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Written Update: Episode 77

A Love Story Episode 77Yilmaz’s minion prepares breakfast for him and asks if want wants anything more for himself or his girlfriend. Yilmaz loses his temper and barks that he has no girlfriend and nothing happened last night. Ceynat wakes up in Yilmaz’s bed and looks regretful of what happened last night.

Asiye scolds Selim for leaving home early in the morning especially when everyone in the house is tensed and disturbed. Selim snaps that he has nothing to do with Gonul’s problems. He calms down and says that he is going to see the girl who met with an accident the other day.

Selim’s biker friend waits for him outside and warns him from opening his mouth to the police. Selim gruffly dismisses the idea of going to the police and then gets on the bike with him.


A Love Story Episode 77Emine feels nauseous because of morning sickness and Umut pesters her to find his collar. In a fit of rage, she pushes him away and he falls to the ground. Korkut and Ceylan arrive at that very moment and Emine runs to her room. Korkut tries to follow her but Ceylan refrains him from doing so. He then receives a frantic call from Gonul who informs him that Ceynat has been missing since last night. Korkut does not wish to speak to Gonul and stays quiet for a while till Gonul screams into the phone. He then says that he does not know anything about the matter and hangs up on her.

Ceynat is with Yilmaz in his car. Yilmaz says that he loves another woman and she brushes him off saying that nothing happened between them last night and that it better that they forget everything. She then asks him to pull over and she leaves his car angrily. She then sits on a seaside bench and weeps silently.


A Love Story Episode 77Selim and his friend stand outside the accident victim’s house. His friend gets jittery of being caught by someone and he urges Selim to leave as they already know that the girl is alive. Selim protests that she has been paralysed because of them and his friend revolts that it wasn’t their fault and had she left her bag she would not have met with an accident. Enraged, Selim punches his friend and the two boys get into a fight till Selim pins the other boy down and continues to punch him hard.

Korkut visits Gonul where he sees her lovingly rub her hand over Tolga’s shoulder and say that she is worried for Ceynat because only Ceynat and he matter to her. Korkut remembers what he heard her tell Tahsin and his eyes go red with anger. Gonul notices him standing in the doorway and he asks to speak with her in private.


A Love Story Episode 77Gonul says that he said he does not anything about Ceynat and now he is probably come to her to seek money. Korkut replies that he is not there for Ceynat but for Tolga. And Gonul looks surprised wondering what he has to do with Tolga’s problem.

Ceynat finally answers Tolga’s call and starts that she knows he called to tease her that he was right about her. Bewildered, Tolga asks what she is talking about and scolds her for going AWOL. She asks if Korkut has not told him anything and he asks what is he supposed to tell him. Realising that Korkut has indeed not spoken up, she quickly hangs up on him.


A Love Story Episode 77Korkut tells Gonul that he can save Tolga by donating his heart to him. Gonul scoffs at his offer asking how will he live without a heart? He tells her that he is dying anyway and wants to save Tolga by giving him his heart. Korkut looks hale and hearty and she wonders why he is talking about dying and Korkut reveals that though he has a healthy heart, there is a bullet stuck in his skull that is killing him slowly. Gonul stares at him with her mouth agape. She hugs him tightly and he muses that he wishes to scar her for life by giving the heart of her biological son to her adopted son. She receives a call from Ceynat and asks her to return home soon.  


A Love Story Episode 77Angry at the baby in her womb, Emine throws herself from a flight of stairs. Umut reaches the spot on time and asks for help. We then see that Emine is actually imagining the whole incident while hitting herself fearing the consequences of her action. She cries that she cannot do that as Umut will get scared seeing her in such condition.

Ceylan tells Korkut that Gonul has good contacts and since she has been meeting a lot of doctors for Tolga she can help him with his surgery. He declines the idea saying that there is a chance of him dying while surgery. He says that now at least he has some time in hand and he wants to live and see his child. Ceylan feels disturbed and she asks him to stop the car. (Wait a sec, didn’t his car get damaged last night? How did he fix it so soon? Kya yaar, yeh toh kuch bhi dikhaate hain. hehehe)


A Love Story Episode 77Ceylan steps out of the car and Korkut apologises to her saying that he won’t speak of such things again. Ceylan then nervously tells him that he should not wait for the birth of their child as she lied about her pregnancy. Korkut stares at her in disbelief and she justifies that she was forced to do so as she wanted to save their marriage. He then calmly asks her to sit in the car. She apologises and begs him to scold her but not be so silent. Korkut instead pulls her close and tells her that he loves her.


A Love Story Episode 77Emine walks aimlessly on the road when she starts to feel nauseous. She then hears a child call out to her and then sees a little girl run towards her from across the road. She hugs the girl and promises to love her. We then see that Emine is hallucinating as she touches her belly and promises to love her daughter.

Ceynat catches Gonul checking her phone and tells her that she need not worry about her as she was with an old friend. She asks Gonul what Korkut said when he met her. Gonul hesitantly starts that Korkut is dying and looks excited when she adds that he is willing to donate his heart to save Tolga. Ceynat gapes in horror and chastises Gonul for feeling happy about Korkut’s imminent death. Gonul tries to justify herself but Ceynat refuses to listen to her and asks to be left alone.


A Love Story Episode 77Korkut sells the trailer and hands the money to Ceylan saying that she will need money after he is gone. She scolds him for always speaking of death even though he has time on his side. Korkut says that he has no hope left and that is the truth which she has to accept.


A Love Story Episode 77Korkut then receives a call from Gonul who tells him that she has changed her mind. He asks her about what and she tearfully says that she does not want him to donate his heart to Tolga. He asks her the reason why but she evades his question. He then says that this is a serious topic that should not be discussed on phone and that he will meet her soon to talk about this.


A Love Story Episode 77Emine is with Ceylan in the Kitchen when Emine feels nauseous and she runs to the washroom to throw up. Ceylan asks if she has an upset stomach and Emine nervously states that she is feeling ashamed to tell her and if Korkut comes to know he will lose his temper. Ceylan assures her that Korkut will not say anything to her and urges her to speak up. Emine then reveals that she is pregnant. Ceylan is unable to believe her ears and she stares blankly at Emine.


A Love Story Episode 77Gonul unwillingly meets Korkut at a café unaware that Tolga is secretly observing her. Korkut asks if she changed her mind because she feels Korkut’s heart is unsuitable for her son or she fears that his heart will make her son like him. She again evades his question and he pushes her to speak up. Finally, she loses her cool and blurts out that she does not want to jeopardise his life just to save her son. She then leaves the café in a huff and Tolga quickly hides behind a pillar to avoid being spotted by her. Korkut takes a deep breath and types a message on his phone. Tolga receives a message from Korkut saying that they will have to meet tomorrow and he will tell him the place.


A Love Story Episode 77Selim’s friend apologises to him but Selim is in no mood to talk to him. He tells Selim that if he wishes to help the girl then he should get him the keys to Gonul’s house and they can clean it off in a short time and help the girl. Selim gets angry at the boys’ lack of remorse and asks him to buzz off.


A Love Story Episode 77Ceylan wakes up in the middle of the night and walks out to see Korkut burning the cradle he had brought for their child. She rushes to extinguish the fire but he refrains her from doing so. She says that someday their child will sleep in that very cradle and he says that if she wants a child badly she already has Umut. Ceylan whines about his attitude towards life and wanting to die and Korkut muses that he only wants revenge on his mother. She takes his face lovingly in her hands and pleads him to get a grip on life. Korkut coldly tells her to go back to sleep and then resolutely walks out.


A Love Story Episode 77Yilmaz scrolls through the images he had clicked of Ceynat while she was asleep in his room and wonders what he is doing in life instead of living happily with a family. He sighs and muses that someday these images will come in handy for him. His minion informs him of Memduh’s arrival. Yilmaz asks him to leave and he expresses concern at leaving him alone with his enemy. Yilmaz says that he need not fear anything as the ball is in his court now.


A Love Story Episode 77In the woods, Tolga asks Korkut if he has called him to such a deserted place to kill him and then adds that he does not need his heart. Korkut mocks that Gonul finally told him of the sacrifice he is making for him. Tolga retorts that he prefers death over Korkut’s heart. Korkut then menacingly states that he was right about his intention of killing him. Tolga scoffs and turns to leave.


A Love Story Episode 77Yilmaz offers a truce and Memduh sneers that truce is way out of the question when he is most likely to never be able to leave the restaurant. Yilmaz tells him that he has something with him that will make him praise and applaud him. Memduh orders him to get straight to the point and Yilmaz asks him to be patient.


A Love Story Episode 77Korkut catches up with Tolga and opens his jacket to show him that he is unarmed and must not fear him. He says that he kills people by revealing their truth. Tolga asks what truth he is referring to and Korkut tells him that he is not Gonul’s biological son. Tolga rubbishes his claims and walks away from him. Korkut then screams after him asking why Gonul does not tell him his father’s name. Tolga repeats to himself that Gonul is his mother. Korkut then pushes Tolga’s button and he screams that Gonul is his mother before dropping down to his knees.


A Love Story Episode 77Yilmaz’s awaited man arrives and he tells him that his work is not done. Yilmaz growls at tardiness and the hospital boy tells him that he could not help it as he is only telling him the test result. Memduh asks Yilmaz what test he is talking about and Yilmaz trembles as he tries to cover up for the blunder. He then leaves to visit the restroom and Memduh has his men follow him.

Korkut moves over to Tolga and tells him that had he not trouble him he would have never revealed the truth to him. Tolga pants as he asks him why he is doing so and Korkut says that he is seeking revenge, not from him though. Tolga’s phone buzzes but he passes out before answering it. Korkut answers the call and tells Gonul that Tolga is lying in front of him as he has suffered a heart attack. Gonul requests him to take him to the hospital and he yells that she will first have to agree to accept his heart for Tolga.


A Love Story Episode 77Yilmaz paces nervously in the washroom as he tries to find a way out of the situation he has got himself into. He rebukes himself in the mirror for his foolhardiness.

Korkut takes Tolga to the hospital where he slips in and out of consciousness. Korkut sees Gonul approach him and he steps out into the fire exit. Gonul follows him and asks him why he is running away from her. She imagines the worst and Korkut tells her that he is in the ICU.


A Love Story Episode 77Korkut tells her that Tolga escaped this time but he will soon need a heart to live. Gonul refuses to listen to him and tries to move away but he holds her and hands her a gun. She gasps in horror as he motions her the gun to his head and urges her to pull the trigger. She cries in terror and he encourages her saying that she only needs to pull the trigger to save her son but she refuses saying that she cannot kill him. He pushes her further and she fires the gun.


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