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A Love Story Episode 78Gonul pulls the trigger and her eyes widen in horror as she looks at Korkut who glares back at her with icy cold eyes.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz manages to give Memduh’s men a slip as he escapes from a window in the washroom. Memduh orders his men to bring Yilmaz to him at any cost, in any condition.

Korkut takes the gun from Gonul and pulls the trigger a few times to make a point that the gun was empty. He says that had the gun been loaded he would have died. Gonul cries that her son is dying and she is helpless. He barks that as a mother is willing to even kill someone to save her own child. (Huh? Wasn’t he after her to pull the trigger? And when she did, he screams at her. Why is he torturing her and himself? Why can’t he just go back to his wife and spend his last few days in peace and happiness? Stupid fellow!)

A Love Story Episode 78Gonul slumps to the floor and Korkut taunts her for acting selfishly. She asks him why he doing this to her. And in his mind her replies that he is doing this to make her realise that she deserves all the bad things that have ever happened to her. He does not reply and leaves after saying that next time he will bring her a loaded gun.

A Love Story Episode 78Yilmaz dodges Memduh’s men and a stray dog to meet his minion who arrives in the nick of time to save Yilmaz.

Fuming with rage, Korkut confronts Tahsin and asks why Gonul is willing to kill for her adopted son when she never bothered to look after her own children. He grabs Tahsin by his collar and yells that he forgave Gonul thinking that he was separated from her without her consent but now he knows that she was lying and so was Tahsin. He wonders how many lies has he told him and Tahsin calmly tells him that there are no more lies and justifies that Gonul was not left with any other option. Korkut starts to leave after vowing to ruin Gonul’s life. Tahsin protests to not coax him to reveal the truth to Gonul. Korkut sneers that Tahsin cannot not speak a word as he does not want to lose respect in Ceylan’s eyes for ruining the lives of two young children.

A Love Story Episode 78Gonul is still in shock after what happened and wonders what made her pull the trigger. She accidentally bumps into a suspicious looking stranger who tells her that he can help her find a heart for her son. She dismisses his offer and asks him to leave. He tells her that he will return in the evening so she has enough time to make her decision.

Yilmaz is badly injured and cries in pain. His minion requests him to get admitted to a hospital but he flatly refuses fearing being caught by Memduh or even the police. The minion then calls Ceynat and requests her to convince a badly injured Yilmaz to see the doctor. He refers to her as ‘sister-in-law’ and she losses her cool and snaps at him for it. She yells that Yilmaz’s life or death makes no difference to her and hangs up.

A Love Story Episode 78With a seductive song playing in the background, we see Ceylan dress up in a sexy nightgown as Korkut drives his car. Korkut then stops to buy a bunch of flowers as Ceylan applies makeup. When Korkut arrives home, he eyes Ceylan the way a fox eyes his prey.

A Love Story Episode 78Korkut walks up to her and apologises for hurting her. He offers her the bouquet and she says that she does not want it as she only wants her Korkut. She then kisses him while pulling off his jacket. They then head towards their bed where she runs her hand over his face as a tear trickles down her temple and in her mind, she says that Korkut’s company is the only thing she wishes for. She then pulls him in for a kiss and he kisses her back fervently.

A Love Story Episode 78Gonul discreetly arrives to meet the suspicious looking man and asks him what he needs her to do. He asks her to accompany him to his car and asks her to get in if she wants to save her son. She hesitates but eventually finally relents.

Ceynat finally arrives at Yilmaz’s hideout. She asks Yilmaz if he made his minion call her but he refuses and scolds his minion for acting smart with him. She refuses to believe that Yilmaz had no hand in bringing her there so Yilmaz screams that she can leave if she feels that he is lying. She says she was worried for him which is why she came running for him. She asks him why he did not go to the hospital and he says he could not go fearing the police. He asks Ceylan to leave as he limps his way back to his room.

A Love Story Episode 78Ceylan cries silently as she looks at Korkut sleeping beside her. She clicks his picture with her phone wanting to capture every moment with him and everything about him.

The suspicious looking man stops his car in a dark alley where he takes Gonul to a dilapidated building. The building looks like an old warehouse with a lot of equipment lying around. The man then takes her to a room where another man hands her a list and asks her to pick a name whose heart she would want for her son. He says that they have their own collection of hearts which she can get within two days, unlike the government where people have to wait for an eternity to find a suitable donor. He tells her not to think too much as she only has to give him money to have her work done. She asks him his fee and he says he will need 5 crores for it. However, Gonul refuses to the deal saying that his work is illegal.


A Love Story Episode 78Korkut wakes up and Ceylan quickly wipes her tears. She then lovingly runs her hand over his head and then stopping at the back of his head, she asks if the bullet is stuck there. He dismisses her query and turns away. She continues to run her hand over his face till he holds it and kisses it. He asks her to go back to sleep and she refuses saying that if she does, she will lose time with him and instead wants to watch him sleep. She tells him that she has his face imprinted in her eyes and whenever she misses him she will shut her eyes and remember him. Korkut says that he is dying and not going out for a few months. Once he is gone she will have to start her life afresh by leaving his memories behind and falling in love with another man. She says she can never love another man. Annoyed, he sits up in his bed and says that she will have to bury his memories with him in his grave and leaves.

A Love Story Episode 78Yilmaz’s minion brings a few medicines from the pharmacist and hands it over to Ceynat. She then applies the medicine to Yilmaz’s wounds who yelps in pain and scolds her for deliberately going tough on him as he can see her grin. He calls his minion to help and she offers to help instead. He scolds her for trying to kill him and she offers to tie a bandage which he allows only after she agrees to be gentle with him.

Korkut secretly re-enters his room and deletes his photos from Ceylan’s phone. He does that because he wants Ceylan to forget him after he is gone.

A Love Story Episode 78Next morning, Ceylan asks Korkut when they have to go to the doctor to examine his condition. He says that he does not intend to have a surgery. She sternly asks him if he has absolutely no reason to live. She says that maybe not for her but he must consider living for Emine and Umut’s sake. Just then, Korkut receives a call from Memduh and the topic is cut short.

A Love Story Episode 78A bank official pays a visit to Gonul and tells her that she will have to break a few of her fixed-deposits to collect the money she wants. He warns her of the loss she might suffer and she says that she is not concerned with that. He then asks her if she is withdrawing such a huge sum of money on her own accord or is being blackmailed for it. Irritated, she snaps at him for getting too overly curious about her personal life.

A Love Story Episode 78Memduh calls Korkut to his office and apologises for his past mistakes. He offers Korkut a new job with him where he will be his most trusted accomplice instead of a regular driver. Korkut accepts the offer and agrees to join from the next day itself and Memduh’s face breaks into a wide grin. He tells Memduh that he needs money for his family which is why he is accepting the work. As he leaves, he thinks to himself that he will be such a good son to him that after he is gone, he will fight with Gonul for giving Tolga his heart as he wishes to ruin their relationship after his death.

A Love Story Episode 78With a bag full of money Gonul reaches the same building she visited last night and thinks to herself that she has no other option left. Holding her bag close to her, she discreetly walks into the building when she feels startled on hearing a girl’s scream. She moves in direction of the scream and peeps through a window where she sees a group of malnourished people in a room. She peeks into another room where she sees a young girl crying and struggling to be spared as the man, who had brought Gonul to the building, and a doctor hold her down. Gonul gasps in horror and flees the place immediately. However, when she reaches her car she sees a few men waiting for her and the boss she met last night orders his men to have her locked up in a room.

A Love Story Episode 78In the room, Gonul immediately pulls out her phone and calls Korkut. She begs him to rescue her as she fears her life. Alerted, he takes the address to the place and assures to be there. The men then follow their boss’s order and snatch Gonul’s bag before she can create any problem for them.



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