tolga right away.

A Love Story Episode 69At the hospital, Gonul is devastated hearing that Tolga has only fifty percent chance at survival. The doctor tells her not be disheartened but Gonul does not look too hopeful. The doctor advises that Tolga should have a heart transplant to survive.

When she sees Korkut in the hospital she lambastes him for putting Tolga in such a condition. She berates him for ruing her family despite being showered with love. She scornfully states that it is good he hasn’t found his mother as no mother would ever want a son like him and that it is better to not have a child at all instead of having a deceitful son like him. She vows to kill him herself if anything unfortunate befalls Tolga.


A Love Story Episode 69Ceylan and Emine go through the gifts her parents brought her when Korkut charges towards her and grabs her by her arm. He orders her to leave right away and visit Tolga who has been hospitalised because of him. Ceylan tries to calm him down by taking the blame for Tolga’s poor health as she ditched him by choosing Korkut over him. Korkut refuses to buy her justification and drags her till the door before pushing her out and commanding her to leave. He tells her that if she loves him at all then she will leave and never return. He desperately urges her to leave and begs her to not force him to be more bad to her. He slams the door shut and slumps to the floor crying and hoping for Ceylan to have left. Ceylan sobs and repeats that she will not leave him.

A Love Story Episode 69Yilmaz returns to his den where his minion tells him about spying on Korkut and following him to a hospital where he saw Korkut asking a nurse to swap some blood samples. He tells him that the nurse agreed to the favour for Hakki Baba’s sake. They then head to the hospital and the man shows Yilmaz who the nurse was. Yilmaz approaches the nurse and tells him that Korkut has sent him but the man denies knowing any Korkut. The nurse quickly rushes the washroom and calls Korkut but before he can speak with him, Yilmaz barges into the washroom. He sees the nurse try to call Korkut and threatens him with a gun to accompany him to a restaurant so they can discuss the topic in private.


A Love Story Episode 69Korkut fiddles with Ceylan’s toy and Emine asks him why he pushed Ceylan out of the house when he loves her so much. She tells him not to be rude to her because she loves him a lot. He tells her that is what he does not want from her. He says he does not want Ceylan to love him. He adds that he does not want anyone to love him. Emine counters that he can lie to himself and not to her because she knows he is in a lot of pain and should not have behaved badly with Ceylan. He says that he has been through a lot in life, unlike Ceylan who is not accustomed to pain. He says that he can bear any kind of a pain if he is alone but Ceylan will not be able to bear the pain and anyway it is just a matter of few days. Emine assumes that Korkut is saying that he will bring Ceylan back in a few days and she feels happy about it and asks him to get Ceylan soon.

Korkut drives out when he is accosted by Yilmaz. Korkut scolds him for recklessly blocking his car and asks for what he wants from him now. Yilmaz then gloats that he knows everything about Korkut’s plan and that he won over Gonul and Memduh by faking the DNA reports and proving that Ceynat is their daughter. Korkut sternly asks him to keep out of his matters and Yilmaz tells him that this is the right opportunity to get back at Memduh. He says that they should extract a huge amount of money from him as a fee for stealing Asli. Korkut refuses to help but has to relent when Yilmaz threatens to expose his lie to Gonul.


A Love Story Episode 69When Ceylan pays a visit to Tolga, Gonul accuses her of putting Tolga in the condition he currently is in. She chides her for picking a wretched man like Korkut over her son Tolga. Ceylan tells Gonul that she is surprised to hear Gonul say so. She states that she loves Korkut and cannot imagine herself with any other man. Gonul sniggers that Ceylan has no clue what kind of a man Korkut really is. She tells her that Korkut extorted money from him through Ceynat and that Ceylan will understand him only when he betrays her. Ceylan asks her to mind her words as he is now her husband. She then asks to see Tolga and Gonul silently moves away.

A Love Story Episode 69Tolga is asleep in his room. Ceylan speaks to an unconscious Tolga saying that Gonul blames her for his condition. She apologises to him saying that she never intended to hurt him. Tolga then opens his eyes and tells her that he has hardly any time left as Gonul refuses to divulge anything and had it not been serious Ceylan would not have visited him. Ceylan scolds him for being so pessimistic and urges him to live to fulfil his dream of becoming a singer. He says his dream died with his voice and that she too is happy with her new life. He then asks her to be happy for him and herself and asks her to leave which she promptly does.


A Love Story Episode 69Korkut is by his trailer when he sees Ceylan arrive. She walks up to him and tells him that she knows he will never ask money for himself and that there is something he is hiding. She urges him to reveal the truth to her and he narrates his story from the very beginning. He lies that the goons who attacked her in Germany were his men and that his group loots innocent foreigners. Yilmaz who shot her father is his boss and that looting people is their business. Ceylan feels disturbed and asks him to stop and Korkut insists she hears his full story. She starts to leave and he grabs her hand and tells her that he is still in love with Asli and that he took money from Gonul to be able to live with her. Ceylan frees her hand and slaps him before stalking off in anger.


A Love Story Episode 69Tolga secretly hears Gonul beg the doctor to help and the doctor tells her that heart transplant is the only solution for Tolga. Gonul asks her if failing to find a donor will lead to his death and the doctor tells her to be positive as they are trying their best to help Tolga. Tolga slumps to the floor crying in despair. Gonul sees him on the floor and quickly helps him sit on his bed. He then breaks down and tells her that he heard her conversation with the doctor. He sobs that he does not want to die and Gonul pulls him into a hug and promises to not let him die and do her best to save him.

A Love Story Episode 69Asli receives a call from Ceylan who asks to meet her and Asli consents to it. Ceylan tells her that Korkut and she are now married. Asli congratulates her and says that she too helped them to be together. Ceylan chastises her for trying to act smart and warns her to stay away from Korkut as he is now her husband. Asli looks bemused and says she has nothing to do with him anyway. Ceylan fumes in anger and says that she knows that Korkut took money from Gonul for her and Asli is stunned. She clears the air saying that she has no idea what Ceylan is talking about and that she and Korkut are done for good. She tells Ceylan that Korkut loves her a lot and that she should clear their misunderstanding before it is too late.


A Love Story Episode 69Yilmaz and Korkut wait for Memduh to leave his house so Korkut can gain entry to his house in his absence and rob his money. Korkut is sceptical of the plan as he wonders why Memduh would keep his money at home and not at the bank. Yilmaz tells him that Memduh earns money from illegal activities and that saving money in the bank is never an option for such people. The day goes by and Memduh finally leaves in the evening. Korkut then calls Asli and tells her that he wants to meet her and is waiting outside for her. Fearing Memduh, she sends his guard to check the basement while she helps Korkut sneak in.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz calls Memduh and tells him that Asli has betrayed him too as she has called Korkut to her house in his absence. Memduh refuses to believe him but the moment Yilmaz hangs up he asks his driver to return home.

A Love Story Episode 69Korkut then starts looking for Memduh’s hidden money and Asli panics saying that she does not know where he hides his money. Korkut checks behind paintings and sofas as Asli begs him to stop. 

Before entering the house Memduh takes a gun from his driver. Asli hears Memduh arrive and pleads Korkut to leave.


A Love Story Episode 69

As soon as Memduh arrives, he asks for Korkut and Asli lies that she is all alone. Memduh catches her bluff on seeing her shiver and just then he hears some sound and walks in its direction to find Korkut leave his house.

Memduh holds up his gun and orders Korkut to stop. He admonishes Korkut for betraying him and vows to kill him. Korkut, however, looks unfazed and turns his back to leave and halts as we hear a gunshot.


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