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A Love Story Episode 75The pervert nurse brings Emine food which she refuses to eat saying that it makes her puke. She begs to be let free but he lies that she is in her house and he is her husband. She refuses to believe him and screams to be let free but he grabs her and tells her that she herself told him that she loved him a lot. She pushes him away and yells that she doesn’t love him. Angry, the pervert persists that he will help her recall everything and then leaves her in the locked room.

Emine’s absence worries Umut who is all alone at home. He calls Ceylan who tells him that Emine is not at the hospital. He tells her that she left home in the afternoon and has not returned yet. She tells him not to worry and asks for the neighbour’s number so she can request her to take care of him for the night while she looks out for Emine.

A Love Story Episode 75Gonul sees Tolga drink and pleads him to stop and have his medicines. He instead glowers that he will not stop till she reveals his father’s identity to him. She then seizes his bottle. As he tries to grab the bottle from her, he accidentally shoves her and she falls on her knees. He taunts that she will put up with everything but not reveal his father’s name. She pushes forward the tray with medicines and begs him to have it but he instead finishes off the remaining alcohol in the bottle before smashing it on the floor.

Asiye walks up to a distraught Gonul and enquires about Tolga. Gonul tells her that she cannot give him the answer to his question as he does not have the heart to accept the truth. Asiye says that she must speak the truth to Tolga so he can have his medicines and recover soon. She consoles that Tolga at least has the option of a healthy recovery, unlike Korkut who is in hanging between life and death.

A Love Story Episode 75Ceylan notices that Korkut’s body has gone unnaturally cold so she pulls the covers over him and leans on his chest saying that she will not let him fall ill. Meanwhile, Tahsin informs the police of Emine’s disappearance. He turns to see Gonul arrive at the hospital. Tahsin tells her to see Korkut and rub her hand lovingly over his hand and speak with him as he needs her right now. She seems sceptical and says that they went through a rough patch and Korkut must hate her now. Tahsin counters that, Korkut needs the love of a mother in such a critical time. She says that she is not his mother but still leaves to see him. Tahsin sighs wishing to have enough guts to tell her that Korkut is indeed her son.


A Love Story Episode 75In the ICU, Gonul sees Ceylan leaning over Korkut. She then slowly rubs her hand over his leg and urges him to fight and return back to life as nothing will ever harm him. At that moment, Korkut’s fingers twitch and we are drawn back into his dream where we see Gonul look at a portrait of Korkut and her. (Wow!! Look at Gonul. She looks spectacular. They look so good in the portrait.)

A Love Story Episode 75Korkut walks over to her and says that he feels extremely lucky to have a mother like her. He says that the portrait always reminds him of how lucky he is and he also enjoys teasing Emine about it. She says that she had asked Emine for the photo but she refused. He reminds her that he too had refused for it but eventually gave in to Gonul’s wishes. She says this photo is all that she has of him as he will soon move out with his own family. He says he will not go without her. He says that today is a big day for him and asks if she will be there for him. She says she will never leave her son and hugs him tightly with a broad smile on her face.


A Love Story Episode 75

In a musical rendition, we see Korkut and Ceylan dress up for their marriage while Tolga buys a gun from a man. Korkut then lovingly places a necklace around Ceylan’s bare neck before planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

A Love Story Episode 75At the wedding hall, Korkut and Ceylan arrive together as a couple as their guests applaud their arrival. Korkut looks happy till he spots Tolga in the crowd who has a gun aimed at him. He then points his gun at Ceylan and fires. Korkut shields Ceylan from the gunshot and collapses to the floor as Ceylan screams after him.

A Love Story Episode 75Ceylan leans over his chest and begs him to open his eyes. Korkut then snaps out of his dream and open his eyes in real life.

A Love Story Episode 75Korkut calls out to Ceylan and she lifts her head in surprise. He smiles at her and she wonders aloud if she is dreaming. Korkut pulls her close to plant a kiss on her forehead and asks her if she felt it and she nods her head. He states that she is not dreaming and that he is there with her and will never leave her again. Excited, she runs to call the doctor. She then returns and kisses him hard on his forehead. He says that though he is alive and safe, he may not be safe from her kisses. (awwwwwwwwwww… did he just say that?) She gripes that he had scared the hell out of her.

A Love Story Episode 75Emine opens the door to her room and finds it unlocked. She then slips on her shoes and surreptitiously walks out of the house but is forced to retract when she encounters a locked gate. She tries to find another way to escape but is caught by the pervert who hits her with a wooden stick for trying to run away from him.

The doctor tells Korkut that he needs to discuss something with him in private. Ceylan states that she is his wife and he can speak in front of her. Tahsin too says that she should leave so she can eat something. Ceylan guesses that they are hiding something from her and Korkut assures to speak to her later. Once alone, the doctor tells Korkut that the bullet in his head can prove fatal and that it is better for him to have it operated as soon as possible. Korkut asks how much time he has in hand and the doctor says that the bullet is dangerous and that he is sure to lose his life soon. He insists on having an operation and Korkut says that there is no guarantee that he will not die during the operation. He says that he needs more time with his family and cannot leave them and declines to have an operation.     

Meanwhile, we see the psycho pervert drag an unconscious Emine to his backyard.

A Love Story Episode 75Korkut takes off the drips and starts to leave when the nurse intervenes and asks him to stay put. He snaps at her and then requests Ceylan to take him home. The nurse leaves to call the doctor. Ceylan then asks him what the doctor said to him. He replies that the doctor listed the usual precautions he has to take to ensure his speedy recovery. She does not believe him and insists on knowing the truth. He says that he will reveal the truth only if she assures him that she will not cry on learning about it. Ceylan then feels worried and wonders if something is seriously wrong with him. He starts to say that he can never be cured as he has a hole in his head. Ceylan’s face turns pale and Korkut suppresses his grin saying that air passes through the hole in his head and the doctor has asked his wife to cover the hole for him. She hits him for joking with her and then promises to take good care of him. (I am not sure if anyone has noticed how Seckin’s eyes glow when he wears blue. Each time he is dressed in blue his eyes looks blue too. I know I have said this before but I want to say this again, this man is GORGEOUS. He may not look that hot in his pictures, but in this particular show, he just takes my breath away. Too bad his name does not feature in any list pertaining to good-looking Turkish actors. I wonder how?  )

A Love Story Episode 75We then see the pervert nurse dig up a ground mumbling to an unconscious Emine that she will sleep there from now onward.

As Korkut and Ceylan leave the hospital, they bump into Yilmaz. Korkut asks Tahsin and Ceylan to return home while he will join them after having a word with Yilmaz. Yilmaz tells him that he should not worry as Memduh will pay the price for hurting him. Korkut smacks a punch hard across his face. He calls him out on his lie. He tells Yilmaz to buzz off and never appear before him again. Yilmaz explains that he has taken their revenge and never really betrayed Korkut. But Korkut does not buy his story and stalks off.

A Love Story Episode 75On the way home. Ceylan asks Tahsin if he knows what Korkut is hiding from her and he denies having any knowledge of it.

On reaching home, Umut runs to Ceylan and asks her about his mother. She guiltily admits to having not found his mother but assures him that Korkut who is out of hospital will surely help find her.

The pervert nurse digs a grave for Emine and pushes her inside. As he starts to cover her with mud, he hears a postman call out to him and quickly rushes to see him unaware that Emine is slowly regaining her consciousness.

A Love Story Episode 75Korkut meets Memduh who tells him that Yilmaz fooled both of them. Korkut scoffs that he had told him so. Memduh admits his mistake and pleads for forgiveness. Korkut fails to answer him so he loads his gun and offers it to Korkut before saying that he can either forgive him or put an end to this. He says that he will accept Korkut’s decision. Korkut tells him that if he wants forgiveness then he should leave Asli. Memduh looks baffled and asks how does it concern him. Korkut answers that he does not want Memduh to regret marrying Asli when he discovers the ‘truth’. Memduh asks him what ‘truth’ he is referring to and Korkut leaves after saying that he will learn about it when the time comes.

A Love Story Episode 75Pervert nurse returns to see the grave empty. He turns to look for Emine when she hits him with the shovel and runs for her life.

Korkut sees police standing in his doorway and demands to know what happened. Ceylan tells him that Emine has been missing since he was admitted to the hospital. The police claim that since she is mentally unstable, she must have gotten lost. Korkut counters that Emine can never forget her way to her home and that she is not someone who easily loses her way. He senses something fishy and states that Emine would have certainly returned home unless something has been keeping her away. Korkut then feels dizzy and passes out.

A Love Story Episode 75Emine manages to reach the road but is caught by the pervert who chases after her with his car. She is then forced to run back into the hills.

Ceylan persists on returning to the hospital and Korkut declines her. She coaxes him to listen to her for their baby’s sake. He blurts out that he is willing to do anything for his child just that this time the situation is not in his hand. Ceylan catches his reply and Korkut covers up saying that he spoke without thinking. Frustrated, Tahsin asks Korkut to reveal the truth to Ceylan.

A Love Story Episode 75Ceylan asks Tahsin what he is talking about and he says that only Korkut can tell her not him and leaves the room. Korkut too starts to leave but Ceylan holds him and begs to know what he has been hiding from her. He evades her question and the runs to the washroom as his nose starts to bleed.

Meanwhile, we see Emine run through the woods as the pervert chases after her. She stumbles upon a rock and he manages to catch hold of her. He then physically assaults her as she screams for help. (Gosh! This is too much yaa. I can’t take abuses back-to-back in two episodes. Ugh!! Korean dramas are so much better. At least I do not feel disturbed after watching them. Emine is such a good character but her life is full of misery. It is frustrating to see her in trouble for no fault of hers.)

A Love Story Episode 75Korkut steps out of the washroom after cleaning off the blood off his face. Ceylan notices the blood and insists on returning to the hospital. Korkut opposes her and she firmly demands to know the reason behind his reluctance. He tries to evade her question but she corners him and he finally reveals that he has a bullet lodged in his brain and is dying. He says that he may never see his son or love her forever. Ceylan looks stunned as tears escape her eyes.  


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