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Written Update: Episode 76

A Love Story Episode 76 Korkut finally tells Ceylan that he has a bullet stuck in his skull which is slowly pushing him towards death. Ceylan looks at him in disbelief and asks if he is playing with her like before. Korkut however, says that he is speaking the truth and that he may really never be able to see his child. He says that he has to look for Emine and then walks out of the house. Ceylan stands transfixed till the revelation sinks in. She then chases after Korkut till she finds him on the street.

She tells him to allow her to stay by his side because she cannot stay away for him for even a moment. She says that she loves him and repeats it till her legs give away and she is down on her knees. Korkut then stoically lifts her in his arms and takes her home.

A Love Story Episode 76He then tucks her in bed after taking off her shoes. Sitting by her bedside, he urges her to sleep and she refuses to shut her eyes saying that he will leave the moment she falls asleep. He assures her that he will not leave her alone. So, she closes her eyes. But when she falls asleep, Korkut leaves the room.

A Love Story Episode 76Emine lies unconscious in the backseat of her kidnapper’s car. He berates her for trying to run away from him. As he screams at her, he loses sight of the road and his car collides with a truck.

Korkut sees Tahsin out in his veranda. Tahsin tells him to tell the truth to his family but Korkut snaps that the truth has already broken Ceylan and he never wanted to see her miserable. Tahsin then asks him to hug his mother and tell her that he is her son because if she finds out later, she will be completely shattered. Korkut glares at Tahsin before stalking out.

A Love Story Episode 76Korkut then receives a call from Yilmaz and asks to see him right away. Yilmaz teases Korkut for wanting to meet him despite saying that he will never see his face again. Korkut grabs him by his coat and holds him hanging on the edge of the railway platform and asks him about Emine. Yilmaz swears that he does not know anything about his sister but Korkut does not believe him. As electric engine speedily moves toward Yilmaz. Scared, Yilmaz says that if he had to put Korkut in trouble, he would have to simply go to Gonul and reveal that Ceynat is not his daughter and that Korkut lied to her. Korkut finally pulls him up and again asks about his sister. Yilmaz tells him not to worry about Emine as he will take care of her even after his demise. Korkut rudely asks why he would do so and Yilmaz asks if he has anybody other than him. Korkut mumbles that he has his mother and turns to leave.  

A Love Story Episode 76Korkut calls Ceynat and tells her that he is going to reveal the truth to his mother and she surmises that everything will be over for her.

Tolga’s condition worsens and Gonul begs him to go to the hospital. However, he insists on knowing his father’s identity. She tells him that she herself does not know or else she would have certainly told him. He repeats that he is dying and she sobs harder pleading him to believe that she is telling him the truth.

On his way to Gonul’s house, Korkut hopes that Gonul hugs him happily so he can die in peace. Tahsin reaches Gonul’s house before Korkut. Gonul who is already disturbed because of Tolga screams at Tahsin for visiting her. She tells him that because of him she suffered so many years without her child. He says that he only tried to help her as she anyway intended to give her child away to an orphanage. Gonul looks nervous as she dismisses his claim.

A Love Story Episode 76Tahsin then reminds her that two days before the birth of her child she had decided to give her baby away for adoption. Gonul hesitatingly shakes her head. He says that he was madly in love with her which is why he lied about her baby’s death so she would not have to experience the agony of having separated from her child. He says that she is as responsible as he is for the separation from her child. Tearfully she asks him why he talking of this and he says that he has something to share with her. But she refuses to listen to him. Korkut, who has been overhearing their conversation, feels shattered by what he hears and crumbles to the ground as tears escape his eyes.

A Love Story Episode 76The pervert nurse opens his eyes in a hospital. He first asks the nurse about his ‘wife’ and the doctor tells him that his wife and child are both safe. He looks at the doctor in disbelief as she tells him that his ‘wife’ is expecting. 

Unaware that Korkut has not spoken to Gonul, Ceynat sits alone by the seaside. Lonely, she calls Yilmaz and requests to meet him.

A Love Story Episode 76Yilmaz is at his hideout when his minion brings him a parcel. Yilmaz says that no one knows where he is to send him a parcel. He then moves far away from his minion and asks him to open the parcel in case there is a bomb in it. The minion trembles as he opens the box but lives to hand Yilmaz the box. Yilmaz finds a chess pawn and Asli’s picture in it. It contains a note stating that ‘to win the game you have to sacrifice pawns’. Yilmaz looks baffled as he is unable to decode Asli’s cryptic message.

Police arrive at Korkut’s home and ask Ceylan to accompany them to the police station as they have found Emine.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Emine that her family will be there soon to take her home. Emine is happy to be able to go back to her family. The doctor then asks her if this is her first pregnancy and Emine is stunned to know that she is pregnant. Emine is unable to digest the news and she constantly rubs her stomach.

A Love Story Episode 76The police tell Ceylan that the man accompanying Emine claimed to be her husband but then suddenly ran away. She asks about Emine and he says that she told them that she was kidnapped and kept in an isolated house. Ceylan hugs Emine tightly when she sees her and Emine asks her to take her home soon.

Ceynat is with Yilmaz in a bar where she drowns herself in alcohol. She tells Yilmaz that Korkut must have divulged the truth by now but surprisingly no one has called her yet. Yilmaz says that probably no one is concerned about her. She cries that no one even asked for her to explain why she lied to Gonul. So, Yilmaz asks her why she did it. She justifies that she always craved for a family and a mother. She sobs hard and Yilmaz offers her tissues to wipe her tears. She surmises that probably Korkut hasn’t revealed anything as yet. Her optimistic approach elicits a smile on Yilmaz’s face.

A Love Story Episode 76Ceylan tries to reach Korkut but he does not answer his phone as he drives aimlessly recalling the events over the past few months. She fetches her jacket and leaves to look for Korkut.

Emine looks disturbed as she recalls the event at the mental asylum where the pervert first assaulted her and then kept her locked in his house. She then hits her stomach screaming that she does not want the baby.

Ceylan continues to call Korkut but he is unable to hear his phone as he drives on shedding silent tears of dejection. Korkut is still in a daze when he accidentally rams his car into a tree.

A Love Story Episode 76Memduh arrives at Gonul’s house to meet Ceynat. But she is not at home. Seeing him, Tolga asks if he knows who his real father is and Memduh fumes that he does not keep a tab on Gonul’s affairs. Gonul comes in time and requests Memduh to relax as Tolga is unwell and she does not want him to feel hurt about anything. Tolga instead blames her saying that her silence is what is making him ask such questions.

A Love Story Episode 76Memduh interrupts and tells her to contact Ceynat who has not been answering his calls. Gonul calls Ceynat and we see that Ceynat is completely sloshed and with Yilmaz. They are having a gala time when Ceynat trips and Yilmaz keeps her from falling. She then plants a peck on his cheek that startles him. He asks her if she really kissed him or if he has been hallucinating. She looks at him intently and they start kissing each other.

Korkut regains consciousness and staggers his way to his trailer and collapses on the stairs of the vehicle. Ceylan notices his car smashed next to a tree and screams in horror when she does not find him there. She then rushes to the trailer where she finds a dispirited Korkut sitting alone.

A Love Story Episode 76Ceylan asks him what bothers him and assures that everything will be fine as they have now found Emine too. He asks for a hug and she wraps her arms tightly around him. She asks him to share his problem with her and he says that he is afraid of becoming the old menacing man that he was. He mumbles that ‘she’ is not innocent and she asks who he is talking about. He tells her to leave him and she pulls him closer and refuses to leave.



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