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Written Update: Episode 70

A Love Story Episode 70Memduh fires his gun but Asli deviates the shot. Korkut turns back and urges Memduh to shoot him while Asli begs Memduh to spare Korkut saying that he was there just to talk to her. Memduh looks unconvinced and Korkut scoffs that had he really wanted to steal Asli away from him, he would have done that long back. He tells him that he was there only to take some money and Asli seconds him confirming that Korkut was indeed asking for money and nothing else. Korkut then leaves in a huff and Memduh orders Asli to quit her drama and get in the house quickly.

Yilmaz, who has been waiting outside Memduh’s house hoping to have Memduh kill Korkut, is surprised and disappointed to see Korkut return alive. Yilmaz enquires about the gunshot and Korkut pants that Memduh had arrived unannounced and that he was going to be shot the second time. He screams at Yilmaz for not warning him of Memduh’s arrival and deliberately putting him in trouble. Yilmaz pleads innocence saying that he would never do such a thing to him as he is his only friend. Korkut tells him that though he escaped by the skin of his teeth, Asli is in deep trouble as she begged Memduh to spare him. Yilmaz tries to rush to save Asli but Korkut dissuades him from doing so as it might spell danger for both Asli and him.

A Love Story Episode 70Memduh deduces that Asli has Korkut and Yilmaz wrapped around her fingers as she is aware that her beauty can easily entice men. She shivers in fright and pleads to be left unharmed as he holds a knife to her face. He says that had she not been so beautiful she would not have cheated on him. He warns her of repeating such a thing and holds the knife closer to her face and we hear her scream.

Korkut returns home and looks unhappy to find Ceylan waiting outside his house. She tells him she will never leave him no matter what he says or does to her. She tells him that she spoke to Asli who told her that Korkut still loves her. Korkut scoffs that Ceylan is still naïve to believe Asli and strides into the house as Ceylan screams after him that she will certainly unearth the truth behind his sudden change in behaviour. She follows him to the bedroom and she tells him that they have to share the same bed as they are a couple. Korkut gruffly says that they are not really a couple as signing a piece of paper does not make them one. He then leaves the room as Ceylan cries helplessly.


A Love Story Episode 70Next morning, we see Ceylan’s eyes widened in shock as she sees Korkut’s CD in which he has left a message for Gonul revealing the truth behind his birth and the fact that Gonul is his real mother. Korkut walks up from behind and shuts the laptop but it is too late as Ceylan has seen what she has to see. She ascertains that he has been acting rudely because he is dying and has not even told his mother about it. She now knows that he has been deliberately pushing her away from him because of his imminent demise. He tells her that it was the right thing to do. She takes his face in her hands and says that she would have never left him because she loves him a lot. She tells him he is wrong to think that pushing her away would help her forget him after his death. She repeats that she will never leave him and he begs her to leave right away. She agrees to leave only to show Gonul his CD.

A Love Story Episode 70She rushes out of the house and he runs behind screaming after her. She turns to look at him and fails to notice the truck speeding in her direction. She collapses to the ground after she is hit by the truck. Korkut rushes to her and assures to save her at any cost. He begs her to not leave him and she says that it is too late now. She runs her hand over his face as she says, ‘I love you’, before breathing her last breath. Korkut screams after her as he wakes up on the couch. (Of course, I knew it was a dream. Ceylan is not dying in the show.)


A Love Story Episode 70Startled, Kokut quickly goes to Ceylan’s room to check on her and is relieved to find her sleeping in peace. He quietly walks out and asks Emine about the CD he had handed her. She has no recollection of it and Umut tells him that Ceylan has the CD. Just then, Ceylan walks out of her room and overhears Korkut tell Emine that they have to find the CD before Ceylan gets it and Emine promises to find it soon.

A Love Story Episode 70Korkut then leaves the house as he receives a call from Yilmaz. Yilmaz sounds panicky as he tells Korkut that Asli has been avoiding his calls all morning and that he is heading towards her house to save her. He says that he suspects Memduh of having harmed her. Korkut scolds Yilmaz for acting impulsively but is unable to speak further as he sees Ceylan stand behind him. He hangs up and Ceylan walks up to him.

Ceylan then cheerfully helps him with a jacket saying that it might get chilly later and he must not catch a cold. Korkut looks unsettled but manages to gain composure as he teases her for enjoying their act of a newly wedded couple. He says that if this act interests her so much then she should prepare a sumptuous dinner for him. She happily agrees. He adds that preparing a meal is not her only duty but she must also wear a good dress for him. This time she looks a little uncertain as Korkut drives away.  


A Love Story Episode 70Next, we see Asli sitting on Memduh’s bed looking lost in despair. He walks closer to her and tells her that he will be taking her phone with him. He tells her that she is allowed to order whatever she wants to eat but she is not allowed to leave the room. Seeing her looking shaken, he tries to touch her but she recoils in fear. He tells her that there is nothing to fear about and that she should only refrain from repeating her mistake.

Emine walks in excitedly to tell Ceylan that Umut’s class teacher has praised him but is surprised seeing all their stuff lying strewn around the house. Ceylan tells her that she will clean it up soon and then asks for the CD that they had found some time ago. Emine says that Korkut too was looking for it and wonders why everyone is suddenly looking for the CD. Ceylan says that she doesn’t know either and wants it to find out about it.

A courier arrives for Gonul which is collected by Ece.

A Love Story Episode 70

Korkut and Yilmaz argue over their plan to save Asli without having Memduh shoot them. Korkut calls Ceynat and asks her to visit Memduh’s house so she can check on Asli.  Ceynat is curious but agrees to help Korkut even when he offers her no explanation. Ceynat then opens her hair and puts on some makeup (That man is taken lady, why work so hard for someone else’s man? tsk tsk poor girl might never understand where she went wrong.).

Ceynat then visits her father who looks happy to see her after a long time. She then heads toward Asli’s room saying that she was rude to her the last time they met and wants to apologize to her. But Memduh dissuades her saying that Asli is keeping unwell. Ceylan looks a little suspicious but says nothing to her father.

A Love Story Episode 70Emine mourns Hakki Baba’s demise as she packs his belongings to donate to charity. Ceylan consoles her and happens to notice a receipt in the name of Gonul. Emine tells her that she found the receipt in Hakki Baba’s shirt. Ceylan wonders what Hakki Baba sent to Gonul and rushes out to find out about it.

Asiye and Ece argue over Ece’s habit of being glued to her phone and Asiye accidentally drops water over the courier that came for Gonul. Asiye wipes it and hands it to Gonul but Gonul does not pay attention to it as she is busy looking for doctors who can help Tolga. She asks Asiye to leave the letter on the table as she continues surfing the net.


A Love Story Episode 70As Ceynat leaves Memduh’s house she sees Asli standing at the window. She waves and calls out to her but Asli stands frozen by the window. Ceynat gets into Yilmaz’s car and tells them that Memduh did not allow her to meet Asli saying that she is unwell. Yilmaz fumes suspecting foul play. Ceynat then tells him that she saw Asli standing by the window and she seemed fine but Yilmaz refuses to believe her and wants to rush to Asli’s rescue till Korkut stops him from acting recklessly. He asks Ceynat to leave before anyone spots her with them. She then grabs his hand and he looks back at her in surprise. She asks him if he has forgiven her and he replies that he hasn’t forgiven her but is not angry either.

A Love Story Episode 70Asiye feels overjoyed when Ceylan pays her a surprise visit. She takes her to the pantry and coaxes her to have her favourite dish. She then asks Ceylan when she can invite her family for lunch and Ceylan says that Asiye feels tired working the whole day and that she does not wish to tire her out anymore. Asiye suspects something fishy and asks Ceylan if there is some problem between Korkut and her because of which she is declining her invitation and Ceylan nervously dismisses her doubts. She asks Asiye if Gonul received any letter recently as Hakki Baba had sent her something. Asiye says that she did receive a letter which she left on the table for Gonul.


A Love Story Episode 70Ceynat overhears their conversation and quickly grabs the letter from the table. Ceylan sees Ceynat and pointedly says that Korkut and she are now married.  Ceynat tells her that her wedding happened so quickly that she did not find the time to congratulate them. She says she hopes Korkut and she are happy together and Ceylan states that he is indeed happy with her.  Ceynat then asks her why Korkut isn’t with her and then sniggers that he was actually with her a few minutes ago. Ceylan quips that he had left the house saying that he has to deal with some problem and now she knows he was talking about Ceynat. Ceylan then teases her for dressing up for Korkut before reminding her that he is now married to her. Asiye asks if Ceylan found the letter and Ceylan repeats the question to Ceynat who pretends to not be aware of anything. Ceylan heads towards Gonul’s  room and Ceylan stops her saying that Gonul is exhausted after tending to Tolga in the hospital for the last few days.

A Love Story Episode 70Ceylan opens the letter in her room and finds a CD with a letter in the envelope. The letter is from Hakki Baba in which he requests Gonul to watch the CD as it contains some truth and begs for forgiveness. She watches the CD on her laptop and looks disturbed as she watches Korkut narrate his story of revenge against Gonul.


A Love Story Episode 70Tolga sees Ceylan head towards her home and asks to talk to her. She says he looks much better than how he looked when she last saw him. He tells Ceylan that he is still very weak and that he has now gotten accustomed to living like a weak, helpless being as he deserves it for being bad to her. She tells him that he must stop cursing himself as she forgave him long back. Their conversation is cut short as Asiye calls Ceylan and berates her for talking to Tolga despite knowing that he loves her. 

A Love Story Episode 70When Korkut returns home he sees Ceylan waiting for him wearing new clothes and makeup. He teases her for taking his demand seriously but she gets straight to the point and asks him about the CD. He chides her for eavesdropping on them and she says that she happened to hear his conversation by chance. She then asks him if his CD has any connection with the mail that Hakki Baba sent to Gonul before he passed away and Korkut’s eyes widen in horror. He recalls mentioning the CD to Hakki Baba. Seeing Korkut unnerved, Ceylan asks him what the matter is but he barks that she should mind her own business. He then stalks off after ordering her to leave before his return.


A Love Story Episode 70We then see him looking completely shaken as he perches on the wall outside his house recalling the video he recorded on the CD. He immediately calls Ceynat and asks her to get hold of the envelope and destroy the CD before it reaches Gonul. She tells him she has already seen the CD and tearfully asks him why he brought her to Gonul when he is her real child. He assures to explain everything the next day and requests her to not act recklessly.


A Love Story Episode 70Memduh tells Asli that he should have shot Korkut dead but somehow couldn’t as his hands trembled when he was about to do so. Asli, however, looks completely distraught and begs him to allow her to at least roam within the house and he tells her that she should be grateful that he has kept her alive.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz waits outside Asli’s house waiting for an opportunity to sneak into her house and check on her.

A Love Story Episode 70Ceylan arrives at Korkut’s trailer with food in hand. She cheerfully tells him that she has got food for him and sets the food on the table for him. She says that she knows he must not have had anything the whole day which is why she personally got him dinner. Korkut walks up to her and kicks the table sending the food to the ground. He demands to know what Ceylan wants from him. She nervously states that he had asked her to make him food and wear good clothes. He scoffs that he already told her to drop the happy couple act. He then moves closer to her saying that he knows what she wants from him which is why she is all decked up for him. He drags her to the trailer as she fiercely protests. He then forcibly kisses her and she pushes him away. She then slaps him hard across the face that brings him to his senses. He pushes her asking her to get out of his life and give him a divorce and not force him to become a monster. She walks away but repeats that she will never leave him. (This girl really has no self-respect. This is not ‘true love’. This is ‘true pain’. In what universe do people behave with their beloved like this? Ceylan should give Korkut another tight slap and ask him to get the **** out of her life. But as I said, she has no self-respect and I know she will stick to him no matter what so be it. Had Ceylan been my friend I would have wacked her just to bring her to her senses. What does she think she is doing? Is she crazy? Putting up with so much crap. Stupid drama heroine.)


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