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A Love Story Episode 74As Korkut lies unconscious on the hospital bed, he dreams of an alternate life where Gonul has not abandoned Emine and him and he lives with his family instead of Tolga. In this dream, he sees that Ceylan works at his house as she maintains the housekeeping department. He tries to talk to her but she avoids him reminding him that she is just his employee and that he must not be too friendly with her. Emine sees them and tells Korkut that he must not force Ceylan for anything. Emine then leaves the house and sees Tolga waiting by the car to drop her. She tells him that she will drive today. He wants to hand her a sample CD with his songs recorded on it so she can give it to Gonul. However, she is too distracted by a phone call and leaves without taking his CD.

In Korkut’s room, we see a house plan which means that Korkut would have been an architect had he grown-up with Gonul. Gonul notices Ceylan’s name written on the house plan and scolds Korkut for pursuing their maid but he pays no heed to her. She then reminds him that his father Memduh will be out of prison today. Korkut tells her that he must first apologise to Ceylan’s family for what he did to them.

A Love Story Episode 74Next, we see Ceylan feed Asiye who is in a wheelchair. She is paralysed and unable to speak or move. Ceylan promises Asiye to take her to her father’s grave next week. Ceylan then hears the doorbell and rushes to answer it and is displeased to see Memduh at the door. She expresses her displeasure at seeing him freed from the jail too soon for killing her father and he rudely reminds her of the fact that she is a mere maid at his house. Korkut intervenes by ordering Memduh to leave the house at once. Seeing Ceylan’s foul mood Korkut takes her to a pond where he asks her to imagine a scene where they live together happily as a couple. He tells her that he can make her life beautiful and she retorts that he should not show her false dreams.

A Love Story Episode 74Cut to, present day, Ceylan stands out of the ICU, crying for him to return back to her. A doctor tells Tahsin that Korkut is out of danger, however, the bullet in his head can prove fatal and that only a miracle can save him.

Memduh walks up to Tahsin and enquires about Korkut. Tahsin screams that Korkut is battling between life and death because of him and that he deserves to be punished for it. Memduh turns to see two policemen walk towards him. They Memduh unwilling leaves with them as he threatens Tahsin of dire consequences.

A Love Story Episode 74Worried, Emine calls on Ceylan’s phone which is answered by Tahsin who tells her that Korkut is admitted to a hospital. She frets over it and Tahsin dissuades her from visiting the hospital. However, she still leaves to visit Korkut. As she leaves the house, she is accosted by the pervert hospital nurse who had assaulted her in the mental asylum. He tries to talk to her but she tells him that she has lost her memory and is unable to remember him. She says she is in a rush to see her brother who is admitted to a hospital and he offers to drop her in his car. She declines his offer but later relents after he scares her of being unable to find a taxi and losing her way to the hospital.

As he drives on. Emine notices that he is taking her by an unacquainted route. She demands to stop the car so she can make it to the hospital by herself. He does stop the car but then places a handkerchief soaked in chloroform on her face that makes her unconscious.

A Love Story Episode 74In the hospital, Korkut shows some signs of revival and Ceylan urges him to fight death and return to her and his family. We are then led back into Korkut’s dream where we see Emine look ecstatic as she meets Memduh in a park. She hugs him tightly and tells him that she missed him a lot. Memduh too is delighted to meet his daughter but the smile is rubbed off his face when he tells her that he met Korkut earlier and he was very unwelcoming. He tells her that as long as Ceylan is by his side, Korkut will never be nice to him. Emine explains that Korkut has been in love with Ceylan since childhood and that he must accept her as there is no way that Korkut will ever leave her. Memduh then tells her that he will do whatever it takes to have them separated so he has his son back.

A Love Story Episode 74When Ceylan and Korkut return home, Korkut tries to get cosy with her and she warns him of being caught. He tells her that she need not worry about anything as everyone knows that he likes her and that later in the evening he will make it official before his family and friends. He then leans in for a kiss and Tolga sees them together as his eyes turn green with envy. Ceylan leaves to attend some work. Tolga remarks that Korkut will end up hurting Ceylan. Korkut brushes off his words and stalks off.

Tolga follows Ceylan to the storeroom. She asks him to help her reach a box on the shelf but he grabs her and tells her to leave the job and marry him because he loves her. She pushes him away and sternly tells him that they are just friends and nothing more. He tells her that Korkut is just playing with her and will discard her the moment he gets what he wants. She defends that Korkut loves her and will never betray her. Her reply angers him and he forces himself on her as she begs him to stop.

A Love Story Episode 74Gonul looks annoyed when she sees Korkut fetch food for himself. She complains about Ceylan slacking at work especially when they have important guests visiting them later in the day. She talks to him about Asli and he tells her that he is not interested in marrying Asli as he loves someone else and has already proposed to her and shall marry her soon. Gonul looks excited and demands to know who the girl is and Korkut tells her that he will reveal it to her in front of all the guests in the evening. After he leaves, the fake smile on Gonul’s face disappears as she knows who he is talking about.

We then see Ceylan crouched on the floor of the storage room. Her hair is dishevelled and clothes are torn. She nervously leaves the room and runs out. She then sobs uncontrollably near the pool when Korkut discovers her. Seeing her battered condition, he demands to know who attacked her. Distressed, she is unable to speak but he when asks if Tolga is behind it she breaks down and Korkut gets his answer.

A Love Story Episode 74Korkut finds Tolga at a garage and beats him black and blue. He warns him from ever touching Ceylan again and Tolga says that he loves her and will keep her happy unlike him who will only bring more pain in her life. Korkut screams at him for harming Ceylan and Tolga counters that it was his way of showing his love. Enraged, Korkut pulls out a hammer and breaks his wrist before warning him of every touching Ceylan again.

Cut to, present day, Ceylan weeps beside Korkut who continues to lay unconscious. A tear that trickles down her eye and is wiped by Tolga who requests her to stop crying. He tells her that she should not cry as Korkut is a very stubborn man and will never leave her. At that very moment, we see Korkut’s heart rate peak on the monitor. Ceylan leaves to freshen up. Tolga then talks to an unconscious Korkut and tells him to die before him so that he can have Ceylan all to himself. On the monitor, Korkut’s heart rate fluctuates wildly. He mocks Korkut that he will have a bland funeral with just a handful of people who will bid him goodbye and forget him. The monitor beeps violently that alerts a nurse who checks on Korkut and asks Tolga to leave Korkut alone.

A Love Story Episode 74Emine wakes up in a strange house. She feels baffled when she sees her reflection in the mirror and notices that she is wearing someone else’s clothes. She tries to run out of the room but the door is locked. She walks up to the window to call for help but that is locked too. We then see that she is in an isolated house located in a hilly area.

Tahsin tells the doctor to not divulge anything about the bullet lodged in Korkut’s head to Ceylan as she is unaware of it and Korkut wants to reveal it to her himself.

Asli rushes to the hospital where she bumps into Yilmaz who teases her for rushing to meet her ex-boyfriend. She berates him for being the mastermind behind all this and he boasts that he succeeded in his plan and is only waiting to see Korkut die. Enraged, she tells him that he has no idea what she has been planning against him. He wants to know what’s on her mind but she leaves without answering him.

A Love Story Episode 74In the ICU, Asli expresses her regret over choosing Yilmaz instead of him. She blames herself for his condition and imagines sticking to him and leading a happy life with him. She confesses that he is the only man she has ever loved him. She says that each time a man comes close to her she only remembers Korkut in that moment. She apologises to him and leaves the ICU.

Cut to, in Korkut’s dream, Korkut tells Asli, who has just arrived at his doorstep, that he cannot marry her as he loves someone else. Just then, Ceylan opens the door and Asli rightly guesses that Ceylan is the girl that Korkut loves. She tells him that Emine used to always say that Ceylan is his childhood love but she did not know Korkut is serious about her.

A Love Story Episode 74Ceylan starts to leave after telling them that the food is ready and Korkut stops her from leaving and then gets in the house with her. They then walk up to Emine and Gonul who are in the living room. Korkut then declares that Ceylan is the girl he will be marrying. Emine looks thrilled by the news but Gonul clearly looks unhappy.

In a deserted alley, Memduh holds Tolga by his collar as he berates him for being unable to ravish Ceylan. Tolga says that he tried but was unable to do so. He begs for another chance but Memduh dismisses him saying that he is not good for any work. Tolga then asks for the money Memduh had promised him. Memduh angrily shoves money to the ground and Tolga quickly bends to collect the notes.

A Love Story Episode 74Cut to, present day, in the ICU, Memduh begs Korkut to recover quickly or else he will never be able to forgive himself. Just then, Ceylan arrives and looks stunned to see Memduh. She asks him how he came there and he says that the police did not have any evidence against him to imprison him. She orders him to leave. He expresses his guilt and begs for forgiveness but she threatens to scream if he refuses to leave.


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